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  1. Talk to your doctor but the diet and exercise suggestion can help anyone provided you don’t have other health issues like a heart condition. Which brings us back to that advice from JackDaWack...... Talk to your doctor.
  2. Yeah. He absolutely was in a two seat 18.
  3. Mid Town NYC (East Side) is at 124.2 volts and has been between 123.2 v and 125.2 v for about the last year.
  4. True. Plus.. Cory Booker wants to release from jail a buy by the name of Underwood I believe. He was the leader of the extremely violent Vigilante drug gang because Booker says he is wrongly imprisoned. This guy ran a gang that killed about two dozen people. Very bad dude. But Cory Booker talks about him like he’s Martin Luther King. This is the new crazy as shit world democrats want all of us to live in. Why would this guy being out not worry Cory Booker? Because he’s a US Senator. He isn’t exposed to the threat of people like Underwood. He doesn’t live in that world. But the most of the rest of us do. So keep in mind...that the people who vote for Booker, Clinton and any other dem...are OK with this crap. They have no problem with this viscous son of a bitch being on the street. They’ll say they are against it... but thats a lie. They vote for these people knowing full well what they support. To them its an acceptable compromise. And this is just one of the reasons we are right to say that liberals are enemies of America. But good for this guy from Chicago. He seems to have seen the light.
  5. Not surprised. 757s seem to have a pretty short t/o roll compared to a lot of other heavy jets.
  6. I would have thought F16’s out of McGuire. See em over my house now and then. We are 20 north of McGuire. I don’t ever want to see an F-anything along side me. Although it would be cool for like...5 seconds.....that would be the start of a really bad day.
  7. Woke in the right way. A rare thing for a democrat to speak honestly about firearms when being anti-gun is a Jim Jones cult topic for dems.
  8. Yup. Models try to repetitively mimic unpredictable processes. Too often with too little data. Like when some dishonest scientist tries to project 100, 50, or even 20 year temperatures based on 75 or so years of temperature and other data. In a system that spans millions of years. And their models are manipulated by their unsubstantiated assumptions. Even Deep Learning AI, the supposed holy grail of model makers, is barely considered reliable for anything more than rough estimates of likely trends for very short term projections. And beyond all of that....when they change the raw data to move the results of their models, something that is a documented fact for these climate BS artists, it turns their ‘science’ .....into dog s%%t. Which is as it should be.
  9. Has there ever been a bigger fraud on the American people that what these people in government are doing? None of these laws will do anything even close to what they say what the purpose of these laws. Smart guns? How about his SP detail carry -nothing- but smart guns? Suicide education for gun dealers? It’s impossible to even take that seriously. Yelling at these people saying their laws won’t stop people from killing anyone or themselves is what is actually dumb. They -know- these laws do nothing about their manufactured “gun violence” issue. They aren’t passing this crap to stop a single crime. They are doing it to disarm us. An inch at a time. The optic of pretend gun violence solutions is just a bonus. And there is where the fraud sits. And they know it and do this crap with a smile on their face.
  10. Not kiddie island. But ...its Bill Clinton.......so .....I could see him running up the air stairs.....
  11. They’re elsewhere at the moment... But Dr. McKay is working there....
  12. This..... Save yourself.... and your $100k. seriously. Find a better deal.
  13. I like this but I think you should go with a Magnum Trojan theme. If that’s not appealing.... although Flat OD Green works well, it will look like just about everyone else’s ammo cans. Maybe desert sand is a little less common. Probably will get dirty as hell if you care about that. Or flat black with stenciled calibers in white.
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