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  1. Right and on other comments re obstruction…right. They will create endless hoops and restrictions that will require another lawsuit. Like… can’t carry with 15 miles of any public or private school.
  2. Outstanding points if the problem attempting to be solved were mass murders. But leftists aren’t trying to solve that problem. The problem they are trying to solve is how to neuter the public and have them become docile and powerless. They want the guns to go away. Exposing their motive would be potentially helpful if the media wasn’t corrupt and working with socialists and leftists. Hell..they ARE socialists and leftists. All they want is a seat at the table and a share of the pie for themselves and those in their circle. They all want what the Biden and Clinton Klans have been getting for themselves for decades. The wealth is out there for the taking if they can get control of everything. Thats what they want. Our guns are just another risk they want to eliminate. They could not care less about dead kids.
  3. Canada sucks. Always has... Always will.
  4. Such utter nonsense and they know it. Yes. He is clueless. On literally everything. What a sh#t show the United States of America has become.
  5. I don’t know about the toxins but they have that soft middle that I wouldn’t expect to burn well. They are also a pain in the ass to get rid of. Root suckers will popup after you cut it down. Yet another thing about China we can hate.
  6. With inflation as it is, anything not making gains to match it, is a loss. But what you do depends on how much you are depending on that 30 to 40k at the end of the 2 years. If its imperative you still have it in two years then any investment with potential for gains may be too risky. Two years is a short window. Not much time to recover a loss. Sure, you could get lucky with an index fund for example, but you could also lose a chunk of that money if the timing is bad. If that’s a situation that will force you to alter your plans in two years, then it may be better just to avoid any loses and not worry about gains.
  7. She is actively destroying the city she is supposed to be responsible for.... She’d rather be woke and let the people she doesn’t like burn than actually protect the city.
  8. Ha.. was thinking more. .. TBI.... good stuff though....
  9. I saw it at a McD’s in Lawrenceville, Georgia a couple of weeks ago but it I wasn’t totally into it at the time.
  10. I realize the benefit is long term, but at least one company taking that path. Maybe they’ll have an easier time with regs in TX. Can’t avoid the feds...but less grief from the home state may be helpful.
  11. I was hoping for more than just season 6 but I hadn’t seen anything specific talking about how many they had planned. Seems like they could do a spin off of sorts that that’s place in the time gap in the series. If the series is making money, why not do it? But thats always the issue. Or...if Bezo’s still likes it...he can do as many seasons as he likes, just because he wants to. Hell..if I were him...I’d do it. Bar change for him.
  12. A ways back in a discussion, it was mentioned by some with some experience here in the semiconductor industry that it would take too long and cost too much $$$ to build semiconductor fabrication plants in the US. This article seems to contradict that view. Was wondering what the semi industry people thought about this project by Samsung. sorry but wasn’t specifically directed at you, thought it reads as it was.
  13. I thought you semi types said building chip factories was something along the lines of pointless?
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