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  1. Why wouldn’t you use 220? Just about house built in our lifetime has 220. Charges in a decent amount of time. But the EVs are just overpriced for wht they are..... mass produced bland cars.
  2. These are bills intended to be used as campaign ads. They want to be able to say they supported blah blah blah...and my evil murderous nazi republican opponent opposed it.
  3. I’d love to see that idiot’s plan to collect those semi auto weapons.
  4. I can probably do any day(s) in late June with a few weeks notice. I’ll add that if you don’t have a setup appropriate for 1200 yards, shoot something closer. Anything beyond a couple hundred yard will be new for a lot of us and a lot of fun. Plus when was there ever a NJGF meet up where at least 10 people didn’t want you to try their gun?
  5. I have zero faith in New Jersey’s judicial system. There’s really no point whatsoever in bringing a 2A case to a judge at any level in this state. You’d have more luck asking a democrat to go help build the wall.
  6. So.......iron sights. Bad idea????? I’d bring a 700 in .243 and an AR. Its that or a Glenfield Marlin Model 60 in .22 short..... In all seriousness, I have a Meade Maksutov scope that is more of a telescope than a spotting scope that will probably be useful out beyond 500 yards.
  7. I’m pretty sure I can make a June weekday provided its not a Friday. Overnight stay sounds like a good idea even if there’s only one day of shooting.
  8. I contacted his office telling them no one in my immediate or extended family will be voting for him in 2020 and that before he dismisses the dozen or so votes he is losing, he needs to realize that I am just a sampling of what his constituents think about his Op Ed and other anti 2A statements he has made over the years. He personally probably could not care less about my message. But if he loses, I plan to follow up with an “ I told you so” message.
  9. Thanks. So HR218 allows them to conceal carry where they are not eligible for a resident permit. Aka... where they do not live full time.
  10. I know typically, or maybe always, they have applied for and qualified for, NJ carry permit. But arey required to get the NJ carry permit given the existence of HR218?
  11. So I am told by a retired LEO that they don’t need a NJ carry permit. They can carry under HR218 if they obtain the card from their department. So, as always seems to be the case, politicians consider retired LEOs are a superior class of human.
  12. I don’t see a way to win in NJ that doesn’t involve civilzation ending violence. PA. If enough sane conservatives move to PA, perhaps it will help fortify that state. Remember that Trump won PA. He will likely win there bigger this time around. That’s where I am headed as soon as possible. And while the country is in fact under siege by Marxists and foreign invaders, I keep wondering what it will take precisely to cause Americans to see that nothing is more important than retaining their liberty. 10 to 15 million pissed off citizens willing to forcibly take back control of the country and restore our rights and national sovereignty would be a serious problem for the Marxists.
  13. Wow.... Murphy is making Sweeney look good in a relative sense. In any case, imo the correct response to this is to leave the state if you can and take all of your money with you.
  14. So carry permits for retired LEOs are $400? Annually?
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