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  1. Glad you opted out of that deal. I had read a little about what show it was and who was in it....and I laughed. But it sucks to lose all those vintage cars.
  2. Where have the guns been for the last 7 years? You have one child that is just under 7 and you own firearms. Or is this a Brady Bunch marriage?
  3. No one will ask him that question. Not that he matters in this election. Its just another example of the dems colluding with the media to fix a national election. Doesn’t that sound like it might just be a crime?
  4. Maybe there’s hope for the human race.
  5. This is a fact. And many managers make quite a bit more than that $175K average. Its a challenging job. They have to work hard for that money. Which is as it should be.
  6. It would be entertaining to watch some lawyer who argues that ammunition in possesion means loaded try to define “unloaded”.
  7. Has any 2A organization ever tried to contact the NJSP and have them remove or correct their website statements? Seems like something that should at least be tried. If asked to cite the law they are summarizing, they would not be able to do so since no such law exists.
  8. Question.... why doesn’t the Texas AG launch an investigation into MoveOn.org? Or any other leftist organization? Is it only the left that wants to actually fight?
  9. A fine collection there but I must say I’d go with the Mad Dog Grape. Goes well with that Swanson’s as well as most Hungry Man dinners.
  10. Agree on both counts. So much potential in SGU. Was hoping it would get a reboot. Yeah it was darker. But that was the point. The most awkward scenes in that show were probably the ones with Richard Dean Anderson. SyFy has an abysmal record of canceling shows once they are hitting their stride. This show. The Expanse. BSG had another full season in the tank but they canned it and abbreviated its end. After Ep II... I lost interest.
  11. What..... it’s Paris. There aren’t as many catholics as there were 50 years ago.
  12. If they tried to rebuild it with any intent to follow the original architecture, it may take a while. I heard it took about 100 years to build the original main structure. If they don’t try to rebuild what was lost.....what’s the point? Besides, they’ll probably just build some multicultural spiritual center....... ..or a mosque. Just based on the current population and what they would want. As for the cause, maybe there was a plumbing torch involved. Or electrical issue.
  13. A preview from Season 1... The firefight starts a couple of minutes in.. UK SAS Sergeant and former US Army Delta Force soldier. Pretty good casting. Keep in mind though...this aired on Skin-emax... So the series may not be ideal for young kids.
  14. You might like the Cinemax series “Strike Back” then. The lead actors in the first 4 seasons were trained in part by the UK Special Boat Service and SAS. For a TV series, they looked like professionals. Seasons 1 to 3 are free on Amazon Prime. Seasons 5 and 6 are a reboot. Check it out.
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