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  1. I’ve not seen a residential transfer switch that manages loads. I suspect they may exist but they might be expensive. A couple of other options you have are.... - a large propane tank. Not ideal in every situation, but an option. - a manual transfer switch that has 10 breakers. Reliance Controls make a few you can install yourself or have installed if you prefer. For these you pick the loads you want to run off the generator. They have 30A and 50A models. You can gang Up to two breakers for two double pole loads. Like for a well pump. Even on the 30A model, one of the two pole loads can be 30A. All other breaker can be 15A or 20A. These xfer switches are usually intended to run off of portable gens with a 30A or 50A out line. Outdoor connection boxes are used to make the connection. Reliance has good videos that explain install and operation. So not as easy to use when needed when compared with a whole house gen and automatic transfer switch, but it will keep the important stuff running. Motor Snorkel makes Tri-Fuel conversion kits for a lot of generators models. Good luck.
  2. A lot. Reveals the truth of their motives.
  3. Crock pot? I am missing something.... I thought the 135 was a military kero carrying 707? Does it slow cook too? And I heard them but couldn’t see them. Beautiful sound.
  4. Lower taxes..... lmao. You can bet your a$$ NJ will raise taxes as will municipalities after this.
  5. Exactly. If you are sick, these masks do little to protect others. Even the other solid masks are probably providing limited protection. Because we all know those are hermetically sealed to your face. No exhaled air escapes. Nope. Not a bit. But dammit get that bandana on or you’re going to jail. My Doctors PA had a mask on when I was in their office back in January. That mask was much more elaborate that what we see people wearing in public these days. I would think that mask, that fit her like a glove and looked more like a chemical respirator, did its job...for her.
  6. Blues doing Flyovers in certain cities. From their Twitter feed. @BlueAngels Apr 24 America Strong: Blue Angels, Thunderbirds to Conduct Multi-City Flyovers Championing National Unity Behind Frontline Responders
  7. True. But that fight isn’t over. Also, you will have FAR more people screaming about the loss of freedom of assembly for example. Sure...people are willing to modify their activity for a short time in what they are told are threats to someone’s life. But as the story unfolds and more questions arise about the justification and effectiveness of these actions, the more pushback we see.
  8. Correct. Positive test results are not evidence of increased spreading. Its evidence of “seek and you shall find”.
  9. State law doesn’t overrule the us constitution. They can try.... but they will ultimately lose.
  10. Is there some reason there has to be a roof over the FFL guy’s head while he processes a sale? Or hands you a cased, legally purchased firearm? I suppose if there’s language in some state rule about being on premise it would be a problem. But in reality, It could be permitted pretty easily. All the state would need to do is allow the processing and transfer to take place with 50 feet of the FFLs customer entrance and firearms be cased while being transferred. Though the reason for doing this in the first place is dumb. There’s no reason not to do it all in the store/home FFL. Wear a mask... wash your hands before and after. Same as everything we we do at the moment.
  11. Walmart sucks at restocking in normal times. Maybe find a Shop Rite. Ours is pretty well stocked on most things. Intermittent paper products. Zero OJ lately though. Some frozen stuff a bit light. But they had a bunch of hand sanitizer refills on Friday. Looked like a brand that started making it last week... Oh..and for whatever reason, we have a hard time finding Arnold Palmer iced tea-lemonade anywhere.
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