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  1. The Left never compromises. Not this "New" Left. It may be a good play in a more conventional time.....but the Leftists politicians will never give an inch on any gun issue. Never. Only Republicans compromise. And they do it by giving away our rights and our money. And given that Dems control both the senate and the house....why would they.....(no..I'm not in time warp). Someone tell me how this isn't the case.
  2. My opinion on dems, and most R's that say they are pro union, pro LE, or pro cop..is they are using those groups and really don't give a damn beyond getting the bloc vote. To defeat Murphy, Guadagno needs, among other things, a lot of help from the national party and the R's who's opinion carry some weight in NJ. Part of Guadagno's issue is a lot of R's are not enthused about her. She needs to fix that. She needs to separate herself from Christie. The problem here as everyone knows is moderate R's have the best chance to win and they win when the economy is front and center and they are the trusted candidate on the economy. She has to excoriate Murphy on his history with Goldman Sachs and make it him look like a worse copy of Corzine. it can be done but she needs to get her ass in gear and have a ton of money to work with.
  3. Capt, this town is full of people that will swindle other people for whatever cash they can make. These leagues are money makers for the people involved. It's not surprising that they are looking to increase their revenue take. Little League and Travel Baseball is no different. Maybe worse. The original purpose of these sports league was to keep kids occupied in something positive and away from the crap that will lead them down the wrong path. Now... it seems the purpose of these leagues... dance competitions...whatever.. is to make a group of people a whole lot of money. I have no problem with someone running a business and making money. But the gouging is a bit much. If people are willing to pay and they feel they are getting something that worth their money... fine. But if the price is starting to look like gouging to too many people, their cash cow will die. On the other hand, to do this with kids sports leagues is a little slimy imho. A little....
  4. I have no intention of complying. First the Dem has to win. Far from a certainty. Second, they have to have the audacity to try to pass such a bill. They probably do.... but...will there be a price to pay? And someone find photos of Murphy getting funky with xxxx xxxxxx. He's a Lib... surely xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Dang it... Not the appropriate forum for that comment. As far as Hollywood on his side.... Didn't work so well in GA-6. Not even $25 Mill made a difference.
  5. I'm not seeing a date and location..... Is there supposed to be one here?
  6. Cleaner look. Less cluttered. Getting used to it. Seems really good on a tablet vs old engine. one nit pick... the circular Avatar crop isn't so great. thanks for spending the time on the upgrade
  7. Grammwr is over rated.... jus sayen Hi Mrs. Zeke!! Tell your husband his official "HIgh Exposure Spring Get Together" is behind schedule. If he doesn't get on it..its gonna make HE look bad. And welcome to the forums!
  8. It's in the works. Whatever it is.... patience Grasshopper.... Plus..its still too damn cold for an outdoor thing.
  9. Well....I'm not a Gynecologist.....but I'll take a look see anyway.
  10. A friend has a new DJI. 4000 foot lateral range. Auto return. Built in camera. About $1000.
  11. This...is a fact. Motorola...for example...puts some interesting code on their phones that relays data to obscure hosts.
  12. This is something Trump's administrator can shine a bright light on. It won't change The Dark Witch of Teaneck's votes, but it may put enough pressure on the less radical lawmakers to not be so radical. And the weak-spined Republicans to stiffen it up. Plus he can find ways to punish this state severely for infringing on our Constitutional rights. "Get in line or get NO fed money for anything NJ."