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  1. We registered for ‘tickets’. But we hear there are 7000 seats and 100,000 ticket have been issued. And with the road construction Gopher scheduled through the NJDOT, getting there is going to be difficult.
  2. Just a number that happens to be divisible by multiples of 10. So is 30,000..... It’s just evidence of high confidence in our economy. This is what Trump ran on. It seems like he and his team actually know what they’re doing.
  3. They why bother with the accuracy of the address? Or the name? A change in weight and claiming your gender isn’t what it is are not the same situation. You can’t seriously be saying it is?
  4. My wife’s uncle had the same type of experience with Chantix. That’s why I asked. That stuff is a literal nightmare.
  5. If, as a licensed dealer, you feel the applicant’s mental stability is in question, it is reasonable to refuse to sell the person a firearm. Prepared to be sued if the prospective buyer is told they were refused because of that answer. But your decision would be justifiable. But more importantly, as FXDX pointed out, if the buyer answers that question differently than is shown on a DL, he/she absolutely should be denied the sale. In fact, if a licensed dealer ignores that discrepancy, wouldn’t they put their license at risk?
  6. Never put that trade show give away USB crap in your laptop or desktop. Especially one from China. Ever.
  7. Good luck. Are you going to use something to help? Like Chantix? Find something to replace the smokes. Beef jerky maybe? Won’t make you gain 50 lbs and probably lasts as long as a cigarette.
  8. Now that you know what it is....... wash your hands.......
  9. Watched that tonight here. Lol... well done. And I had trouble identifying the Aug the bad guys used. TY and Ho-Ho- Ho
  10. Merry Christmas Mrs. Peel and everyone here.
  11. Get a new card. Whoever the attackers were probably planned to sell the card info in bulk. Not use it themselves.
  12. I was referring to the specific firearms. Having a FID does not prove you own a firearm. Stating on an insurance form that you own brand X with SN .... proves you own that specific firearm. That... kind of registry. Again... does anyone actually believe dems in this state have concerns about the liability issues related to defensive gun use? In fact.... how many cases of defensive gun use by a legal gun owner have there been in the last couple of years??? This is just another tool in making it more difficult to own a gun and a way to take guns away from lawful gun owners. Even if it passes I would expect a compliance rate similar to that of 10 round mags.
  13. School vouchers. Probably 90% of pols hate the idea. Forced injections... hmmm. Forced abortions for stupid people or adults with drug problems? Or no job? Kids that grow up to be criminals tend to sprout from those situations. It would be for the good of the herd dontcha know... 1984....
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