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  1. It’s a very good point. The problem is the logic will be ignored because it’s conclusion flies in the face of the ‘States’ greater good. If the agree, they have to acknowledge that the their ‘subjects’ have equal standing with the important classes and therefore gets unconditionally ignored.
  2. My comment wasn’t in jest 67. Not sure if your comment was directed at me but there was nothing juvenile about my post. $4k may be excessive, but that was my point. I have an LEO friend (retired) that doesn’t seem bothered by any of the bills being proposed because they pretty much have no effect on him. Unfortunately, if LEO organizations stood up in significant ways for the 2A rights of non-LEO citizens, the politicians might actually listen. Hitting retired LEO’s with massive ccw fees might help get their attention. That might help in the fight these punitive fees and the other bills passed and still being proposed.
  3. I find it difficult to shoot while doing touch and go’s..... Grip, sight picture, sight alignment, breathing, trigger control. I usually don’t load more than 5 rounds in a mag. I feel like after 5 rounds I need to take a half minute or so break. Think about what I am doing wrong, then try it again. That may not be exactly the right way to train but it helps me.
  4. So pretty much EVERY AR will become illegal........ detachable mag plus a pistol grip = murderous weapon from hell. So this bill has not been voted on yet, correct? Sounds to me like they are making a firearm “in common use by law abiding citizens” illegal to posses. Sounds to me like something the SCOTUS with Kavanaugh would take issue with....
  5. Nice idea and nice work. As for how many rounds I go thru, it depends which firearm I’m shooting and what I’m doing. If I’m shooting a bolt action rifle I may only go through a couple of 20 round boxes in an hour and a half. I seem to go through more ammo if I’m shooting a hand gun. But after 100 rounds or so I pretty much feel like I’m no longer learning anything. I think the concept of training vs screwing around was covered pretty well.
  6. They are cool. .....what are they?
  7. The Trump Federal Gov’t need to do to NJ on Gun Laws what Obama’s Federal Gov’t did to AZ on Immigration Laws.
  8. I was thinking the carry permit should be $4000. It might evoke a response by those retired LEOs who aren’t having a problem with the current changes. It will highlight that belief that “the monster will eat me last” syndrome is a bad way to think.
  9. You’re talking about contract law. As long as a stipulation isn’t illegal and both parties agree, you can have the restriction/requirement. And one party can’t change the terms, unless thats part of the agreement. As NJGF wrote, you can’t ban protected classes of people. And there are limits to what can be stipulated. Banning possesion of something....I suppose. How you use it? I don’t think so. This isn’t what the mgt in that complex is doing, but even if their contract allowed major revisions as the lessor sees fit, they can not for example say....you may posses a handgun but you may not use that handgun to defend yourself. So...your properties...your rules.....but to a limit.
  10. Hmmmm... then by comparison, they can say you will be evicted if you post signs or wear clothing supporting candidates they don’t prohibit. Its just a different part of the bill of rights. Why would it be any different? And if somehow and landlord could interefere with your right to own a gun, it seems appropriate to hope those landlords gets their heads blown off in a robbery by a criminal who knows he place is gun free.
  11. Its about the money.....until they are attacked by the thought police of the left.
  12. Buy a pack of RV Toilet paper..... ....then shove it in all their toilets and leave.
  13. NJ.com articles on these Bills sound like they are written by idiots who do not have a good grasp on the English language. Better to read the actual bills if these proposed laws have any significance to you.
  14. Had to add.... He is not making the case for Constitutionality he should be making. Anyone who sees it differently......well... is wrong.
  15. Johnny. That’s sort of like being an hour away from a place you have an appointment you have ten minutes from now and saying......”we’re not late yet.” But it’s not about what has actually been done to 2A rights so far....it’s about the statements he’s been making. They are not Pro 2A and there’s no way in hell anyone here can say they are pro 2A. That’s bad for everyone. It isn’t the 7D chess argument. It’s simply a bad idea to give up the ground he has given up and not argued for the 2A as a capable 2A supporter would argue.