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  1. And the shares of any just about any retail business with a web site in 2000.
  2. I got the distinct impression the form sent from my town indicated it was confidential because my job wouldn’t let me see it. But the person filling it out said it just asked about employment. He only mentioned it to me as a courtesy because he thought I had some sort of issue with local law enforcement since it was an inquiry from the local police department. At one point I thought it might have questions about my character or if they had issues with me obtaining a firearm, but it didn’t ask anything like that. If it did, I would have sued the town.
  3. A crappy Gerber at the moment because I don't want to be pissed off if I lose it. But I'd like to get something with a better blade with less annoying lugs. Some good suggestions here.
  4. Hamilton Train station seems like a decent commute to NYC. 70 minute train ride give or take. A 7:19a gets to NYC at 8:28a. Similar evening trains. 3500 parking spots. $102/ month for parking. Ugh. Haven't checked the drive from the places we like so far to Hamilton. Seems way better than going up 202 to the Raritan line. Area around New Hope is nice. Prices vary. We want less house .... more property. And not a tract/development home. Will have to check out Yardley area. Kind of close to Trenton. But comments here sound good. We'll see. Haven't made a firm decision yet but it's looking like it will probably happen.
  5. "Who me? Not even a little."
  6. Got any rat poison?
  7. Кто я? Номер Не даже немного.
  8. As I understand it....yes.
  9. I suppose I could have told you that. The machine has no recod of who a voter is as they vote.
  10. 1 year ago today... For your viewing enjoyment.... http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/11/08/2016-election-night-flashback-top-14-media-meltdowns/
  11. JohnnyB is correct. But the scope of that Fed law as far as the 2A is concerned is limited based on the cases we've seen lately. They would have to be depriving you of gun ownership to get overturned. But....I have recently wondered why the hell the right doesn't have its own activist judges to issue injunctions the way that moron in Hawaii does with any EO of Trump. The feds also did it with Arizona's immigration and I think, voting laws.
  12. Nothing will get grandfathered and they'll be no lawsuits over magazines, ARs or anything else on the fascists wish list. The only thing they won't get away with is anything that would fall under Heller. The guy is a liberal zealot. And a creepy one at that. Right now he's probably ...... dang.....wrong forum.... nevermind.....
  13. Just another day in the life.... and that would be ...ALL.... of us.
  14. LOL Dammit.... no emojis allowed here? Buck up people....
  15. speak your mind.... the magic hand will take care of the rest.