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  1. I’ve been standing on this corner waiting for that crash... I think its been 3 years or more... Seems like the crash didn’t get the memo. In the mean time... everyone probably ought to make some money. Those that have their cash buried in the yard are losing money.
  2. Its coming for sure. Towns have been cutting services. Now with these values going up 15% ..20%...where ever its at now... they are looking at ways to turn that into tax revenue. I vaguely recall though....that reassessments may only be done so many years after the last one. We had one 2 years ago I think. Ever notice they ain’t so quick to reassess when things tank? And that RV plan has been discussed here. Not realistic for us right now...but for those who can do it..it makes a lot of sense. Not only would it be a big cash intake.... it would be a blast. I’d dump the 31 foot C though and buy a used Tiffin 40 foot diesel. Good question. But ain’t nuthin stopping the dems from making a new law. Fiat is what they do best.
  3. Wait a minute.... I think my friend rented that place and a bunch of us partied there every weekend. The Rolling Rock was flowing constantly. This place was a dump...but it worked for us. Probably would sell for $300 now if it wasn’t demo’ed.
  4. Belated Congrats. Keep us up on the goings on in Real America.
  5. We call that..... A Party....
  6. We get the representation we deserve. If we allow the R to be weak and do nothing but slow the spread of marxism.....that’s all we’ll ever get. And while it sickens me to see someone like Murphy win, it occurs to me that letting a weak candidate go down in flames may be the only way to cause the R party in this state to come to grips with reality. I’ll probably end up voting for the guy. But that reluctance is going to translate to lost votes that he desperately needs..... and its HIS fault. Not the voters. I give him no chance of winning based on bringing out support. His only chance is apathy for Murphy among dems.
  7. Ed, I don’t see this as believable. You don’t put your “positions” on issues on your website for a scenario where you don’t have the legislature. You say what you believe in and what you will argue for and fight for as Governor. Most of what I’ve read so far, in particular the 2A issues, are weak at best. He is arguing for Dem Light positions. Yes. This discussion seems to be about whether or not Jack C deserves our vote.
  8. From his website: Reform any law that violates an individual’s constitutional right to due process Grandfather in any firearm that was legally purchased, but that is deemed illegal in subsequent legislation Standardize the process by which firearms ID cards and gun carry permits are processed and approved, and oppose all increases in related fees Speed up gun permit application processes with “fast track” status for applicants who face imminent danger (e.g., victims of domestic violence) Advocate for “concealed carry” for certain dangerous professions Promote and fund additional resources to address the underlying, serious mental health crisis in our country that too often manifests itself in gun violence “Reform” any law that violates dues process. So he supports Red Flag laws. Just need a tweak.... “Grandfather in any firearm”..uh..how about oppose any law that make a firearm or accessory illegal? ”Standardize..”. ...uh... there is already “standardized state law..... how about criminalize slow walking of FPIDs. Or better yet. NICS is all thats needed. “Advocate for CC for “certain” dangerous professions.... Advocate???? Wth does that even mean? Someone tell him that law already exists. The problem is unaccountable leftist county judges imposing their ideology and not the law. Or better yet... How about “Advocating”... for Shall Issue.... Jack is very weak on 2A. I had hoped any R would be better than this. But this tells me he is a RINO and not a conservative. If he can’t be solid on these issues, I seriously doubt he will be solid on any conservative issue. He is trying to appease some right of center “moderates”. News Flash. These are liberals. Not right of center people. Very disappointing.
  9. Pretty much .... based on what I’ve read so far, which hasn’t been very much. My concern with some of these people is the best they will do is slow the slide to the left. They won’t boldly advance a conservative agenda. They’ll just compromise with the left and claim they won when all they did was allow them to get at least some of what the left wants and nothing of what we want. I’ll probably end up voting for they guy but part of me thinks letting it burn to the ground is the only way to ever get this state back.
  10. The problem is, I doubt that change will happen with this guy. From what I’ve seen, he’s a go along..get along RINO. Which is one reason he won the primary. A lot of RINO voters in this state. I think the only way he wins is if Murphy loses. Meaning... its apathy or hostility toward Murphy by Dem voters. That...and if Dems can’t cheat... because they will. Expect record turnout in Essex, Hudson, Middlesex and Bergen counties. I think this state is better off burning to ashes under radical Dems. Or rather... the country will be better off. Jersey needs to sink into the Atlantic. Its a lost cause.
  11. Its definitely nice down there. With the pair in the cart...I was clueless but my friend was laughing his ass off because I thought they wanted directions... the two women were laughing as they drove off. They could have just been effing with me. But the birthday girl was a train wreck we were a little concerned about. Other than those two situations, it was pretty calm. Nice wait staff where we were eating. The beer place was pretty good. My friends are on Arruda Terrace I think thats near Sumter Landing. I know the big food store was a quick ride over a bridge. It think thats near Sumter. Their other place was in a bit lower priced area on Escobar. I only remember that bec ...Pablo.... We were clearing out that house for them so they could list it for sale. It a nice lifestyle for sure. Great social scene. A lot of nice people. I’m not quite ready for it though. Still have a lot of welding to do!
  12. I’m not sure what it was called but I think it was the original one with the elevated pavillion in the middle for the band. Has what looks like a Spanish theme going on. There’s a newer one that has a lot more retail store fronts. That one is near a body of water. The one I was at has a radio station of some kind there. Saw the sign for it next to the open area. There were these two lovely drunk ladies who were probably about 60 or 65...so not all that old for the Villages.... they wanted to know if I wanted to take a ride through the trails in their golf cart. Claimed they weren’t sure where the trails were and could use a guide.... uh huh... Prior to that me and my friend were joined at our table by a woman who apparently was celebrating her birthday. And celebrating hard at that. Eventually her not so drunk friends found her and led her away. She seemed taken with my buddy. Friendly bunch of people that night. And this was all before 9:00. The band was 80’/90s pop and disco. So not my favorite but they actually did some Prince really well. As you wrote, its a neat place. It took a couple of days for me to get my bearings but its big like you said. And pretty much whatever kind of retail place you can think of....is there somewhere. And its clean as hell. I suppose there are some homes that aren’t kept up but I didn’t see any. It looked pretty much like a 200 square mile resort.
  13. What is an “Other”... ? The spec. Pink stock?
  14. I believe I said that. You are preaching to the choir.
  15. So I watched this review of the EV F-150. I’m generally uninterested in EV’s because I think they are over priced and re-fueling takes a lot longer than 5 minutes. Plus I just like the sound and feel of a combustion engine. But it seems like Ford did a really good job with the EV F-150 Lightning. The price, range, features not found in a regular F-150 make it pretty interesting. Plus its fast as hell and it doesn’t look like a dumbass Cyber Truck. The front trunk is a big plus. One recurring issue with my Tundra when we head to airport with 4 people and luggage in the rain. Yeah I know. Covers are available. But they are a pain in the ass. Having a huge forward trunk is a good thing. The range may actually be better than 450 miles if you’re not hauling a trailer or a load of brinks in the bed. The charging process doesn’t go away but it becomes more practical for everything but a drive to Florida. The price for the base model is $40k. You can get it decked out and pay a huge price, but you don’t have to. Plus, it also can be an alternate power source for at least a portion of your household AC power loads. It has a 240 volt out. I didn’t see the full spec but thats probably 2 pole and can probably power something like a Reliant Electric 30 amp manual transfer switch with 10 breakers for a day or so based on what reviewer says. So I’m still not excited about EVs in general, but the added bonuses and price point of this F-150 EV makes it at least worth a look. For me it has little to do directly with the EVs aspect and much more to do with what it can do.
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