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  1. More BS about Kavanaugh. Why now? Could be any of those reasons. There is no limit to what the left will do to advance or protect their agenda. Ford was a documented liar. Ramirez...that “devout” catholic.....who by the way likely supports abortion....was drunk as hell and can’t really remember anything about the accusation. And her witnesses all sided with Kavanaugh..... oops. Sorry Debbie. This a retread of the same bs. If RBG’s health is going south, which would not be a surprise btw, you can bet the left will pull out all stops and do whatever they have to...... legal or not........ ethical or not.....truthful or not.... to protect their agenda. This isn’t a partisan swipe. Its simply a documented fact. Look around.
  2. What lawful purpose is there for a civilian to be in possession of a backseat full of cocaine? Because I can think of a dozen reasons for having legally owned firearms in your back seat. Your comparison is ridiculous. Where are the calls by libs....as they do for pot... to make situations like this, where someone with no intent to harm, should be issues a summons and not face any criminal penalty? Didn’t half the morons on the debate stage last night say they want all people in jail for non-violent crimes released? What a bunch of hypocrites.
  3. How ironic. We have a contract up for one of those companies in November. That company has a lot of good competition. Since I get to decide, I will be going with their competitor who isn’t on that list. I’ll be sure to let them know why they lost our business. As for most of those companies, they are irrelevant.
  4. Crock pot boiled ribs? Sounds more like a science experiment than a backyard dish. Maybe something invented by the guy that invented that monstrosity called a poached egg.
  5. I’m more surprised it wasn’t Sorosmayer and Roberts in the dissent.
  6. You can toss the fringe 10% of the respondents in the trash. Ask any ridiculous question on any poll, despite the “quality” of the sample, and you will get about 8% to 10% of the respondents to approve of, or agree with, the ludicrous condition being asked about.
  7. Indeed... I would add.... that it would be interesting if ALL suppliers refused to sell firearms and associated component/ammo to the state of NJ. ”Sorry......we’re closed.”
  8. Now Taylor Pork Roll ads are showing up in the related ads part of the forum pages.....
  9. Sounds like a good idea if you are selling to someone you don’t know, or know well. If the dems refused to vote for something like this, it will be even more evidence that they don’t care about “violence” like they say. They just want our guns. They will want a federal record. But should someone let them know they don’t have one now?
  10. That seems like it makes sense. At the option of the seller, do a free NICS check online. You either get a code saying its good. Or a message saying a code can’t be issued for the person at this time. I don’t get why Patrick isn’t trying to get something in return beyond what he believes is a temporary reprieve on letting more of Texas or DC going blue. If he thinks thats a win....he needs to think harder. Make gun free zones illegal?
  11. I wonder how many complaints under this new law have been processed so far? I doubt we will hear about more than a small handful of these cases.
  12. Got same just now. They didn’t ask in the original form. Now they are moving the bar. Notice it says you must verify the credit monitoring you had at the time you filed. Which sounds like adding one now doesn’t count in their eyes. Not sure how they’d check that. But if you have a Capital One card you may already have their Credit Wise monitoring service. Discover has a similar service. So maybe no need for many to sign up for anything new. Then again...if you have a Cap One card.... your info was likely compromised in their breach.
  13. Helpful, but I was thinking of the boycott involving 30 to 40 million people.
  14. Reminds of a dumber version of people that wore those Avirex fake aviator jackets with all the BS patches they didn’t earn.
  15. Just referring to the report. But based on what was reported, I don’t see how the gun, because it was a personal build, was illegal.
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