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  1. That sucks. The guy is the image of strength and courage.
  2. Where’s the ban on motor vehicles? 38,000 people are killed every year on the roads. Why are there still cars?
  3. We’ve had a well for 20 years. Was drilled/installed when we purchased the newly built house. Our well is 180’ deep. I’m told a replacement well pumps runs about $5k. I forget the size. Maybe 1-1/2 HP. Runs on 240v so requires a backup gen with that output voltage and at least a small manual transfer switch. See Reliance Electric for info on those. 7500w (9000VA) gens will usually a 30a 240v output. Cheap ones can be had for $750 plus. Something not made in China are more. Have been through 3 pressure tanks. $1700 to have replaced. Did the last one myself. $350. But draining the trashed tank was a pain. If your pressure surges at the faucet frequently, you pressure tank probably lost its bladder and you need to replace it or risk burning our your well pump. I am told the well should be sanitized annually using bleach. A 24 hr long process with no access to water until flushed. The rust/manganese removing tanks have a 15 to 20 year life. Twin tank replacement is about $4500. If you just need a valve rebuild..if its leaking...thats about $450. You can’t let it leak. It could enter a backwash cycle that won’t end. Thats a problem that will require your water to be shut off until fixed Then theres the softener. In Central NJ..rust is an issue. So you also need rust remover salt. About $60/ month if you have lawn irrigation on treated water...and you should if you don’t want orange everything outside. No rust... same softener. Different salt. A buck less a bag. There’s more...... Sulphur smell in hot water. Water heater anode rods will break down and generate a rotten egg smell in hot water for some well systems. Doesn’t matter if its an aluminum or Magnesium anode rod. Also...Removing the rod is a very BAD idea. Unless you want your heater to rot out prematurely and flood your house. But replacing it with an electric anode for about $200+ per water heater will fix it. Voids your water heater warranty but its got to be done. Bleach Injection systems and filter systems will not fix the sulphur smell long term. Bleaching may last a day or so. Water pressure. If you need good pressure for lawn irrigation Or heavy use, you need to plan in advance. Not always easy to fix with just a different pressure tank. The well pump has to be able to keep up without cycling too often. So for $60 to $80 per month for city water.....that you filter easily btw.... I think thats a better deal than a well.
  4. A400. I have one. Have shot Trap with it. Hard to come up with a negative comment on it. Get a shell retainer. I used the T&S from this article. Been a while since I purchased it but this looks like what I have. https://shotgunsportsmagazine.com/shop/category/shell-catchers
  5. Not sure about a model car but a friend of mind told me he often finds good deals in 55+ communities. Low mileage cars that are usually well maintained. Sometimes selling for a cheap price.
  6. The increase in the cost of everything is beyond ridiculous. We love going to Disney, but the price increases over the last few years has dimmed that enthusiam.
  7. Using the Freehold Raceway Mall as a barometer.... two anchor stores are gone. One more on the way out. About 20 percent of the smaller retail stores there are permanently closed. Area food establishments probably have fewer staff. Some have probably closed. I know a small number of people who have more corporate style jobs that lost those jobs when governors shut down businesses. They were not called back to work. Have we seen to numbers for lost government jobs? I think that number is about..... Zero.
  8. Looked at historical data. In 2018 we saw between 6500 and 12k new claim for weeks in this time frame. Continuing claims between 70k and 100k. Going back to 2010, the numbers were pretty much the same as 2018. For comparison. I think a lot of small retail businesses that were hanging in are running out of resources and the will to keep people employed. Other businesses may be shedding payroll in anticipation of continued slowness in NJ. But the numbers are still higher than other years. Not sure what all that means, but it looks like there are still issues in NJ. Site I used. https://oui.doleta.gov/unemploy/claims.asp
  9. Not if you slow cook it in brown gravy. I suggest sliced carrots as well.
  10. I didn’t think any stadium sports had spectators yet. The fake crowd noise must be annoying. But I won’t be watching any of those sports. They’ve fallen into the leftist pit. Who wants politics injected into a leisure activity. Especially when the message they send is ..you’re a racist. ??? It was an abysmal business decision.
  11. One goes down the sidewalk...then his buddy starts shooting down that same sidewalk. With Gangsta friends like that, who needs Gangsta enemies? Then he runs into the pole. Future Delta operators right there....
  12. 3.1 mag earthquake near East Freehold, NJ. From USGS.gov web site. Lasted about 7 or 8 seconds. Pretty damn loud actually. wild stuff. https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/map/?extent=36.55378,-77.12402&extent=44.11125,-71.74072 depth of 3 miles.
  13. Anyone feel or hear that rumble at about 2am? We’re in Manalapan. Wife saw a FB post from someone in Keansburg... my son is in Philly and heard/felt it. Seemed like a sonic boom but maybe an earthquake.... Felt like someone tied a chain around my house and tried to drag it.
  14. Unless they use a keylogger, no. What’s on your device is a session token. So they wouldn’t have your credentials. But they could scrape all the data you look at. Banking on a device you don’t own is a bad idea. No one owns their iPhone or Android phone anymore. We only think we do. And there’s no legitimate reason they need your banking credentials. Plus, you should use multi factor on you bank account so credentials alone are useless. And... if you want to improve your score... pay down even part of credit card balances if you have any. Even a couple grand will help. Probably more than the Boost BS... which btw way...is ignored by mortgage lenders.
  15. A State property tax is next. 0.5% of the assessed value due to Murphy’s slush fund on top of your Local property tax bill.
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