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  1. I heard the gov’t was going to refinance it’s debt at Lending Tree. And Epstein didn’t kill himself.
  2. Yeah, there are probably 100,000 kids ..or more...in high school in America right that could described in exactly that way.
  3. at her age, the flu is not a good diagnosis.
  4. Why was this a surprise? If someone wants to sue Remington why should they not be able to? It has been happening for decades in Aviation. Its also idiotic to think the manufacturer of a product is liable for someone mis-using that product in a criminal manner. Has anyone successfully sued GM for being hit by a drunk driver? Has Home Depot been sued for that terrorist in NYC that ran people over with their rental truck? What complete idiocy. We finally agree on something.
  5. Low end Lenovo’s are good. Get a one Or two year old refurb laptop that runs Windows 10. It should have 8 GB of ram. CPU at that price range is irrelevant. I don’t have a specific recommendation. But a good refurb will get you more laptop for you money.
  6. Who really needs a magazine that holds a hundred clips? In other news..... Two bears and a salmon voted on what’s for dinner.
  7. To order it that way........ yes. But it depends whether they get it right or not. At one place I have to order prime rib as medium. If they try to do medium rare.... its almost rare. I think its more to do with how they prepare prime rib ahead of time to some extent. On grilled steak orders, they always get it right. “Well Done” should be punishable by several weeks of community service at the very least.
  8. Nice work Sniper. I have a 31 ft class C RV so I could easily see how you could live nicely in that tiny house. One thing that occurred to me is what would be needed to protect it in a bad storm. One way would be to leave the path of the storm if it was highway safe. But some sort of abutment and anchor system might work if it was something used as Sota said, on a 100 acre lot for a time. Reinforced concrete cradle. As far as towns cracking down, they let people live in mobile home parks full time. Quite few here in Monmouth county. But I have no idea how those places are operating. Double wides get trucked in and planted on a platform of some sort. These should be addressed the same way I would think. Any, wife and I have talked about living in a 45 ft Class A as we drive around the country at some point when I’m done working. This is maybe a bit of a variation on that.
  9. Jason Momoa. Was also in Stargate Atlantis and GoT.
  10. Oh its on an iPad.... That and a third of the screen is an ad at the top of each post. I’m with ads...but c’mon....
  11. Particularly frigging annoying. As Zeke says.... Jus sayin.....
  12. Here’s the thing. I would bet whatever they do with this investigation will be the last chance they have to prosecute people who are guilty of attempting to overthrow the government. If they show crimes were committed and they do nothing, the blowback will probably be pretty bad.
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