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  1. And none of those events involved any alcohol. Just questionable judgement.
  2. Drove mine into a street sign.. a fire hydrant..(water does not come out)...and a tree. The hydrant was sorta intentional.. i had to get off the lawn I was driving on... The degree to which I could be considered ..responsible...was not clear.
  3. I don’t think mine made it up to 60.... Oh...there was that time I had to get towed...
  4. I had an ‘80 Camaro when I was 20. I don’t see the problem if the kid is responsible. Other than the insurance as mentioned.
  5. The markets would do better if any states with lockdowns just ended them. Then maybe offer loans to fund re-entry into business for those who went out of business.
  6. Will have to grab some cans.... Thanks Mrs Peel
  7. Son got his. Daughter, not yet. I think he will spend it at Micro Center.
  8. This... but we upgraded to bottle rockets at about grade 6... Some of the igloos were pretty cool. Sucked when we came outside the next morning and they collapsed because it warmed up. I think I recall one time we had two connected with a tunnel. @Sniper Bikes were essential. In Jersey City back in the late 60s early 70s, we rode bikes everywhere. I lived near the border with Bayonne but we took them to Journal Square....what we called ..the Long Docks on theNew York Harbor... Bayonne Park. Even way out near the Bayonne Bridge. That was pretty far as I recall. Ride from parents? Only when they made us do it. We preferred bikes.
  9. Whatever that activity is called....it ain’t for guys.
  10. Dopes? Go eff yourself.
  11. RIP. After all these year, most people know who she was. Dementia is a horrible way to go.
  12. Two seasons vs 4-1/4 seasons. So yeah. I hope they had the heat on in that ship. They looked chilly....
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