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  1. Had to add.... He is not making the case for Constitutionality he should be making. Anyone who sees it differently......well... is wrong.
  2. Johnny. That’s sort of like being an hour away from a place you have an appointment you have ten minutes from now and saying......”we’re not late yet.” But it’s not about what has actually been done to 2A rights so far....it’s about the statements he’s been making. They are not Pro 2A and there’s no way in hell anyone here can say they are pro 2A. That’s bad for everyone. It isn’t the 7D chess argument. It’s simply a bad idea to give up the ground he has given up and not argued for the 2A as a capable 2A supporter would argue.
  3. He needs to stfu. He doesn’t deserve to ties the shoes of the generations that came before him.
  4. It baffling to me why I can’t buy a G36 or vintage M60. If a lunatic was hell bent on causing harm to a large number of people in a confined space for example, the evil lunatic would do more damage with a Ford F150 than an H&K G36. Allowing a slow rate of fire prevents the evil lunatic from carrying out his murderous deed? Trying to play whack-a-mole by banning tool x y or z is pointless. Address the real problem. The evil people that do this crap.
  5. Hope he isn’t. But someone should read the 5th and 14th ammendments to him on live TV.
  6. Well he either is getting sucked into the belief that “something” should be done while knowing that all of these measures do absolutely nothing to lessen the threat to schools...or....he knows that its easier sometimes to make your enemies look bad than it is to make yourself look good.
  7. Like a 180gr 30-06 round? Someone tell those NJOA people that seem to like Sweeney and probably like Murphy. But it’s about the SS190AP ammo ...so like a bill making murder illegal.....
  8. The Woosification of children.
  9. I agree. This is a big issue for a huge part of his base. He is mentioning Gun Free Zones and arming teachers but I don’t think anyone is saying that eliminating those zones and insuring teachers can carry if they personally choose to, is part of any bill to be proposed. So if you listen to what he is saying, he is offering up past deal breakers on gun laws and getting zero for it. Plus he is letting idiots who know nothing about firearms make completely false statements in these meetings. Not just democrats but republicans. They are saying you can’t buy an automatic weapon, that AR15s are weapons of war, that there’s a difference between an 18 years with an rifle and a 23 year old with a rifle. This all reinforces lies and thats among the last things we should be doing. We can wait and see, but this is disturbing so far. And republicans should realize, that if they go along with gun control and gun bans and criminalizing a constitutional right, they won’t just lose ground in the midterm, they will get pummeled and likely lose to a Dem in the prez election in 2020.
  10. I hope he knows that. But I don’t see what he (we) wins by using a tactic like this? It is giving creedance to the liberal gun control taking points. He essentially trashed the NRA. It all concerns me.
  11. “Take the Guns...and go to court later.” I’m pretty sure that is a violation of our Constitutional rights. Here’s the issue. By way of Eric Holder and the DoE, schools chose to not suspend, expel or arrest students because they claimed minority students were disproportationately affected. So because of this policy being applied across the board with students, Cruz was left alone despite committing actual crimes. So rather than follow the law and arresting these people, they want a new law that says specifically, guns can be consfiscated if there is suspicion that you may be a threat. And this threat assessment can be based on any complaint by any person. And notice that while they say you can petition to get your guns back, there is no provision to charge the person making a false claim against you. At least not in this law. I would bet btw, that in fact, in whatever they write will include that any person making such a claim, is granted blanket immunity against legal reprisal or prosecution for false statements. It will be the new way to Swat gun owners. Imagine if at Google, some leftist learns someone with right leaning views owns firearms. What do you think will happen. Tea Party member? You’re an extremist with guns. Belong to a gun owners advocacy group? You’re an extremist with guns. Mention to a fellow gun enthusiast at work that you’re going to pick up a couple of cases of ammo? You’re building an arsenal and are a potential threat. There are so many things wrong with this but the biggest issue with these things they are proposing is they are open ended tools to persecute gun owners without limit.
  12. He keeps tossing Gun Free Zones into the conversation. Is that what he hopes to get out of this? While I think its imperative to make it illegal to declare any square inch of America a gun free zone, he is potentially giving up FAR too much.
  13. Yes Dems. Go for it. Please.... Run on a Gun Ban platform.
  14. Toofdoc.... I have purchased a firearm from Jack’s shop. Highly recommended. Just tossing in my 2 cents.