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  1. Dopes? Go eff yourself.
  2. RIP. After all these year, most people know who she was. Dementia is a horrible way to go.
  3. Two seasons vs 4-1/4 seasons. So yeah. I hope they had the heat on in that ship. They looked chilly....
  4. He sponsored the bill to import foreign tech workers Which screws American kids graduating with STEM degrees. So something snapped in Mike Lee’s head. Levin can’t understand what happened to him.
  5. Well...it will be interesting to see the reaction to an AR or semi-auto ban. Free states should just Say eff off to any of these federal laws. It works for illegals and ICE. Stop cooperating with the FBI and ATF. Declare the state 2A sanctuaries. NJ would be screwed in so much as there would be no sanctuary and all local LEOs would drag anyone who is defiant out of their home by their ankles. There would not be a single LEO would defy orders to enforce 2A violations. They will just say....I have to do my job. And yeah, I get the pressure they are under. They have kids, homes and bills to pay. It isn’t easy to walk away from your chosen profession on a whim and not have a solid plan to survive. But it still sucks. Not all of these encounters will end well. For our part.... we can either give up.....keep what you have and hope no one notices.......if they do notice..get arrested or lose a gun fight (the only outcome possible in that gun fight).....or ...move to a free state. My suggestion is the last one. I’d hate to hear about people getting new holes in them or every night being date night with Bubba.
  6. It wasn’t the Greer character’s personality that I liked. His character was committed to the mission. You’ll recall the “sweet potato” scene....? Sort of epitomized the character. Most of the rest of the crew were emotional basket cases. And yeah. Another early series ending by the WWE channel. I mean.. SYFY channel.
  7. As said, maybe give him a friendly call to clarify when he plans to come and inspect the fence and when he expects to have the sections replaced. It is a weekend and he may not have contacted or heard back from a fence company. I suspect this will take a couple to a few weeks.
  8. Agreed. Amos Burton also my favorite. Probably the same reason I liked Sgt Greer in Stargate Universe. Will watch Ep. 3 to tomorrow. So far season 5 is reminding me why I wish they planned more than 6 seasons. That’s a lot of seasons for a sci fi series, sure. But they could do 10 if they could keep the cast together. Regardless of the timeline of the books. Just start writing. There’s a lot of content they could exploit. Nothing wrong bringing in new characters and story arcs.
  9. Anyone get the predicted amount of snow? Freehold area seems to have about 3 or 4 inches.
  10. I hope wasn’t the good stuff....
  11. Suspected suicide but could have been a domestic dispute. Supposedly took place inside a home there. Doesn’t appear to have been random street crime.
  12. Remarkable guy. I saw him in person one time at an airshow in Florida. He was hanging out by a replica of his P51. Bud Anderson was actually there with him. A sight to see. Yeager getting close to 70 seemed sharp as a tack. Rest in Peace General. You’ve earned it ...and then some.
  13. Wasted two perfectly good cinderblocks and a ream of paper.
  14. I have a Schwinn 170 upright bike that works well for us. I also have a Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1002C stationary road bike that I use. I added a Cat Eye speed monitor to it to manage pace. As far as modest budget exercise bikes, these worked out pretty good for us. Have the Sunny for 3 years and the Schwinn for 2. No issues with either. The Sunny road bike is more complicated to get set up and use. I just don’t want the hyper expensive Peloton deal. If thats something that gets you or your wife on the bike regularly, then it could be worth it. But I just watch either road bike DVDs from Global Rides to have some sort of structured workout or I’ll just watch 35 minute outdoor moto’s from the AMA motocross Nationals or something else that motivates me for 30 minutes to an hour.
  15. Sounds like somewhere west of the intersection of 195 and US 9. Maybe near 537? CJRPC neighborhood perhaps. Haven’t heard or read anything though.
  16. The FBI is bought and paid for by the left. And that....is a serious problem.
  17. The FBI dropped everything to run an investigation of Blasey Ford’s bullshit allegations of high school party’s 35 years ago. Yet...they can’t seem to be bothered to look into what would be the most heinous crime against this country since Kennedy was assassinated. Right... and there’s no deep state?
  18. Actually, that makes sense. What the hell would FBI be doing involved in this?
  19. They weren’t happy with the state of their covert data feed from the test sites and need some data resent.
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