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  1. RTSP is pretty nice, hope it works out for you. Welcome!
  2. I'm aware that it can be, but in New Jersey it's exceptionally-expensive. In other states you can get a range membership for a small fraction of what one pays here, though it's understandable because of NJ property prices/taxes and legal constraints on range owners. I wasn't aware of this club. Thanks for pointing me that way- the prices are very reasonable, it has nice facilities, and there's a good variety of ranges. Definitely feasible for my own use, I'll see if I can't reach out to them. I'm more opening this club (note, it's not a formal "gun club", it's an interest club which will go to other sites) for the purpose of teaching them the basics. It's not a shooting sports club, and I already have about two dozen people. Most of them are interested in learning more about guns, while we do have some experienced and beginning shooters with prior knowledge. In addition, there are members who are interested in becoming certified. Could you give me a link to the training program up to instructor? I only find references to other ranges like Shore Shot. I appreciate your input! Definitely another option I was considering!
  3. Thanks! Hopefully we can get more people into shooting sports before I graduate myself.
  4. I'll see if a club will sponsor us and let us store our guns there. We might end up doing Easton if no one's interested. Thank you! Thanks. : )
  5. Thanks for the advice, I always stress the point that the FPID is not required to purchase or possess but it may as well be because ammo is difficult to get without one and it is required to receive firearms with or without a purchase in NJ.
  6. That's great to know, some outdoors stuff would be nice. And yeah, you're right about social bubbles in our state, that's exactly what I'm trying to reach into and pull people out of here. Thank you Matty! Interesting point. I read through the brochure and definitely have a lot of respect for NSSF. I'm contacting you now.
  7. Same, I'm definitely going to join GSSC! They're having a deal on memberships- $200 right now for a full year! I'd recommend getting one ASAP.
  8. Thanks! And yeah, but RU Hungry (the current best grease truck) is still on Easton! : D Hey there, thanks. I know there are some gun owners and enthusiasts in Rowan. That's pretty nice. Rutgers has a great Liberal Arts program, and your son's in the best place to have fun on Thursdays and Fridays!
  9. Thanks, glad to hear that those clubs are encouraging new membership. : ) I'm taking everything I see here pretty seriously, and will keep it all in mind going forward.
  10. Good to know, I'll be sure to contact CJRPC should any events come up that a future college club would be interested in. : )
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