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  1. Both houses are in the same town, about 15 minutes between them. No plans on renting them at any time - will be given to my kids. Will probably split time between the 2 so no moving anything out.
  2. So my first house is paid off and me and my wife are getting a new house. We're not selling the old house, so can I keep my current FFID at my present address or do I need to change it to my new address? Then are there any issues with moving the firearm's between the houses? The new house is in the same town, if that matters.
  3. Great info. So other than the match loads, do you guys also load "generic load" where you don't use more generic bullets, don't double check powder weights or super clean/trim cases. I look over boxes of commercial ammo and see that OAL's can vary from bullet to bullet. As long as the OAL is consistent, using generic stuff for rounds a good idea, to save time in loading?
  4. When I go the range by myself, I usually shoot 30 to 50 rounds per caliber in pistols and rifles, double if my son comes with me. I reload all calibers except rimfire and I usually reload what I will need for a given shooting session and will start the reloading process after i'm done. Does everyone else do the same thing, or do you reload in bulk and wait till you run out before reloading again. And for people who reload for one session at a time, do you reuse the same brass until it's no longer any good, or do you change out the brass to rotate your stock?
  5. Thanx Guys, I plan to reload but I will start off with the ELD match or some hunting rounds to get the brass. Looking forward to hit the range with this rifle.
  6. So, I couldn't find the Savage anywhere to check out, so I went to Tanners today to check out the RPR. They had it in stock for $950, so with NICS and tax, it came out to $1017. Also got a Vortex Crossfire II 6-24. This is my purchase for the year... lol. It was great - in and out in under an hour. NICS only took about 20 min and they installed and bore sighted the scope for me. Can't beat that. Not bad for a 2 hour drive. I was going to go to the range tomorrow, but with everything I bought, I forgot to buy ammo. Maybe I'll stop by Dicks in Easton before going to EFGA.
  7. I emailed them and they still have that sale going on. The Ruger may be a no brainer at that price!
  8. Good to know, Zeke. Would there be anything non-Jersey legal about the Savage 10 Stealth or RPR that it couldn't be ordered online and shipped to NJ?
  9. I'm looking to get a precison rifle in 6.5 Creedmore and I narrowed it down to the Savage 10 Stealth and Mossberg MVP LC. I own 2 Rugers and 2 Savages, so I know how they shoot. I've been curious about Mossberg rifles as I am more familiar with their shotguns. So if you had to pick from these 2, which would it be? And I haven't ruled out the Ruger Precision, I just like Savage and wanted to know about the Mossberg.
  10. Try a Walther PPQ in 40. Really sweet and accurate!!
  11. Reloading is great, especially if you want to play with different loads and bullet weights that you can't get readily.
  12. Hey Glenn, Good to see you're getting into reloading. I'm currently at tumbling with a harbor freight rock tumbler and stainless steel media. It's not that expensive and gives you clean and shiny media in a short amount of time. I go to GSA also they usually have prefer and primers for a fair price.
  13. Bought a Convertible Ruger Blackhawk in .357/9mm from Jack and the whole transaction was excellent. Great communications throughout the process and he worked with me on payment method and holding the gun until I was able to make it down to pick it up. The gun is in excellent condition and I can't wait to get it to the range to check it out. Would definitely buy from him again. Thanx again Jack!!!
  14. Great - so this coming Sunday, I'll go out there to pick up a 11VT isn .308 - my first large caliber rifle. Thanx for the reassurance of not needing a CoE.
  15. Great - thanx for the info. One less thing to worry about.
  16. So now that i had some good and some okay results from my hand loads, I want to start tweaking. Is the usual method to start low and work up the powder charge? Is there any benefit in keeping the powder charge and changing the COAL? Also, if my brass was dirty after firing, but there we no signs of over pressure, should increasing the charge fix that? The problem carts were 9mm filled with 5.1 grains of Power Pistol using a 124gr bullet.
  17. I was in Easton yesterday to hit the range and decided to drop in at Dicks Sporting Goods. Since they're having a sale on Savage 11VT for $419 after rebate, I thought I'd check it out. After looking it over, I decided to buy it and asked the sales person what is needed since I'm a NJ resident. They said a NJ FID and DL was all. I asked about a COE and that I didn't have one but one can be printed off the NJSP site. He said that he never heard of such a thing. I decided to hold off to verify before I pick it up, as sales tax is less in NJ as well as NICS. So, do I need a COE? If so, I'll print one out so I can have them fill it out. If not, then cool.
  18. Shot my first hand loads today. 9mm and 223/556 in regular and light (trail boss) loads. Everything went bang with no kabooms. I started all the loads at the starting grains and they all shot pretty good. The .223/5.56 were more accurate than the stuff I've been buying. The trail boss loads were about 3 inches low and to the right, but they were so quiet. For 9mm, the unique was great but the power pistol was a bit dirty and off. I'll have to work it up some more. And now it's time to play!!! Now to keep this from becoming an obsession...
  19. So I bought a reloading press a couple of months ago. Did tons of research and got all of the necessary, and some unnecessary supplies to go with it. I've been going to the range, shooting factory ammo and gathering up the brass, as well as range brass. Last week I finally reloaded some 223/556, 9mm and 40 s&w using starting loads for their respective powders. I will be hitting the range this weekend to see how they fire, but being this is my first reload, I have butterflies when thinking about pulling the trigger. I checked, double checked and triple checked all my loads so I know they are good and not over or under charged. I just have this feeling that I wish I could hide and safely fire the first round with no one around to be sure. I'm sure everything will be fine. Any other reloaders want to reminisce about the first reloaded round they ever fitted¿
  20. Good mag, even better customer service. I bought 2 series 1 mags but they didn't feed on my build. Emailed customer service and they had me send pictures of the feed lips. From the picture, they said that the feed lips may be too thick so they sent a new set of mags with a mod tip of sanding the lips down a bit. The mod worked for me, plus once the series 2 came out, they sent me 2 of those for free and they work great. Can't beat service like that. Will definitely buy more.
  21. I shot my friends x95 and it was pretty cool. The ergonomics was pretty good but getting used to the grip/trigger position was a little odd. It was fun to shoot with very little recoil, but I don't think I would spend that much money on a single firearm. He just put on a scope and was still working on getting it zeroed but the iron sights were nice and accurate.
  22. Ditto on the PPQ. I got mine if .40 as I have enough 9's. Try it, I think you'll like it. You can always get a Glock!!!
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