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  1. Does anyone know how if possible I might be able to get a non-nj resident gun permit? Thanks for the info!
  2. There's a rumor going around that Chris might be thinking of repealing some of NJ's gun laws. Anyone know if this is true?
  3. Hope I'm posting this thread in the right area! I just want to make everyone aware about a made in america pro 2A t-shirt company that could use some new customers. The name of the company is infringed apparel and the company is founded/ran by a member of the USMC. They sell a bunch of 2a shirts and decals in all sorts of sizes and the money raised off the sale of the products goes to helping veterans. If anyone is intrested in checking them out go to infringedapparel.com. This is not my company but I have orderd from them several times and they give great quality shirts and customer service.
  4. I just read all the replys to my main posting. I thought NY was bad it seems like your all following in NY footsteps hopefully one day things will get better for all of us! I know it's against the law to bring guns into the state without the proper permits which is why I dont do so. Thank God for the gun for hire range it's the only one I know of that you guys have that lets you rent a wide range of guns to shoot.
  5. Thanks for the info guys! To answer everyones questions I currently do not liv in NJ but my sister does but I use one of nj's gun ranges because you guys are alot friendly'er than most of the ones in nyc. I have both my pistol and rifle/shotgun permits for ny but with the nazi like laws we have i'm limited to what i'm allowed to own which sucks because we all know theres alot of nice guns out there. I was looking into buying an AR or semi .308 and just keep them in nj and use them at one of nj's ranges. I've heard from a few folks that you dont need a rifle permit to own a rifle in nj all you need is the FID. Since I have my NY permits would I be allowed to buy a rifle in NJ or would I be refused since i'm not an nj fid card holder/resident?
  6. Hi everyone I found out about this site from FB and being a huge 2A supporter and firearms owner I thought I'd sign up. I know the site is for gun owners of NJ and even though I'm from NY but it never hurts to meet new people who share the same views when it comes to firearms. I look forward to learning alot from everyone on here. Just incase anyone was wondering yes I am a licensed gun owner who is not an leo living across the hudson in new yorkistan. Also my user name has nothing to do with hunting blinds. I am infact a shooter and I'm also slightly blind. I'm sure most of you are thinking how is that possible! I do have some sight and have been tought/trained on the proper use and safety of useing firearms plus with all the lights and optics available it makes shooting that much easier. Thanks for allowing me to join shoot safe and keep up the fight against anti-gunners!
  7. I'm new to the forum and know that not all twp's have the same laws. Does anyone know what the laws are interms of rifle ownership for jersey city?
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