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  1. Bayonne took seven weeks for me on two separate occaisions last year.
  2. Any stores north of Toms River have any WASR rifles in stock?
  3. Evening fellas... I'm looking for some advice for my first AK variant rifle...been reading a few (ok, a lot) threads here and there on this forum and ak files and figured I would start my own...felt like being a special snowflake tonight. I'm well up to speed on the legal requirements...Looking to spend 6-800 including whatever compliance alterations may be required depending on the gun. Not opposed to the WASR 10, but wanted to consider all the options available. The DIY Saiga conversion is out of my comfort zone and I'm not crazy about the PAP rifles. And although it is not a major deciding factor, I'd prefer wood furniture which I can switich out for a composite of my choice later on. Whatever I do end up with will not see heavy use and will strictly be a range/plink gun...maybe 1,000 rounds a year depending on how often I can get the hell out of Hudson county. Thanks
  4. I paid $5 for FID and $2/per purchase permit earlier this year in Bayonne.
  5. Vermont at it's roots is a humble place. You keep to yourself and don't advertise.
  6. Old school Vermont is becoming a thing of the past (redundant, I know), even in areas away from Rte 4 and the interstate. It imported a ton of blue collar baby boomers in the '70s, which was ok by me, as they became permanent residents and settled nicely in the lifestyle. And while the new breed of rear-wheel-drive BMW owners that are taking over bring a ton of revenue, they are also bringing their Manhattan mindset to the countryside. It sucks to watch. But I'm proud to call it my home, because it allowed me to see both sides and that's why it's unique. It comes with a stigma though, most consider me a liberal just because of the upbringing. Which may be true, but it certainly helped my appreciation and understanding of the importance of the 2A.
  7. I certainly hope Vermont holds out in future as long as it has in the past. As a former born/raised resident, Vermont is increasingly becoming FLOODED with upper class NYers, Massholes, and Conn clowns. And that was 10 years ago and only gotten worse as time has gone on. Property taxes are through the roof... I miss it terribly, but it's overburdened with out-of-state elitists that will no doubt be it's downfall. Very sad.
  8. Everything went off without a hitch, but thanks for the info. Even got the COE that I wanted--Tanner's in Jamison, PA did the transfer...$30/ea.
  9. Unfortunately I'm here for good...or at least the next 20 years. They are NJ legal, although I'm glad I talked to someone who knew what he was doing as I'd be worried some of the more inexperienced shops wouldn't know what to do with a "high capacity" Marlin 39A. Really surprised how difficult it was to find a place that would do it...right across the Delaware river, too.
  10. Hey, give me a break, I grew up in Vermont Like I said, first time I've ever done this so I have no personal experience to compare it to like a lot of folks here already do, which is why I figured I would ask and get straight answers from people. Thanks for the reassurance and I appreciate the help.
  11. Yes, I am paying the dealer for transfer itself...unfortunately not getting any sort of deal on that, but oh well. I had called another shop in the same area earlier this week, a lot of PA FFLs turned me down. One saying I had to go directly to a NJ FFL to complete the transfer after leaving PA "because of laws". Talked to about 3-4 different guys actually...took me a while to find a ship that was helpful.
  12. So if the state doesn't care, when would you actually need to have a COE? I guess what I'm asking then, if PA FFL doesn't fill out COE and there's no purchase that would warrant a receipt since the guns are being gifted to me, what is my proof that the gun has been lawfully transferred into my possession. A copy of the 4473?
  13. It's going from a PA resident (family member, no money is being exchanged) to myself, a New Jersey resident. Ok, I misunderstood about the COE, so it's between FFL and myself, not original owner. So is the COE required in this instance? Should I insist that it be completed or find someone else to do it if he doesn't want to fill it out?
  14. I'm doing a transfer of three long guns this Saturday at a PA FFL, spoke with the dealer and he said I do not need to bring any NJ forms with me, just need my FID and DL. I asked him about COE and he said he didn't need that. ( I am NJ resident, original owner is PA ) So, the COE is just between me and the original owner, FFL has nothing to do with COE? This is my first out of state transfer, and dealer sounded like he knew his stuff, but just wanted to check here and see if there's anything I'm not doing or don't know about before I head down there. Thanks
  15. This, especially. Not the best area of JC either... Although who knows, maybe they would not have lasted if near Grove St or Newport.
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