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  1. Sold Pending Funds. Will update when it's final or becomes available again.
  2. Up for sale a Ruger Mini 14 Tactical with a Nikon 1.5-4.5 X 20 scope mounted in traditional scope rings. Item will include the following: 2-Ruger Factory 5 round magazines 4-Ruger Factory 10 round magazines. 1-Factory Bolt/Chamber Lock 1-Picatinny Rail used as an optional scope mount. 1-Basic sling (as seen in photo). Asking price: $800 for all items/$700 without the scope. Located in Woodbridge Township. Willing to meet buyer anywhere in the state as long as my schedule permits. NJ FID and Matching Drivers License required to complete sale. Buyer is responsible for all FFL/Shipping fees. The first to post "I'll Take It" wins the sale.
  3. Hello everyone. I'm listing my Henry Steel Boy in 357 Magnum up for sale today. It's the older model without the side loading gate. I'm asking for $700 for the rifle. I'm located in Woodbridge Township and am willing to accommodate any buyer, distance wise, as long as it works for my schedule. An NJ FID and matching DL are required to complete the sale and all FFL/shipping fees are the buyers responsibility. The first to post "I'll Take It" wins the sale. Additional Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/lNDPdZg
  4. Any of the 12 Gauge Remington Gun Club still available? Willing to be in for both flats if they're still available.
  5. Yeah that's understandable. There's some things out there you can't put a price on and respecting someone's beliefs are up there.
  6. Yeah I've got 25 years at one of your competitors in Newark (A/C MX) and non-revenue options have actually gotten worse, not better. Do you see your current station as something permanent or can you get to another hub in a cheaper state in a few years? If so maybe consider "transferring ownership" of the problematic guns to someone in VA until you can make it out of here.
  7. I guess getting a crash pad near JFK and making the commute home on your weekend where it's more gun friendly area(PA)isn't going to cut it for you and your wife? I take it you must be on reserve at your airline given the time commute restriction?
  8. I'm curious about that training location in Parlin. Is this a training company that owns that place? If so do they have a website where they have other classes listed? Class looks interesting, but definitely looks like a more advanced course and I need to do better on the basics especially at that price point.
  9. Yeah no one is picking up the phone over at the indoor range at Old Bridge, that thing is just there in case there's an emergency (pretty much standard at all the private indoor ranges I've been to). We've still got the indoor and the outdoor (for the time being) range. Usually the last weekend of the month from March to November is an open range weekend, meaning no leagues/competitions on those weekends. That being said we are still taking new members but you have to sign up for one of the new member sessions that has an opening.
  10. An update from Mr Smith and video of the mental gymnastics the judges are performing to make it work.
  11. Truth be told, being in aviation, between handling leaded gasoline (100 "Low Lead") and some of the chemicals we use at work, the lead I pick up from my range trip is the least of my worries. Though as one poster noted, if I had children I might take more extensive precautions. About the only thing I do is try to keep the range garments separate from the rest of my stuff (unless it's been through a wash cycle beforehand) so as not to risk cross contamination.
  12. Unfortunately I'm a Canon guy LOL. Good luck with the sale though. Have you tried any photography sites like the forums over at Digital Photography Review or one of the lens rental companies to see if they buy used lens (I think Borrowlenses.com bought used lenses)?
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