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  1. Interesting video and every theory in there so far is valid. I'll being keeping an eye on the NTSB website for updates on this one.
  2. I was told they don't wear the G-Suits because it interferes with their ability to feel out the airplane control inputs. It's low level VFR type flying with fairly shallow inputs so I can see why they wouldn't. As for the ejection seat they're pretty much all deactivated on the planes that have them (at least the racers). Those early generation ejection seats weren't the best to begin with, plus the older Warsaw Pact planes tended to some sort of explosive charge to fire off the seat (NATO uses a rocket motor) so it's likely that the seat would stand an equal chance of killing you. I'm definitely thinking this is some sort of mechanical failure. Fire crews were out there pretty quick and thankfully it happened on the far end of the Jet course. I don't remember seeing the pilot in the pits, but I do remember they were selling their knives at their spot and saw a firearms catalog there. When I did research afterwards I made the connection. Matter of fact it looks like both the brothers and the CEO have a fleet of planes at their disposal. Another thing I wonder is if the Engine STC played any factor (PW JT-12) in the crash? I know the Siddley Viper engine STC if you ran them at high power for extended periods of time the engine mounts would start cracking. . http://hogueairforce.com/
  3. So I was debating whether or not to post this, but given the lack of news in firearm circles I thought I would. One of the members of the Hogue family, as in Hogue INC and their line of firearm accessories, was killed during the Reno Air Races. Pilot in question was Aaron Hogue and he was flying an L-29 in the Jet Class. I'm not sure what happened but at some point on lap 3 on the far end of Jet course. It all happened fast and I suspect it was fairly instant. Not sure what if this will affect the company at all, but given his brother and one of their sons is running it with him, I don't think the company is going any where. I didn't really piece it together initially since they were selling only their knives out at their spot in the Jet pits in Reno, that they were part of the same corporation. https://mynews4.com/news/local/pilot-from-paso-robles-dies-in-reno-air-races-crash-northern-nevada-reno-air-races-death-plane-crash
  4. I believe We Shoot has similar policy. I had to have one of my own guns with me in order to rent down there. It was still better the Shore Shot's policy where they wouldn't rent one to me, regardless of the fact that I had my own with me. Never set foot back in the place since then. I understand there's been some really horrible incidents at the ranges with suicides and I'm willing to do work with some of their restriction, but blanket bans are a sure way I won't set foot in there again.
  5. Mistake email. Apparently it's in response to a CA law just about not putting out any kind of 2A material to anyone under the age of 18 (classifying it like porn). When I tried to get my digital copy of American Rifleman I had to certify that I was above the age of 18 in order to access the magazine. So that's what that was probably about before they realized their error
  6. Wegmans actually got rid of their shopping baskets mid-way through the pandemic for: reasons (along with their meal counter). Been bringing in my milk crate that I keep in my car along with whatever free reusable bags I've been able to collect. According to my mother and sister if you do that in Shop-Rite they try to slap a "Paid" sticker on every single item you have.
  7. Went there back in May for an event with a YT creator. While I wouldn't really recommend it, there's no metal detectors or anything like that on there. So if you accidentally bring it aboard I'm sure no one will really care too much as long as you don't make a spectacle of it.
  8. Haven't been there, but here's some stuff for you around the local area (Within 3 hours of NJ). Here in NJ: Air Victory Museum at South Jersey Regional Airport: 68 Stacy Haines Rd, Lumberton, NJ 08048 NAS Cape May Museum: Cape May Airport, 500 Forrestal Rd, Cape May, NJ 08204 (Cape May Airport) NJ Aviation Hall of Fame. 400 Fred Wehran Dr, Teterboro, NJ 07608 (Teterboro Airport) Milville Army Airfield Museum: 1 Leddon St, Millville, NJ 08332. (Millville Airport) NY State: Besides USS Intrepid there's a small museum over at Floyd Bennett Field calling itself Historic Aircraft Restoration Project. They have no website of their own, but there is a mention of them on the National Park Service Website for the Gateway National Recreation Area. You also have a couple of others within about 3 hours drive of NJ (Cradle of Aviation was mentioned by a previous poster). American Air Power Museum: 1230 New Hwy, Farmingdale, NY 11735 (Farmingdale Airport) Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome: 9 Norton Rd, Red Hook, NY 12571 Pennsylvania: (Someone already mentioned the one at the old NAS Willow Grove in Warminster PA above so I'll omit that for now) Golden Age Air Museum: 371 Airport Rd, Bethel, PA 19507 (Grimes Airport, Private Grass field airport so call ahead for permission if flying in). American Helicopter Museum; 1220 American Blvd, West Chester, PA 19380 (Bradywine Regional Airport). Mid-Atlantic Air Museum: 1054 Arnold Rd, Reading, PA 19605 ( Reading Regional Airport, fantastic World War II weekend held on the first June weekend closest to D-Day anniversary). Delaware: Air Mobility Command Museum: Dover Air Force Base (Have not been to personally but looks great from web site, recommend calling ahead about entry since it's on an active base). Delaware Aviation Museum Foundation: 21781 Aviation Ave, Georgetown, DE 19947, Delaware Coastal Regional Airport (Haven't been but seem to recall you have to call to make an appointment). Connecticut: Connecticut Air and Space Center: 225 B Main St, Stratford, CT 06615 (Haven't been myself, located near one of Sikorsky's facilities) New England Air Museum: 36 Perimeter Rd, Windsor Locks, CT 06096 (Bradley International Airport) So these are the ones nearby you can check out and some further out for you to check out. Enjoy
  9. So the British might have had this right 75 years ago then? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.280_British
  10. That's pretty damn high, but I call BS on the claimed altitude of 17,500" since I didn't see anything resembling supplemental oxygen.
  11. Well we already have the replacement lined up and ready to go.
  12. Ordered mine, since I'm required to test by my employer twice a week for my refusal to get the vaccine. No big surprise that it's going to take forever to see the the things.
  13. Well there's the usual supermarket items and ammo. For unique stuff I'm going to say aircraft parts. At work it seems to be the cheaper expendable items that are harder to come by (bolts, screws, sealant, o-rings, etc) than the higher end electronic parts. I know my flying club waited 3 months for a constant speed prop to be overhauled. Conversely a newer upgraded one was given a 7-8 month turnaround time.
  14. Thanks I'll have to see how my schedule is the 12th since I'm stuck working Christmas yet again.
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