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  1. Thanks I'll have to see how my schedule is the 12th since I'm stuck working Christmas yet again.
  2. Believe it or not the Winchester Rifle did end up going to war in France during WWI, albeit in limited numbers. It's more proof that anything can be a "weapon of war" if you will it (I guess we should ban shovels since they were used extensively in trench raiding)
  3. I actually just did mine last month at Hudson Farms. The whole session lasted about an hour. While I was given a gun I was unfamiliar with (Remington 1100) the proctor walked me through the operation just fine. I fired a grand total of three rounds as that's how long it took me to hit a clay. It was a very pleasant experience other than the cold wind LOL. They just want to see that you know how to safely handle the shotgun and follow instructions if/when prompted. Personally Ms. Peel I don't think you have anything to worry about it.
  4. Try these guys out and see if you can find someone through them that fits. Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership
  5. I've shot at Range 702, The Gun Store, and Las Vegas Gun Range. They all have full auto stuff you can rent. Haven't done Battlefield Vegas, but I've heard nothing but good things about the place, so yeah go ahead and do that one. If you don't mind going out side of Vegas, Pro Gun Club in Boulder is a nice outdoor range. They do a lot of sporting clays, periodic taxi cab shoots, and the minute you walk into the club house they have a full service bar right there . If you've got friends out there with guns to borrow there's BLM land designated as shooting areas you can go use.
  6. The lot for the indoor range is usually plowed out within a day or two. The outdoor range is another story since it's all dirt, including the road into there. As of right now the outdoor is still closed.
  7. In regards to the 357 Mag ammo: I'll take it.
  8. If you're feeling motivated you can do what I did and drop the thing off at your respective County Board of Elections during their operating hours.
  9. Sorry but the 115 grain is sold out. The 124 grain has a four box limit.
  10. I'm going agree with the guy that called out the Geico Skytypers. They fly the T-6/SNJ Texan. Not a good picture, but from what I can tell that seems to make the most sense, plus I believe the Sky Typers are based in the area.
  11. Thanks for the info. If I make it up there I'll make sure to bring a case or two of clays. I've also got a Lincoln thrower I picked up last year that hasn't been put into action yet, so I'm looking forward to trying to use that.
  12. I might be able to go depending on whether or not there are enough open vacation spots for that day at work. Is there a cap on the number of guests that someone with a hunting license can bring/escort? I'm asking because I don't have mine and was wondering what the rules over there were.
  13. Looks like a successful launch. Now the 19 hour ride to the ISS begins. Murica Fuck Yeah
  14. This looks good, I've been meaning to try out their stuff for a while so this looks like a good opportunity. Barring some unforeseen circumstances, I think I might actually be able to make this.
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