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  1. planenut


    I don't think it is. Last time Last I heard they did a restoration for static display. I'm not sure what was worse, seeing that sight or the C-54 with its wings sliced off, just down there road from it.
  2. Not sure about the first two, but yes I believe the scope is pretty much gone if you do that. I mount a scope on mine so I would lose that option if I went that route. If I were stuck in NY it might be worth considering.
  3. I actually did my Hunter's Field Test for my Hunting license up there. Extremely nice place, but very expensive. The fact that they have a dress code and helipad there tells me there's no way I'd be able to afford the place.
  4. My bad, I made a mistake. The stripper clip option is an aftermarket add on feature. Might be a good option for NY or CA legal Mini where you may have to have a fixed magazine. Here's a link to that setup. https://www.rugerforum.net/threads/load-your-mini-14-via-stripper-clips.358257/
  5. I think I'd actually prefer the 7.62X39 chambered ones, I think 300 Blackout might end up being hard to get one day due to it's niche status so far. I'm curious does you rifle have the cut in the bolt to do stripper clips, like my 5.56 has?
  6. Thanks for the info. I don't have a Mini-30, but I do have the Mini 14 Tactical. I was kicking around the idea of a Mini-30 lately, preferably one of the ones the made in 7.62X39, I wasn't sure they if they still make that version as I know there's a 300 Blackout one that's out there.
  7. That actually looks pretty good. You'd basically have it set up like a scout rifle. I have a scope on mine, but my main problem with that is when you do a full strip and clean you have to remove the scope in order to get the bolt back in. Doing this might look like a good alternative to that. Though it does say that for 2007 and earlier it's only for the Mini-14 and not the Mini-30.
  8. Looks like it's out of stock as of this moment. With prices they were showing, I can see why they're sold out.
  9. I actually went the Passport card route. This was at the beginning of COVID when everything was backed out the ass, it was basically easier than doing my license at the time. It was $20 add on to the Passport Book and is good for 10 years vs 4 Years for Drivers License. Something to consider.
  10. Are those Tritium sights currently on the the 320 slide?
  11. Interesting video and every theory in there so far is valid. I'll being keeping an eye on the NTSB website for updates on this one.
  12. I was told they don't wear the G-Suits because it interferes with their ability to feel out the airplane control inputs. It's low level VFR type flying with fairly shallow inputs so I can see why they wouldn't. As for the ejection seat they're pretty much all deactivated on the planes that have them (at least the racers). Those early generation ejection seats weren't the best to begin with, plus the older Warsaw Pact planes tended to some sort of explosive charge to fire off the seat (NATO uses a rocket motor) so it's likely that the seat would stand an equal chance of killing you. I'm definitely thinking this is some sort of mechanical failure. Fire crews were out there pretty quick and thankfully it happened on the far end of the Jet course. I don't remember seeing the pilot in the pits, but I do remember they were selling their knives at their spot and saw a firearms catalog there. When I did research afterwards I made the connection. Matter of fact it looks like both the brothers and the CEO have a fleet of planes at their disposal. Another thing I wonder is if the Engine STC played any factor (PW JT-12) in the crash? I know the Siddley Viper engine STC if you ran them at high power for extended periods of time the engine mounts would start cracking. . http://hogueairforce.com/
  13. So I was debating whether or not to post this, but given the lack of news in firearm circles I thought I would. One of the members of the Hogue family, as in Hogue INC and their line of firearm accessories, was killed during the Reno Air Races. Pilot in question was Aaron Hogue and he was flying an L-29 in the Jet Class. I'm not sure what happened but at some point on lap 3 on the far end of Jet course. It all happened fast and I suspect it was fairly instant. Not sure what if this will affect the company at all, but given his brother and one of their sons is running it with him, I don't think the company is going any where. I didn't really piece it together initially since they were selling only their knives out at their spot in the Jet pits in Reno, that they were part of the same corporation. https://mynews4.com/news/local/pilot-from-paso-robles-dies-in-reno-air-races-crash-northern-nevada-reno-air-races-death-plane-crash
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