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  1. This looks good, I've been meaning to try out their stuff for a while so this looks like a good opportunity. Barring some unforeseen circumstances, I think I might actually be able to make this.
  2. No, but I got a $20 from a gas station last month that said "Not to be used for bribing politicians". Sadly like a dumb ass I spent it before taking a picture of it.
  3. Who says he's even dead, he might be off living the high life some where LOL.
  4. You might want to check the microphones in your studio. I can't hear anything your guests are saying on this one.
  5. I wonder if this is what went down the day before the suicide.
  6. Thanks I'll keep these guys in mind the next time I'm out that way.
  7. I'll believe it when I see it. There were lots of places that reinstated the death penalty, never actually used it, and got rid of it again, like NJ.
  8. It figures I see this now, the day after, and after I just bought a Lincoln Clay thrower I've been dying to try out.. Oh well maybe next time, sorry I missed this one. Hopefully I go to the next one.
  9. You aren't kidding. I went out there to meet a guy selling a clay thrower a few weeks ago. Decided to go in and look around. I decided to buy an item and was told my old rewards card wasn't valid and they needed to take all of my info again. I told them I wanted to skip it and just buy the item. I was told he needed just to complete the purchase, even though I was paying cash. I promptly put the item down and left. The item in question was a $12 Dry Box. Needless to say I won't be going in there too much any more.
  10. Sadly I'm missing this event, due to the fact my flying club is having one of their plane washes and it's kind of a mandatory event, especially since "That's All Brother" has finally been restored properly. Would love to be there in Normandy when they do their mass air drop for the 75th Anniversary. Best I can do is see if I can make it out to Reading's World War II weekend. If anyone ever wants to see a local C-47 that was actually at Normandy head out to the American Airpower Museum at Farmingdale Airport on Long Island.
  11. OK I'm in for this one. Might be a little late getting over there, but I'll be there.
  12. I might be able to make this one, but won't know for sure until the morning of, due to me waiting to see if I get called in for work. Only thing I need to check is if I have a box of clays to bring along.
  13. Hi everyone. Not too long ago I dealt with Modern Materiel for an FFL transfer and while there I got to check out some of their rifles. They seem good from the samples that I handled. I was curious if anyone has bought any of them and if so how's the quality compared to one from a major manufacturer? I also remember seeing a web site a few years back for another NJ company that manufactured AR type rifles (I think it was up near Randolph?), but my site search has turned up nothing. I was also curious to know if there were any other NJ companies that manufacture AR's and if so how's their quality? I'm considering this because quite frankly I thinks great to see a local manufacturer that does this sort of thing and a great way to give a great big middle finger to this oppressive state.
  14. You know what PK I think you're right. I finally looked up the model number and see it's a wood stock and stainless barrel. I saw stainless in the description and assumed they all came in the synthetic stock.
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