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  1. Many times the NICS operators have issues in knowing and determining immigration status eligibility thus the delay when a non citizen buys a gun. Damjan makes sense. Thanks
  2. I did call NJSP after the first denial. They said the denial was from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement.I even received a certified mail from NJSP with reason on it. The second denial is same reason. Do you guys think I will get a firearm ID in NJ if I am illegal? I just wanted to know people like me can buy a firearm, that is why I posted.
  3. I have an Alien number and a valid work permit. I got my work permit renewed at least 5 times already. A non immigrant who is legally here can buy a gun?
  4. I am legally in USA since 2004, I am waiting for my permanent resident card from the immigration dept. I have work permit, SS #, NJ Drivers license and I own a house in NJ too.I am a law abiding tax paying family man. In the mean time I got my firearm ID card from New Jersey and tried to by a gun. By mistake I answered NO to question 11.l, and NICS denied my transaction. I was supposed to answer Yes to question 11.l and show my NJ hunting license at question 20c. Can anybody advise me how to make this correction? Since my green card is still under processing, I thought I will be considered in the Immigrant category, my mistake. If I just fill out a new form with these corrections, will it work? Thanks for reading I went to the same FFL today and filled out a new 4473 to buy a shot gun with correct information and run the NICS check, there was a 3 hour delay and they denied me again!! The FFL person told me that, he called state police for the reason. He told me that the immigration department did not approve me. Back to same situation...Can anybody help me in this? Is my status eligible for firearm purchase? I have a NJ firearm hunting license.
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