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  1. Awesome. Where are you located? Ever @ GSSC?
  2. I’ve been restoring old American axes for a while but have been on hiatus. Now I’m wondering if I have any project laying around the work shed.
  3. A maul and a felling axe are an excellent combo to have. The maul is great for plowing through wood that isn’t completely dried out or has twisted grain. The felling axe is easier to swing and all that’s needed for dry straight grain wood. Council Tool is a great manufacturer- they have an 8lb maul that goes for $35-40. For a companion piece, they offer a single bit 3.5lb Dayton pattern axe and a 3.5lb double bit. I’d personally go with the double bit as one side can be sharpened to a convex edge and the other at a narrower angle. a wedge is also handy... just don’t use the poll of the axe to beat the wedge as it isn’t tempered like the blade edge. both axes are available @ harryepstein.com
  4. I picked up my Henry .410 last week and just received a case of Remington 000 buck home defense in the mail. I’m wondering if I can use these with the full choke. I cut one shell open and dropped a ball down the barrel... goes right through. I did pull the wad/cup out and it doesn’t fit (barely) through the choke. Should I buy another less restrictive choke or is there nothing to worry about? Thanks!
  5. So I looked things over this morning and tried removing the lever and bolt. it was much easier than I thought it would be. One screw dropped the lever, the bolt slid out, and the shell followed. Thank you all for your help!
  6. The shell is stuck between the tube and the bolt, not in the barrel. I just got off the phone with Alan from Henry and he told me to take the lever off at which point I can slide the bolt out the back. The shell should be able to follow it out at that point. I was contemplating getting a large loop... I guess I’ll be ordering it ASAP and installing it while I fix this issue!
  7. While teaching proper loading and unloading of a shotgun my buddy accidentally dropped my 3” shells into the tube of my Henry 410 lever. He was unable to cycle the first shell and after emptying the tube we realized what happened. I’ve never had this happen to me before and don’t want to mangle my new shotgun so it’s back in the safe with the lever open. Any ideas how I can remedy this? I’ll be getting rid of these 3” shells as soon as I get the last one out of the gun.
  8. Yes but I’m not keeping the gun (nothing to do with fitting in the cabinet). I just wanted to try a .410 and it’s just not for me. I don’t like holding on to things I don’t use. It’ll be going up in the classifieds section in a couple days.
  9. Picked it up from HD and set it up. I’m very happy with it. Is it a legit safe? Absolutely not. Is it more substantial than a cabinet? I believe it is. I’ve got 4 guns in there, with one being a bolt. Without a bolt, I could get five in, but the new plan is to sell the bolt and the 12g and purchase an O/U so I’ll end up with three guns in there and plenty of extra room.
  10. Shore Shot has an old single shot .22 bolt for sale. I just googled .22 singles and if I remember correctly, it looked very much like a Winchester 1904. There was a crack in the stock on the forearm end and it appears to have been sanded down, but the tag said $125 and they were willing to sell it to me for $100.
  11. Crap sentence structure on my part. I meant the reliability issue would be more prevalent with clays due to amount of use vs field shooting. so CZ, Stevens, Mossberg at $6-800 or this Stoeger at $299? I usually buy things that cost more but are better, unless something is so cheap that I consider it disposable and am pleasantly surprised if it lasts. This Stoeger at $299 could hold me over until Henry gets sick of my badgering them for an O/U and brings one to market.
  12. Jeez, that’s cheap! I don’t have any personal experience with the Condor, but the reviews range from ‘good beater gun’ to ‘poor quality/unreliable’. the last one seems like it would make sense for clay shooting as you’re shooting a lot more than if you were bird hunting with it. Here’s a silly question- would you be using the shotgun for anything else? When I was at Salomons the other day to ask about shooting there, the fella behind the counter asked what kind of shotgun I had. When I explained that I’m shopping for an O/U and that I currently only have a single shot, he told me that the single is perfectly fine for shooting there. good luck! I’m sure people far more knowledgeable than me will offer some good advice.
  13. this is 3BK but shoots VERY soft out of a 20g single shot.
  14. Went to an LGS to inquire about O/Us. Took a look at a 410 lever while I was there and mentioned I have a Henry 20g single and a 22 pump. The guy behind the counter says he heard Henry may be coming out with a double barrel. Has anyone else heard anything about this? My two Henry’s are currently my favorite long arms... I’m selling my Topper 88 12g and Sears 410 and putting the cash towards a double. I was 90% sure I’d be going with a Winchester 101 but if there is any possibility of a Henry coming out, I’d rather just use my 20g until it does.
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