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  1. I’ve never posted to the deals forum, so please bare with me. Cabelas has the Remington Gun Clubs on sale for $51.99: https://www.cabelas.com/product/Remington-Gun-Club-Target-Shotshells/740037.uts?slotId=0&MDK=dynbanC_MN&MDC=cat576416880 Use code FREESHIP to waive shipping charges. on top of that, eBay has $100 Cabelas gift cards for $80. ***now- can someone explain what “dram equivalent” means? I want to purchase these for clays and the purchase options include dram equivalent and shot size. Is there much difference between 7 1/2 and 8?
  2. I’m assuming these would keep a H&R Topper from kicking like a mule on meth?
  3. This looks amazing. Last time I shot pheasant was at Earle many moons ago. I’d love to check this place out.
  4. Welcome from Freehold.
  5. Thanks for the info! I work overnights and messed up your reference of “tomorrow”. I swung by there today. Power lines are down on the road and he has no electric at the house, but I got to talk to him for a while. Great guy. I won’t be able to get there tomorrow, but may try Tuesday. The mini shells are for my wife to use initially. I’ll be on the hunt for buckshot to use at GSSC and target loads for Howell. Thanks for for the info. I really appreciate it.
  6. Haha. I finally picked up my first shotgun. It’s an H&R Topper 12 gauge. Found it in the classifieds here. I’ve also purchased a 10/22 Sporter and a S&W model 36. I’m hoping to take the H&R to the range soon, although I’d love to try shooting clays. I just found out there’s a place in Farmingdale for that. I’ll have to check it out one of these days. Im now trying to figure out where to buy shells from. L&H went out of business and Dicks has a very limited selection. I may have to order online. Does anyone have opinions on the Fiocchi LE buckshot? I’ve been reading the recoil isn’t bad. I realize having a single shot puts all the force directly on me, but I’m looking to start off as easy as possible. The range only allows buck and slugs. I’ve been trying to hunt down minishells but that seems impossible right now. I found Minishell slugs at Howell Gun, but would rather have buckshot. I also can’t find Winchester low recoil/low noise. They were recommended to me by a guy at work. If anyone has any tips on scoring shells or how to get into shooting clays, I’m all ears. Thank you all for your input on getting my shotgun. I was close to grabbing the Stoeger Coach in 12, but when I looked at it in person, it seemed to be lacking in quality.
  7. Nothing yet. I have narrowed it down a bit, but not enough to pull the trigger on anything yet. In the running: Stoeger 20g coach gun. Mossberg 500 20g with an 18.5" barrel. Henry .410 lever action carbine. This is all subject to change, and im sure it will.
  8. What's the phone number? I'd like to see if I can find out the status of my permits. It's been much longer than normal.
  9. Thank you all for the great insight. I may have to find a gunshow or two to see what's available. I actually don't mind bluing being worn, dings & scratches in the wood, etc. I actually prefer it. I restore old American axes as a hobby and am fond of the "history" imparted on objects. I purchased a beautiful new Best Made Company axe for $350 last year and it's still sitting in the crate- I'm using a 60 year old Plumb axe instead. Anyone looking to trade an old shotgun for a shiny new axe?! Sounds like I'll be passing on the sxs initially and making it my second purchase down the line. As a point of reference, I have looked at various ARs and found that a Ruger mini 14 feels much better in hand to me. My biggest concern with these guns is that I live in a townhouse with neighbors to either side of me and am wary of overpenetration. That is another reason why I was looking at the 410s/20s. I looked at the cost of shells and am amazed by how expensive the 410 stuff is compared to 20. I plan on getting to the range quite a bit with it and would rather spend the money on time practicing vs just paying for the ammo. keep 'em coming, and again, thanks!
  10. I like the shorter over all length of the gun for weight distribution purposes as well as maneuverability and the simplicity of operation. (There's also the fact that I used to play with my grandfather's old sxs when I was a kid, so I have a predisposition to liking them.) O/U would be an option too so long as I could find one with a shorter barrel. I picked up a mossberg 500 in Dicks and it looked and felt incredibly cheap. It rattled like hell and the forearm and stock wood looked horrible. If I could find an older pump in 20, I'd be interested as well, but it seems all I can find used in the local gun shops are all 12 gauges with long barrels. Ive gotta see if I can rent a shotgun at GSSC the next time I go. I forgot to look at what they had on the rental rack. Im also keeping my eyes peeled on the stuff for sale here on the forums.
  11. I'm looking to purchase a 20g shotgun. Ideally I'd like to find a sxs coach but am open to other options. I'd prefer something older and not expensive as this will be my first shotgun and am not sure if I'll be sticking with a 20 or 410. My wife has a back injury and I'm sure she wouldn't like/be able to handle a 12. I originally started looking for a 410, but most of my research has led me to the 20. It will be used primarily for the range, but if something goes bump in the night, it would be handy to have as a backup. I'd prefer something with wood furniture as it comes across as less intimidating to the missus. She went to the range for the first time a week ago. She was a little overwhelmed by the selection of hand guns, so I started her with a .22 revolver and she handled it quite well. Once she became comfortable, I had her try a .38 revolver and she actually liked that more than the .22. I've got a Smith model 36 on hold until my permits show up, but wanted to put my feelers out there for a long arm. Should I not discredit the 410? Any makes/models I should be on the lookout for? There was a new sxs at the lgs but it was heavy as sin and the quality seemed to be mediocre at best. If anyone has any input on where to start looking, I'd love to hear what you have to say. thanks!
  12. Is this still available?
  13. ...because I never noticed it. Thanks!
  14. Hi all. I've got a Becker BK2 with upgraded Micarta scales, stainless hardware, and a Spec-ops sheath that I am looking to sell. My question is: can it be listed in the classified section? I browsed the 'accessories' listings, but everything seemed to be gun related and I didn't want to put something up that didn't belong there. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  15. I always used my mom's Ontario Old Hickory knives growing up. I loved the wood handles and patina on the steel. My dad spent many a Saturday teaching me how to sharpen them. I was just looking at a set on Amazon to replace a set of Wusthofs with failing handles. My wife now agrees that they should only be hand washed and not run through the dishwasher. Any opinions on the Ontarios?