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  1. Second the Great Divide. Grabbed a site there in the actual divide and found out it was chili cook off weekend. Had a great time.
  2. Thank you. Much appreciated.
  3. Thank you. That means a lot. I have to look into listing them here. If I recall correctly, I tried to list something on here a while ago and I couldn’t for some reason. edit: I just looked it up- premier membership req’d. I couldn’t find how to obtain one back then... now I realize it’s in the store.
  4. I have a Henry pump .22, lever action .410, single shots in .410 and 20g, and the .410 axe. All have worked flawlessly. The side gate on the Axe is great. unfortunately I’m going to have to sell a couple guns to free some money up. My brother had a major stroke a year and a half ago and is in a LTC facility where he now has tested positive for Covid. Expenses are piling up and since I’m out of work I’m selling the .410 lever and .22 pump to free up a little cash.
  5. It fits the Axe perfectly. Both firearms mounted with magnets from Amazon. I don’t know why the photo rotated 90 deg.
  6. I just editing my wording and it was poorly written on my part and I don’t wish to go down the rabbit hole of non-corroborated statements. summary: is the government overreaching? Absolutely! is this guy the shining pillar that I would hitch my wagon to? Never.
  7. I’m interested to see if the gym is in on the “sabotage”. They took PPP money, created a GFM, publicized everything they were doing, and once they opened and didn’t get the response they were looking for, something new popped up. Using a microphone with white supremacist decals is in bad taste. “It’s not mine, I swear!” is an easy alibi but whatever... There are also details out there that the fatal accident he caused was a result of him blowing multiple stop signs and after the accident he stashed drug paraphernalia. It must be nice to have a rich daddy when you fuck up like that.
  8. The weekend schedule has more to do with a lack of ridership. More cars means more crew, more cleaners, more wear and tear, repairs, etc. not to mention the rail yards can only accommodate a maximum number of cars in a train set. The decision to modify the schedule had nothing to do with social distancing. The way I see it, the fail occurred not only when the railroad wasn’t shut down to properly analyze the situation, but also when the front line employees weren’t initially given any guidance or PPE.
  9. Reagan fake news from 1961: The communists are supremely confident of victory. They believe that you and I, under the constant pressure of the Cold War, will one by one give up our democratic traditions and principles and customs. Only temporarily, of course, but only temporarily we will turn to totalitarian tactics and methods just for the purpose of opposing the enemy. And then they cynically believe we will one day awake to find that we have, in adopting these tactics, become so much like the enemy that the causes for conflict have disappeared between us. Three and a half months before his last visit to this country, Nikita Khrushchev said, “We can’t expect the American people to jump from capitalism to communism but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of socialism until one day they will awaken to find they have communism.” [Metcalf] said the statement has been printed on post cards distributed by Coast Federal Savings & Loan Assn. and Poor Richard’s Book Shop, both of Los Angeles, but that the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Library of Congress have all been unable to verify the quotation. Metcalf said such material leads readers “to believe that their President, their senators, their representatives, their judges and local officials are Communist stooges. Thus a lie is used to perpetrate a greater lie.” The Times reported that the president of Coast Federal Savings & Loan, Joe Crail, claimed responsibility for printing the postcards but admitted he couldn’t authenticate the quote and said the campaign had been discontinued for that reason. Similarly, Sen. Morris K. Udall (D-Arizona) recruited the Library of Congress to verify the authenticity of the statement attributed to Khrushchev and shared the results in the 10 May 1962 issue of The New Republic:
  10. Welcome from Freehold. What firearm did you get?
  11. Welcome! I’m right next door in Freehold. If there’s anything I can help with, let me know.
  12. Hello from Monmouth County.
  13. Holy crap... if this isn’t the exact blue print I’ve been inadvertently following. Ha.
  14. Got my email this morning saying the permits are ready. I’m going to call the PD on Monday to confirm. 48 days as of today. 50 for pick up on Monday.
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