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  1. Off the topic here, but for Lalo - how do you like RTSP? Looks like they're the closest range to me.
  2. Thanks for the info. I figured as much, but best to be sure. The reason I'm buying it from the FFL is because it's his own lower he's selling, he has a cool graphic ( ), and he's a friend.
  3. My legal residence is in PA, but we have a house in NJ. If I'm purchasing an 80% lower in NY (from FFL), is it okay for me to have the lower in NJ until I get back to PA? I tried a search online, but couldn't find the info I was looking for.
  4. It's kind of weird to me how NJ laws seem to fly under the radar. Everyone knows how bad DC, NYC and CA are, but you don't hear much about Jersey. Even living next door (NYC for me) for the last 30 years, I wasn't aware that NJ didn't issue cc permits until I started getting more involved in the politics of gun rights - after SAFE act was passed a couple years ago. I didn't realize there were issues with hollow points until I came to this forum to see about bringing one of my handguns from PA to NJ. Maybe he didn't stop to look things up because no one hears anything about this state being one of the "bad" ones. Even a lot of gun-rights people I know haven't heard about the Shaneen Allen case.
  5. The article says he had about an hour to get his truck ready to go. I've been looking at NJ laws for the last three weeks and still have questions. Cut the guy some slack already!
  6. National Review published an article on this. I can't figure out how to cut and past a link, though.
  7. Friend of mine is building a 10/22 with that green and black stock. I'm too new to guns to know what the individual pieces are (aside from the stock, barrel, etc.), but he had a bunch of hardware that was anodized with the green color. Can't wait to see it once it's done. When was the NRA 2015 meeting? I bought an SP101, but that was a few months ago, so it might be time for my kids to get a 10/22. I liked the 50th anniversary one, but my oldest boy likes a traditional wood stock.
  8. I just looked up my district. Looks like I'll be in the 21st, and all voted 'no' on the 10 rd bill, as well as the gun buy-back program. I have a question, though. I noticed that there are two R candidates and two D candidates. The two R's say "bracketed with" then list each other's names. Same for the two D's. What does this mean? Since I'm keeping PA as my primary residency, I won't be able to vote, but my husband will.
  9. Thanks for the answers! Here's my next question. Do I need to formally switch residency to NJ (change driver's license) in order to possess a handgun in my new home? I'd like to keep the PA driver's license, if possible, since it makes any future purchases that much easier. If not, there's always this convoluted way to go about things. From what I understand, PA honors Texas CHL's, and you can get a CHL from Texas without being a resident, OR having a carry license in your home state. PA only issues non-resident if you have a carry from your own state, so if I switch to NJ there goes the PA carry permit. (Side gripe: why can't we refer to a carry permit with the same acronyms no matter where they're issued?!)
  10. Wow, she seems like a gem. Look how many other NJ reps co-sponsored (along with mine in NY). I doubt this will get out of committee, but I wrote to my future rep, Leonard Lance, just to make him aware that he'll have a new constituent that doesn't agree with this b.s. Hmmm.... can't paste the link showing the co-sponsors. www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-bill/2283/cosponsors Here it is typed in.
  11. Just tried to use "quote", but don't see the actual quote above, so forgive me if this doesn't work. As to the Snapple bottle, that's not such a good option for girls. We're keeping the house in PA, but our main residence will go from being in NYC to NJ, so I'm actually moving a step up. Seems really sad that there's a place in America that makes NJ laws look good. I never applied for the premise permit for handguns in the city, because once in, you can't remove them from the 5 boroughs unless you have a hunting authorization card and you're going to upstate NY to hunt. Figured it wasn't worth the hundreds of dollars, when we were looking to move out anyway. I'm still a little confused on the interstate transport deal. I'll probably just leave the 1911 in NJ, rather than take it back and forth, but should figure out the law in any case. Seems to be some disagreement about whether FOPA covers you, or not.
  12. Now I see why, in my introduction, someone asked if it was too late to consider my move to NJ (or is that New Jermany, lol.) So. If I want to bring one of my handguns to the new house in NJ, from the house in PA, I don't need an FID - that only applies to long guns? That seems really weird. And if I'm bringing the 1911, since it doesn't like HP anyway, it looks like I should just leave that ammo in PA?
  13. One of the forum members over at NYFirearms posted about this, so I thought I'd hop over and see what the take on it was. The brief seems very different than what I've become used to reading, and being in NY, I've had the misfortune to read quite a bit. Who knows, though.
  14. Thanks, everyone! We still have the place in PA, and it looks like a 1911 may be migrating to NJ in a bit, or maybe the SP101. I usually order ammo online and have it shipped to PA, but sounds like the ID card still might be a good idea. Long guns will probably stay in PA, but if anyone knows of an indoor pistol range near Berkeley Height, that would be nice.
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