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  1. No thanks. And if that's what's being displayed at gun shows, you wonder why there is a stigma against guns. Big surprise there. Honestly, folks, I came to these forums to learn about the issues and to get more experience around gun owners. As much as I support the right to bear arms and the issues in being able to own fire arms in NJ, some of the interactions I've had on these forums shows me why there are so many out there who are trying to suppress these rights. Change requires more than "because I said so, and because it written down in a 200 year old document". The arguments I've read on these forums from some people are down right shocking. If that's the ammunition used to try to secure the long term health of the 2nd Amendment, well, good luck with that. That's not how politics works, and like it or not, that's what we have to deal with. I fully intend to continue with my fire arm education and learning to be safe around them. Maybe even be a proficient shooter eventually. Some here have REALLY turned me off, though. Good riddance to me, I guess.
  2. Here we go again, someone who is a member of a 2nd Amendment forum, talking about the 1st Amendment with no earthly idea of what the Law of the Land actually says. Well done. You must have missed the part where it is ILLEGAL to sell these items on public land. 1st Amendment not withstanding. Whether you believe it or not, whether you think it is right or not, it's the LAW. You don't need a reason to display anything you want. Of course not, but that's not what this is about. Go ahead and fly that Nazi flag in a synagogue on a Saturday morning. No problem. It's your right because you said so.
  3. No it doesn't. You aren't selling Nazi paraphernalia that were made recently on a table at a market, though, are you? You aren't purchasing Nazi paraphernalia that were made recently, though are you? Do you purchase neo nazi propaganda? Come on, let's actually use our brains in this discussion. You can make up any example you wish about whatever you want to strengthen an argument. You want to have Nazi stuff in your house, I really couldn't care less, to be perfectly honest. Sell those items in an open market, well, that just might stir things up a bit. I would ask you about them, and if you tell me they are heirlooms from killed Nazi soldiers, I think you and I would have a great conversation, as I'm somewhat of a history buff. Sell to promote hate, in a publicly owned market, yep, I would have some problems with that. I'll be part of the problem in that case.
  4. So you don't believe in any kind of censorship of any kind? Please. I love this argument because I don't think you realize just how censored you actually are. Yet, here you are giving me crap because of a difference of opinion. So I'm the problem, because you'd rather censor my views and make sure you're views are the ones that prevail. Can't you see the irony???
  5. The Flea Market was on privately owned property. If the market was on public/city owned land, it actually IS illegal to sell hate items like that. Sorry if my beliefs aren't in line with yours, but that doesn't mean I'm part of the problem. Maybe THAT'S the problem. Settle down, man. I've got no beef with you.
  6. Tell her not to smoke any then!!
  7. Newtonian has invoked Godwin's Law. Sheesh! So you're saying it's okay to sell Nazi paraphernalia? And if we live in this great country, aren't we free to complain about it if we want to? I'm sorry, but why would anyone sell this stuff, other than to propagate hate? Is there any other reason to own Nazi flags and symbols? Unless you're one to do WWII re-enactment like some that do that for the Civil War. If I saw a kiosk selling Swastikas and other Nazi tchotchkes, I think it would make me VERY nervous. Truth be told. we DON'T live in a country where you can openly sell those kinds of things without some level of scrutiny. And that's a bad thing???
  8. I love the USA. Where we can debate such a clearly polarized topic freely and openly. Regardless of my personal feelings on the topic, if the people of SC vote to have the flag removed, so be it. If stores want to remove this item from their shelves, this is the USA and they have no obligation to sell this item if they don't want to. If you want to be able to buy one, I'm sure you can find it for sale somewhere. You are even free to display it if you want. That is a calculated risk you can try out.
  9. I took a look at this site and it is certainly interesting. I find their "facts" a little erroneous. I'm trying to find where a read that the statistic about gun owning citizens preventing 2.4 million crimes a year is a big pile of BS. There is no way that is true, and constantly quoting that on that website makes the other stats seem illegitimate, even if they are true.
  10. Cherry picking at it's finest. Statistics can say anything you want them to say if you dig deep enough. It's also a matter of causality. I had a heart attack and I drink lots of water. Damn it!!! Water causes heart attacks!!!!
  11. How about this: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/335739/facts-about-mass-shootings-john-fund
  12. LOL, wow. One of our offices is around the corner and I stopped in there 2 weeks ago and bought some AWESOME cigars from him. Super nice guy, to boot. Small world!
  13. Some would say you don't need a fire arm to satisfy that argument.
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