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  1. Come on. This is the interwebz. I'd be shocked if every discussion DIDN'T devolve into an argument. That's just the way it goes.
  2. Forgive me, but I have no idea what that means. What does that mean?
  3. No, I don't. And I encourage you to let it go. We can agree to disagree and move on. Shall we? Or do you need to have the last word and be right about everything? Accept...agree...potato...potahtoe...
  4. Dude, you can't be serious. I don't need to read it. My family lived it. Wow. Okay.
  5. The Government infringes on our Constitutional rights all the time. This year especially. And every damn day in NJ concerning the 2nd Amendment.
  6. I'm sorry to say, but if you aren't in support of the Texas Law, it is you who are not for a free market. My family comes from a Communist country. You know what they did there? Inflated prices to the point where it was impossible for the average person to afford "essentials". Which is why there were lines for milk, bread, flour, and toilet paper. They would inflate prices, liquidate the market, and then drop prices again when there wasn't enough for everyone. So if you were at the end of the line, and they ran out, you didn't eat that day. And certain people starved because of it. That's how they controlled the economy. Where do you come from? Don't think that because you think you have an altruistic stance, it is actually altruistic.
  7. Thank you! I'm in South Jersey, but appreciate the offer very much. Thanks for the info! I will start with the SR22. My local range has them to rent. Also getting a 10/22 so my son and I can plink with.
  8. That, sir, is something we can certainly agree upon!!
  9. LOL, you just did what you asked me not to do. Take the example as it is and not slide into another topic. So let's keep on track! I am told this every time I complain about the gun laws in NJ out there in the non-internet world.
  10. Forgive the completely newbie question. And thanks for any information. Would it be reasonable to learn to shoot with proficiency on a 22LR pistol and will those skill transfer readily when switching to a 9mm? Or would just starting out with a 9mm make the most sense? My goal is to become very proficient at hand guns. Basically starting from scratch. Will I learn proper technique, grip, sight picture, etc with the 9mm? Happily I can rent all sorts of hand guns at the ranges around me, but will eventually want to make a purchase. Thoughts?
  11. Raising the price 400% means only a very select population would be able to afford that price. And since it's deemed "essential" are you okay with that? If only the top 5% could afford milk because the price is inflated, would that be cool with you? Because they chose to do business out of TX where doing that is illegal. They should move to a different state if they are unhappy with the Laws in their state. Isn't that what we are told about the gun laws in NJ? Move out!
  12. I think you misunderstood me. I know what the Government does do. My question is, in your opinion, SHOULD they. Because it isn't the Government giving people anything. It's US. The taxpayer. It's not arbitrary at all. It is stated as such by the state officials. It has to be declared. How is that arbitrary?
  13. In general, I agree with what you said. However, the law is specific to times of "emergency". And on that, I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree. So the Government should give people food if they can't afford it? Who is going to pay to feed all these people? I'm not sure I follow your logic.
  14. I don't agree with the Laws here in NJ, but as a civilized society, we agree to adhere to the Laws where we agree to live. If you knowingly and willingly break the Law, you shouldn't get busted? Is that what you're saying? You can certainly argue the 2nd Amendment in court, but you will likely lose. This isn't about just ammo in TX. If you went into a 7-11 in TX and Milk was suddenly $20 a gallon, would you be okay with that? Food, Drink and Ammo are considered "essential" in TX. Rightfully so. Do you want Government protection from price gauging on anything or nothing?
  15. In TX it is considered essential and there are state laws prohibiting gauging in time of "emergency". And also, there is a trickle down effect.
  16. Except state law prohibits price gauging during a time of "emergency". I posted a link to the statute in another thread.
  17. Haha, thanks! I more interesting in becoming proficient at protecting my home and family. Especially in these crazy times.
  18. Thank you, brother! That is very kind!
  19. I joined this page many years ago, but never really was able to get involved in the Firearm community for a huge variety of reasons. About 2 months ago, my son and I got into shooting Archery, so I got him a beginner bow and I got a nice starter compound bow. We started going to Range 129 and Bob's Little Sport Shop to practice and I got the firearm bug again. Now that my kids are older, I have more time to explore. I recently applied for an FID card and once I get it, I'll purchase a 10/22 for my son and I to plink with. My ultimate goal is to get very proficient with a pistol, so I will take a couple of private lessons, and rent a few different pistols, and eventually make a purchase. I feel like I need to protect my family in these crazy times, but am completely disgusted with NJ Gun Laws. To the point where, once my kids are out of the public school system, we will likely move to a more 2A friendly state. Amazing how our 2nd Amendment rights are trampled on every day in this state. And SCOTUS won't help us at all. Sickening.
  20. No thanks. And if that's what's being displayed at gun shows, you wonder why there is a stigma against guns. Big surprise there. Honestly, folks, I came to these forums to learn about the issues and to get more experience around gun owners. As much as I support the right to bear arms and the issues in being able to own fire arms in NJ, some of the interactions I've had on these forums shows me why there are so many out there who are trying to suppress these rights. Change requires more than "because I said so, and because it written down in a 200 year old document". The arguments I've read on these forums from some people are down right shocking. If that's the ammunition used to try to secure the long term health of the 2nd Amendment, well, good luck with that. That's not how politics works, and like it or not, that's what we have to deal with. I fully intend to continue with my fire arm education and learning to be safe around them. Maybe even be a proficient shooter eventually. Some here have REALLY turned me off, though. Good riddance to me, I guess.
  21. Here we go again, someone who is a member of a 2nd Amendment forum, talking about the 1st Amendment with no earthly idea of what the Law of the Land actually says. Well done. You must have missed the part where it is ILLEGAL to sell these items on public land. 1st Amendment not withstanding. Whether you believe it or not, whether you think it is right or not, it's the LAW. You don't need a reason to display anything you want. Of course not, but that's not what this is about. Go ahead and fly that Nazi flag in a synagogue on a Saturday morning. No problem. It's your right because you said so.
  22. No it doesn't. You aren't selling Nazi paraphernalia that were made recently on a table at a market, though, are you? You aren't purchasing Nazi paraphernalia that were made recently, though are you? Do you purchase neo nazi propaganda? Come on, let's actually use our brains in this discussion. You can make up any example you wish about whatever you want to strengthen an argument. You want to have Nazi stuff in your house, I really couldn't care less, to be perfectly honest. Sell those items in an open market, well, that just might stir things up a bit. I would ask you about them, and if you tell me they are heirlooms from killed Nazi soldiers, I think you and I would have a great conversation, as I'm somewhat of a history buff. Sell to promote hate, in a publicly owned market, yep, I would have some problems with that. I'll be part of the problem in that case.
  23. So you don't believe in any kind of censorship of any kind? Please. I love this argument because I don't think you realize just how censored you actually are. Yet, here you are giving me crap because of a difference of opinion. So I'm the problem, because you'd rather censor my views and make sure you're views are the ones that prevail. Can't you see the irony???
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