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  1. Yes, please post the articles supporting the fact that this particular patient's doctors got kickbacks for prescribing this particular patient these meds. I don't expect this type of stuff on this type of forums. It's basically like on other forums that say that anyone who wants to "play with guns" is going to walk into a public place and start shooting people up, so we need more gun control. Yes, some people do illegal things, but not everyone. MOST doctors are ethical, hard working, law abiding citizens. Just like the people here who purchase guns legally and are responsible, law abiding citizens. Right?
  2. You're right. Because you find a couple of article, on the internet, which never has false information, saying that some doctors got illegal kickbacks, it absolutely 100% means all doctors get them, right?? How do you know you're friend isn't "crazy"? You're not a doctor, and your opinion won't hold up in the court of law. Have your friend talk to an attorney.
  3. When there is a Bear Cub around, Momma isn't usually that far behind. Leave it alone or use a blow horn to scare it back into the woods.
  4. Until 8PM. Go get a Roast Pork with Rabe and Sharp Provolone sandwich from Dinic's. Won the "Best Sandwich in America" on the Travel Channel. Best. Sammich.Ever.
  5. OMG Pat's and Gino's both suck. Please don't feed the tourist trap. Go to Reading Terminal Market or China Town to eat and then walk around that area. Within walking distance is The Liberty Bell and historic Olde City and Society Hill.
  6. Yard's Philadelphia Pale Ale.
  7. I'm a huge fan of the bolder Nicaraguan blends. I have a bunch of different cigars in a small humidor. Probably one of my favorites is the Ashton VSG Robusto. Another is the Oliva V Melanio, also robusto. Very smooth. I smoke when I go fly my RC Helicopters at our club field.
  8. Actually, no. Read up on the "Stark Laws". That has been illegal for decades. Thanks for the sweeping generalization. Have there been some who abuse that? Sure there have, just like there are those that abuse many other laws. As to the "they have to report anything over $10 since 2013" that is 100% false. That has nothing to do with "kickbacks". That has to do with Pharm companies paying for trips and dinners. There are honest people out there. As far as whether or not your friend needs those meds or not. That is between him and his doctor, but if he does need them, and doesn't take them, I wouldn't want him in possession of a fire arm. Ever.
  9. Pffft, who drinks Yuengling??? Yard's or local microbrews ftw!
  10. Interesting. So the secretary refused to take in the app unless the illegal document was filled out? I'm very patient and am in absolutely no rush as I have places I can shoot at in PA. If this happens to me, I will certainly take her name and make the appropriate phone calls. Not only is the form illegal (right?) but so is the breach in privacy that is against the law. I wouldn't mind getting a lawyer to write them a letter asking them why they require an illegal form either. From everything I've read, there are legal repercussions if they refuse to process the paperwork because of something the NJ Supreme Court ruled in our favor.
  11. My problem with this is that I don't feel the need to divulge any information without absolutely having to. If it's not legal for them to ask, it's certainly not illegal for me to refuse to tell them. If I run into this situation, I will certainly complain to who I need to complain to.
  12. Great! Thanks. I guess I was more concerned about how to go about "refusing" to fill it out and what I could say to get them to throw the paper out.
  13. Hello everyone, This is my first "real" post here and I'm looking up all the ins and outs of applying for an FID card in Cherry Hill, NJ. I noticed something strange. I know that there are only two forms I am required to fill out by law, but there is an additional form they are asking for. It's called a "CHPD Next of Kin Form" (CHPD Form #288) and according to what I've read, I'm not legally permitted to fill this form out. So can I just refuse to fill it out and if they give me a hard time about call the State Legislature? The other question is that I'm currently a legal resident alien, but it only asks if I am a US Citizen on the form. I obviously have to put "No" on the form, but can they deny me the Card because of this. I've read that as long as I'm in this country legally, I can't be denied the right to get the FID card. Especially with no record or anything like that. Help!!! Thanks.
  14. I've heard of this, too. Dumbest thing I ever heard.
  15. Nice to meet you! I've heard the stories and spoke to a very nice clerk at Bob's Little Gun Shop who gave me a lot of great info. I've also been reading here about it and hope that they don't give me a hard time. If they try to, I'm certainly armed with a lot of good info against their ridiculous requests. For now, I'll have to get the process started.
  16. Just got interested in learning more about Pistols. About to apply for an FID and looking to eventually purchase a Plinker Semi Auto Pistol. Took the 2 hour intro course at Banger's and will likely take the the NRA Intro to Pistols course this fall.
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