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  1. Thanks for the suggestions, which were all GLS. I called Safariland today to get the exact part number. GLS inbound.
  2. I'd like to give 3 gun a try next year. I'm currently on the hunt for a 3 gun holster with active retention, like the Safariland ALS, but they don't make one for my CZ SP01. Does anyone here have a recommendation? Please share what you're using.
  3. I need a barrel reamed out just a little to increase the OAL of a particular load. Does anyone have a recommendation as to where I can trust to have this work done? North Jersey would be preferred, but I can drive down to Central Jersey as well. Thanks, MM
  4. Gus does good work. He has a couple of custom 1911 in his own collection that feel like they're on ball bearings.
  5. I'm not a member at RTSP, but as often as I've been going to shoot there lately, I'm thinking about it. My wife and I enjoy shooting there very much, especially my wife during the colder months. During my last visit, I was told that the rate at which I was shooting would have to be as fast as I could go. I was shooting 6 shot strings at a USPSA paper target. Obviously, I'm not a fan of the "no rapid fire" rule, b/c it's sort of subjective. But I had no problem w/ the RO doing his job. I simply explained that they were all controlled shots, and that was that. I've never witnessed the irresponsible favoritism that started this thread, but it seems like it's been addressed. Cool. MM
  6. Anyone registered or planning to? Please, let me know if you have room in your squad. I'll bring of plenty of snacks. -MM
  7. That # seems to reach a "Diana Hays". Oh well.
  8. Does anyone have their phone number from a previous order? I'm almost done w/ my stash of 147 BBI, and I'd like to try something else. I know Ibeji is an in-state biz, so I thought I'd give them a try, but my pc's virus software won't let me visit their website. Thank you, MM
  9. Thanks for clarifying, Howard. At the risk of sounding redundant, new to Ontelaunee, or new to USPSA my first time shooting ever?
  10. I noticed from the USPSA website that the USPSA matches held at Ontelaunee are held over the weekend of the 4th Sunday of the month, including the preceding Saturday [of the 4th Sunday]. Does that mean that two separate matches are held (one on each day), or is it the same match held over two days w/ one squad shooting on Saturday and another squad on Sunday, or does it mean that it's a single match held over two days and the shooters have to attend both days? Could someone kindly clarify? Thanks, MM
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