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  1. I realize this is a year late, but I see the issue has been identified but the solution was not, so I'm posting for you or anyone else with the same issue. The cause was the buffer retainer coming up too high, it's supposed to live in that groove only contacting the face of the buffer not the bottom of the bolt. The *reason* it's coming up too high is the lower wasn't assembled correctly. When you look at the bottom 1/2 of the threaded end of your receiver extension (buffer tube) you'll notice a "ramp" on the end profile, that "ramp" section is supposed to go over the outer diameter of the buffer retainer enough to hold it down lower where it doesn't contact the bolt (or bolt carrier on non blowback models) To fix this, you need to loosen the castle nut (be careful with the takedown pin detent spring that lives behind the end plate) and thread the tube in another revolution until that "ramp" retains that pin by the tapered shoulder. That buffer retainer shouldn't be able to pop out and get lost in the field during a simple field strip and the way it's assembled it's entirely possible. After that's corrected you should ensure the end plate/castle nut are staked properly so it doesn't loosen and get sloppy. hope this helps someone. My 9mm Troy was the same way, the 5.56 Troy was not, odd but probably a different persons work bench at the factory I suppose.
  2. Thank god I asked!! F THAT MAIL!! It's usually the kids job to check it lol Thank you!
  3. In theory I agree, but employee's could GAF and are probably happy to have less to do. I just visibly laughed and adjusted my pants as if I were carrying even though I wasn't.
  4. Does anyone know if they stopped sending hard copies of PTC's like they did the FID cards? I got my email that I was approved last week, went on the page dl the copy if it, printed a color copy and laminated it, but I thought I'd get one in the mail also, maybe I still will but it's been a week now and everything else being as automated as it is, I thought I'd have it by now. I know that if 10 of us posted our whole journey we'd probably have 5 or 6 different paths/experiences (an example, I'm the 1st one of people I know that didn't get fingerprinted, get restrictions, talk to a judge etc. I also got it way quicker than anyone I know, I get it that most of this was due to the fact I waited so long, just wondering if the hard copy was another change) Anyway as many things that have changed recently and the fact they went all electronic with the FID's it's plausible that I may not be getting a hard copy and will only have what I have. Doesn't matter, just wondering so I can stop hawking the damn mail so closely! Anyone know definitively?
  5. Americas Best (eye glasses store) in Millville has a "Firearms Prohibited" sign on their door right by the handle to open the door.
  6. Salem County, NJSP (Bridgeton barracks)
  7. My NJ one just took 17 days. js
  8. Sheesh the ones I've seen down here have nice aluminum mlok VFG's that look like a pineapple grenade (Troy brand) eta link https://www.opticsplanet.com/troy-industries-socc-vfg-3in-vertical-forward-grips.html .
  9. Thank you, don't know why I couldn't find it.
  10. Trying to find out if this forum is still active or not, the market place is confusing at best. A couple years ago, there was a lot of stuff to browse, now I can't see anything. Don't know if it's because of the low post count, my computer or what the deal is.
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