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  1. Thats simply a request of the host range. It's a Police range and that's what they require. However we are running an open enrollment Vehicular Counter Ambush course at our Princeton location. The class is exactly the same. Hope to see you there, Ryan
  2. ****NEW YEARS SALE**** Servo Group Tactical has their 2018 NJ course schedule up... Jan 1- Jan 5 15% off all Servo classes for 2018 training year. stay lethal... www.servogrouptactical.net
  3. Hello all, My name is Ryan Quirk and I am the owner of Servo Group Tactical. I registered on here some time ago however would like to become an official vendor however am unsure on how to do so. I messaged one individual I was told to contact but it hasn't been read. Just looking for some insight so I can post future courses we are hosting in NJ and PA. thanks in advance, stay safe and hope to see you soon, Ryan CEO Servo Group LLC www.servogrouptactical.net
  4. Yes we as a group like to spend as much time on the range as possible, that's the only way you truly learn... By sending rounds down range. Now with the long range stuff and definitely the Designated Marksman/Observer Course there is a good bit of classroom worked in due to some of the material that needs to be covered; such as ballistics, anatomy, etc. Spreading out training locations is exactly what we will be doing, which is what has led to the lag in operations. As we all know logistics is the biggest hurdle. But don't worry the wait is worth it, you will see once we go live. We have some reviews up on our "About Us" section at the bottom by Law Enforcement officers who have attended our training. We pride ourselves as Marines on attention to detail, leaving no loose ends and making sure every single aspect is meticulously perfected. This mindset has served us well to this point both at home and abroad. Rest assured you will be given a polished "product" so to speak. Stay safe and stay tuned. Dates and locations will be up as soon as we hash out some details on our end. Most of our cadre is still active either in law enforcement, military, or PSD. However as CEO I am on top of everything, and trust me we are just as excited to start instructing as you are to get some good real world training in. Stay safe out there
  5. Golf Battery Yes we will be utilizing ranges close to central jersey. Are you with 3/14? If you are looking for distance shooting then our 3 day Precision Rifle course is right up your alley. It is strictly shooting and ALOT of it. We recommend a bolt gun or a precision built AR platform. You can Email me if you'd like to know more.
  6. John, I am always one open to constructive criticism, thats how an organization best thrives in my opinion. We at Servo Group do not do the typical "heres my resume im better than you so listen". We all have a passion for teaching and it will show shoukd you choose to attend a course. What do you mean when you say our site is lacking enough to put people in our trust? Our instructor bio's are pretty thorough but by no means do they list ALL of our history... Frankly it would be too long, and some of our background is simply not something you would post openly for the world to see. Also the 1500 is a combo deal for 2 separated courses equaling 8 days of intense training. Our Designated Marksman course is the same course we teach to law enforcement snipers, possibly with more operational material due to the LoNg Range Precision Rifle prerequisite. A backround check is also required for non military or law enforcement applicants due to the material covered. But again please elaborate so me or my team can rectify any discrepancies if any. Be safe
  7. Hey guys, my name is Ryan and I am the CEO of Servo Group. I really appreciate the interest in our company, and more importantly the willingness to train. Even at the top levels of weapons handling you must always remain a student in your craft. We are currently working on operating agreements with multiple ranges throughout the state. We will be running either a handgun or carbine level 1 and 2 very shortly. The site will be updated to reflect this as well as posting on here. Any questions you may have please dont hesitate to email me at my company email ryan@servogrouptactical.net.
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