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  1. Hey, thanks man! I've been looking to up my chili game and your post should help a lot...
  2. I gotta say, I'm amazed that some folks report the stuff they do. ADHD? Please. They're worried about nut jobs who've been locked up in straightjackets--not anyone who's ever seen a shrink. I mean, more power to you, but there's no way it would have even occurred to me to report that.
  3. Fresh Direct fan here. Huge time and hassle saver, though admittedly not a money-saver.
  4. It's an excellent place to shoot trap, and seldom crowded. I think the Delaware state shoot was taking place this weekend, so that would account for the crowds. In general, no hassles. Just show up, sign in, and shoot. It's often possible that you'll be shooting a round or two solo depending on who's around, though if you prefer, you can usually jump in with some other folks.
  5. Well, marijuana has indeed been known to make its users paranoid...
  6. The ATF actually spells out what constitutes a user. While I forget all the specifics, smoking within a week or a year, even if prior, would disqualify you. They look to arrests as evidence, so absent a bust on your part, could be hard for them to prove. If they had enough probable cause they might be able to force a piss test. There's already been a case in California. Court held that medical MJ card was disqualifying for firearm purchase as it indicated intent to use. Woman who brought the case argued she hadn't actually smoked pot, just had the medical card. Court didn't care. You're right, though, that this is a big issue, especially in a state like, say, Colorado, where they like their guns and their weed in equal measure.
  7. Those are some fairly radical price drops. Suggests that the market for a luxury range with luxury prices may have been considerably smaller than anticipated. I'm guessing they're struggling.
  8. I did it successfully after a revaluation in our town. We had just bought our house, but they assessed it for much higher than we paid. Since the house was owned by a trust, they disregarded the sale price, arguing that it may not have been an arm's length transaction--which was silly as we did not know the seller. Their comps were demonstrably crazy, too. Comps more in line with what we paid were available and we found them. So we had a fairly decent case. In the end, it came down to a negotiation between us and the tax assessor. He was reasonable, and we reached a compromise agreement. Had we not, it would have gone to a hearing. These outside companies the towns hire to do the revaluations are wack, and have a vested interest in maxing everyone's value out.
  9. The 617 is indeed a ton of fun. Mine's a 6" barrel model and man is it sweet to shoot.
  10. My approach varies, and is still evolving. For shotgun (my main pursuit), it's both eyes open with a small square of scotch tape that prevents my left (dominant) eye from seeing the end of the barrel and forces my brain to cue off my right eye. Works like a charm. For rifle and pistol, I close my left eye and shoot righty, which I've done since I was a kid, and it works ok, though I'm starting to experiment with the tape approach here, too, to preserve peripheral vision. With no tape and both eyes open, especially with pistol, I can't hit squat. Gotta shut off that left eye.
  11. I have first-hand experience shooting .22 in such a basement range. They definitely exist. Underground--figuratively and literally.
  12. Mine was laminated by the detective himself.
  13. This is a very interesting question, and I am curious, too. I think there's an argument to be made, but, like most of this stuff, it'll come down to what a judge thinks. I have a similar situation with respect to my "place of business:" it's a family business, of which I own about 15% outright and am a trustee for a trust that owns most of the rest. I would argue that between those two facts, it is constructively "owned" by me, and therefore I could take a firearm there, but again, who knows? Another wrinkle is that the parking lot has spaces reserved for the individual businesses in the building. I have been wondering whether the reserved parking space itself constitutes land "possessed or controlled" (in this case through a lease) by me and that if therefore keeping a handgun in the trunk while parked there would pass muster. Anyway, the State Police won't have an opinion on any of this, but would rather, I suspect, "arrest 'em all and let the judge sort 'em out." Just interesting questions to think about.
  14. Moreover, while we all understand that they do not write the laws, these are in many cases the people who will arrest you (or not) according to their understanding of the law. It is 100% relevant to ask them "if I stop to grab a burger with a handgun in my trunk, and you discover this, will you arrest me?"
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