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  1. The dealer might not be removing those bracket and bolts when doing break jobs. They remove one of the slider pins holding the caliper, slide out the pads, slide new ones in. As for turning the rotors, they have something that bolts directly to the rotor/lugs while rotors are still on the car and true's them up without removing them, so no need to remove the brackets at that point.
  2. I have this:Transfer Switch on Amazon.com Seems to work well, a little more expensive than the interlock and limits which circuits you can have on standby
  3. I am a new re-loader as well and I just got my first lb of Powder there along with primers.(Purchased un-loaders there as well) Very nice and very helpful staff there, they will answer any questions you have.
  4. Just to follow up with all the great advice given here, I have read all of it and used all of it. I was able to get to the range and make some test shots. Only tested velocity and functionality for the rounds, not tests for accuracy yet. Wanted to make sure they function first. Starting with the CFE-Pistol at 4.8 Grains, then moving up to 4.9, 5.1, 5.3. COL:1.150 Avg Vel: 1085, 1118, 1123, 1138 Picked up all cases and check them all, all looked good, no flattened primers, cases looked good. Even had a friend there who has been loading for a while check them out too. No signs of over pressure. Being that even my lowest loads still made PF, for my next steps, I'm going to work up a few more loads starting at 4.8 and going down to 4.5 and start my checking functionality and accuracy from bench rest.
  5. I'm sorry, the Lee book doesn't have specific data for plated 124gr with CFE Pistol, but it DOES have for Jacketed and Lead The Source for all the data I listed was from the Lee Manual. The load data for 124gr Jacketed matches exactly the Hodgdon load data for Berry's HBRN TP. (I assumed that is where the lee book obtained the data from)
  6. >>1) Have you read the fornt half of the lee manual? Cause it explains a lot well. I have, and it does explain a lot. I just wanted to make sure I had it all straight. >>2) ...just go to the powder manufacturer's load data page and work from there first.. Cool, great advice I forgot to include the Hodgen data for the berry's bullet in my post, but it matches the data in the Lee manual exactly, so I assumed that is where Lee got that data from. >>4) In pistol loads, 1 grain is a lot. I meant 1 grain of bullet weight not powder charge.. 124 grain bullet VS 125 Grain bullet for the load manuals listing of bullets. And the lee manual says, it safe to use heavier bullet data if your bullet is lighter. (To an extent). So is 1 grain of bullet wight a lot? Not sure how much this affects it, but I'm shooting an XD .Mod2 5" Tactical Thanks for all the great info I actually have my own, specially for testing and reloading, Figured it was pretty essential for accurate reloading
  7. Brand new reloader here. I will be loading 9mm, with X-Treme 124gr copper plated round nose bullets and CFE Pistol powder. Bullet Mfg website says "can be run at mid-range jacketed velocities or higher end lead velocities." I only have the lee manual right now, but looking up the starting loads: Book doesn't have load data for CFE Pistol for Plated, but has the following data: 124 gr Jacketed Bullet: Start Grains: 4.9 Velocity: 1006 Min OAL:1.150 125 gr Jacketed Bullet: Start Grains: 4.2 Velocity: 956 Min OAL: 1.069 125 gr Lean Bullet: Start Grains: 4.4 Velocity: 1041 Min OAL: 1.125 So my question is.: I am assuming I can start with any of those loads as long as I match the respective Min OAL? (Only going to load 5 rounds and start my testing there.) The difference in the start grain loads is due to the different OAL's, is that correct? For example, the 125 gr Jacketed has a shorter OAL when compared to the 124 grain data, so bullet is seated deeper, IE: less cartridge volume, creating higher pressures, therefore less powder charge weight for the 125gr data? (Also heavier bullets require less powder, but not sure how much 1 grain affects that) Thanks -Craig Forgot to say: If it matters, my plan was to start with the 124 gr Jacketed Bullet load data
  8. I own the XD Mod.2 5" tactical. Here is the thread I started with mine: Looking at XD Mod.2 Tactical (5") 9mm I shot mine last night actually. I REALLY like this pistol, it fits my hand very well, I have small hands and even thought this doesn't have interchangeable back straps, the grip fits me really well. Build quality is pretty good from what I can tell, gun is solid. The trigger is OK, nothing great, long take up, but kinda crisp break. This can be fixed with a Powder River Precision drop in trigger. Accuracy: This gun is great for me. I shot better with this than my M&P, maybe it's the longer sight radius or the grip, but i have better groups, your mileage may vary. Let me know if you have any questions -Craig
  9. So Finally got to the range with the new targets. I shot with a .22LR S+W Victory and a 9mm Full size. Then used a friends .45 1911 for a few shots Overall impression: These things are AWESOME !!! compared to shooting paper or Splatter targets!! I may never shoot paper again, maybe to warm up a little or sight in a gun, but that's it I have the 6" and the 4" Hang Tuffs, we where shooting from 10 Meters (About 33 Feet). Reactivity: The 4" moves more than the 6" (Obviously.. 6" is heavier, the 8" my buddy had, moved even less but still wiggled with the .22) With both .22 and 9mm the 4" really swung around, and the 6" moved pretty well too.. MORE than enough to tell you hit it very easily. The .45 moved the targets more, but not crazy. Durability: Put about 100 rounds into the 6" and yeah it has these grayish/black marks and small/tiny holes where the bullets entered, exit holes looked like pin holes, but they held up awesome. These will last a pretty long time. The .45 definitely showed more damage then the 9mm, and I assume would shorten the life of the target. Usability: I loved these things!! The instant feedback of if you hit a 4" or 6" circle over and over again is awesome! With splatter targets, you actually have to focus on the target to see you hit it (My eyes are starting to go). Then, which splatter hit was the last one? Was it the one inside the 4" ring or outside?. At that point you lost the feedback loop your brain builds for good shot placement / practice. With these, you see that thing flip around / jiggle you know you had a good shot. I was doing punch out, one shot drills from high ready, and knew each time if I hit what I was aiming for immediately. That to me, is very important feedback. I also had my two targets next to each other, so I would transition from the 4" to the 6" to practice follow up shots. Anyway.. These things are a TON of fun, They will be my go to targets and makes range time more fun and productive. Let me know if you have any questions. -Craig
  10. Did you use the special Caliper Lube / Brake Lube... It's special High temp lube that can withstand the temps generated by the brakes. Normal lubes break down quickly and then the calipers don't slide on the guide pins properly.
  11. I'll have to report back, I'll be using my 9mm with them. I have used the "Poppers" once at a match, but this is the first time I will use the hanging "Gong" types. I'm more interested in the movement "Feedback" you get for proper hits during practice. I got the 6" and the 4".. the larger 8" is for a friend. The 4" seems small, but it is the new 2017 IDPA Down zero size for head area on the targets.
  12. Hey all, Just thought I would throw this out there. Just picked these up yesterday for hopefully better practice time at the range. They look pretty cool and I can't wait to try them out: Does anyone else have/use these types of "self healing" targets for range practice?
  13. Well I finally got to the range with the new XD. I didn't really do any REAL testing with it, more of playing for the first time out. My plan is next time I will bench rest it and check accuracy and grouping. But for now.. .I REALLY REALLY like this pistol! The new Grip Zone Ad on the grip is kinda corny, but man does it fit my hand well. I have small hands (Add comments here..) and with the XD, the trigger reach is MUCH shorter than other pistols I have shot, which helps a ton. For just playing around and quick group checks it shot awesome for me. Stock trigger take up is LONG but break is OK, will have to see after things break in a little. I dare say, I am doing better with it already than my M&P 4.25" with the APEX trigger in it, but more time needed for a better conclusion. Overall very happy with the purchase. but I am sure I also would have been happy with any of my other choices. Let me know if anyone has questions they might want to know about it. -Craig
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