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  1. Saw this, pretty neat. Anyone have this please post pics https://manticorearms.com/shop-by-rifle/x95-tavor-products/x95-cantilever-forend
  2. If you want to give away your paperweight I'll take it
  3. Ya was just about to post this. I will definitely be getting membership then. Good to hear the RO are nice.
  4. Look for a guy name Ian. Best friendly guy in there. The short tan stocky guy has a bit of an ego, I avoid him even though he pretty much ignores everyone unless they come up to him. Great store tho with great selection. Nice looking range, have yet to shoot in there. Parts could use some restocking.
  5. So you went to DE Cabelas, went to get a .22 air rifle rather than .177, and they carded you, saw NJ resident and declined sale?
  6. New homeowner and am considering Solar Energy. Anyone here have experience with them? I have zero education, if anyone could educate me or point me to the right direction to learn about it and my options. Also saw this on my newsfeed on FB, is there any truth to this or is it fake news: http://blog.free-solarenergyquotes.com/SLR_53_US-Switching-to-Solar.php
  7. Or would this be the time to purchase them before they become illegal? Would NJ really make a piece of metal illegal?
  8. New grip installed and some magpul furniture.
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