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  1. BHTC 2 DAY INITIAL/INTERMEDIATE PRECISION RIFLE AUG 18-19 This is a full precision rifle course that encompasses all aspects of precision shooting from a supported position. Ballistics, trajectory, fitment, position, basic rifle marksmanship, range estimation and everything else you need to learn to "fish for yourself" with long range shooting. Includes full darkness night fire with illuminated targets. REGISTRATION: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1F...s_I0w/viewform Cost is $450 course fee. Here is a breakdown of what the course is like: http://www.bhtcorps.com/?page_id=183 If you want reviews, just ask here publicly. We are well known on the Eastern Seaboard. Any questions, please email us. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BHTC 2 DAY ADVANCED PRECISION RIFLE, SEPT 22-23 The Advanced Precision Rifle Course is open to prior students of BHTC, or students who have taken professional long range shooting instruction with a trainer or company that we respect (there are quite a few, just ask), or have a credible amount of documented competition experience. The Advanced Precision Rifle course delivers on its title. Instruction is given on numerous advanced concepts such as unsupported shooting, unorthodox support positions, tripod, shooting sticks, sling setup and use, and numerous other challenges that a precision shooter faces. If you are a competitor in long range competitions seeking to improve your standings, you will enjoy this course as well. The final exam for this course is...... challenging. You'll also be shooting in the dark with this course. Course fee is $450 An AAR by one of our students is available here: http://www.bhtcorps.com/?page_id=296 If you want some reviews, please just post publicly here. We are well known on the Eastern Seaboard for rifle training. REGISTRATION: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1F...cIT5A/viewform
  2. Hi, Hello from Black Hat Training Corps, BHTC (http://bhtcorps.com). We have opened up our RECCE/DMR course for registration. This is an and/or course. You can bring rifles set up for either task and shoot them both if you wish. 30 second elevator description: -- This is a high round count, long distance rifle course that focuses on practical employment of the AR platform rifle with magnified optics either 10+(DMR), or the 1-4 or 1-6 range (RECCE) out to the furthest possible distance. Both you and your platform will be pushed to their limits. We recommend 200-250 rounds for each class of rifle you bring. Bring more == shoot more. -- If you don't know about us, feel free to ask openly here, on snipershide.com, pafoa.org or the njgunforums. Full Info and registration: http://www.bhtcorps.com/?page_id=518 CONCEPTS OF INSTRUCTION: DMR/SDM Definition, Role, and capabilities Evolution and Demand of the DMR and RECCE platforms, and how it differs from other roles A look at different and useful ways to configure both platforms Ballistics, Trajectory Review on range estimation Practical Alternative zeroing techniques SBU prone engagements Significant amount of Reticle work Multiple target engagement techniques Distances for course shots are 100 to 800Y, with available targets to 1040Y if you want to go after them Working with non-traditional support Shooting from hasty positions Some work on traditional unsupported positions Full darkness night fire (green laser designator illuminated targets, no NV or suppressor required) Scenario based final exam with pass or fail elements
  3. It's not a course, it's individual training. We work on what you want to accomplish, as long as it makes sense and is do-able. I shoot a gun in that same platform almost exclusively in competition so I'd definitely be able to help you out with that.
  4. I'm sorry about that but it's not a rule that we imposed on ourselves. We'd love to have you aboard team 'Murica anyhow.
  5. Vlad - Each match will open for registration about a month beforehand. Cost will likely be $30 for guests and $20 for shooters who are members of the hosting club. If the match isn't booked up, we will let shooters bring a gun for each class and charge like ten bucks extra to shoot the second gun. Here's what University looks like. This was one of two matches I ran there last year as a trial for this same model. We are not doing pistol stages this year because they literally took half the day. http://www.robingilmore.com/URC/URC-1.m4v The RECCE class is going to be the hot one this year I think. It's predicated upon being required to engage targets at distance with a rather ordinary fighting rifle. With any rifle capable of 2MOA accuracy (most all AR's are), you can absolutely be competitive in this division. No match grade ammo or barrels required. I'm shooting a green mountain barrel with bulk 62gr bullets. NJ guys don't have to worry about magazine capacity. Our friends at Lancer love to show up and throw some daily loaners around.
  6. The series will consist of five matches between University Rifle Club and New Holland Rifle and Pistol Club. The dates will be as follows: Sunday April 9 - University Sunday May 21 - University Saturday June 3rd - New Holland (awaiting club approval) Saturday July 1 - New Holland (awaiting club approval) Sunday, August 13 - University Venues: These are both excellent venues for this kind of match. New Holland Rifle and Pistol Club, 589 Meetinghouse Rd, Gap PA Steel targets from 200Y to 700Y Pit targets from 100 to 600Y Freddy's take: Huge Pit area that is 65 yards wide. Expect lots of pop ups, fast movers especially at 300/400Y, and a lot of exploitation of the further distances available. Stages here will probably tend to focus on accuracy demand, distance, and the ability to spot your targets and get on them quickly. In other words, more target-dynamic. ... University Rifle Club, 550 Schoffers Road, Exeter Township PA Steel targets from 100Y to 600Y Pit targets from 100Y to 300Y Freddy's take: This place is PROP CITY. They have a 20 foot shooter's tower, a giant rooftop simulator, a huge shooters "Wall" being built, a 180# jiu jitsu/drag dummy, and a field-target environment that permits unknown/intermediate distance targets. Stages here will be more prop focused and more shooter-dynamic. The series will allow competition between two classes of rifles defined as: DMR: A DMR has an optic capable of greater than 6x. A DMR has a bipod attached to the rifle. RECCE: A RECCE class rifle has an optic that is not capable of more than 6x. A RECCE rifle has no bipod, grip pod or other front support device. BOLT: You are welcome to try, but this match will favor semi-autos in stage design. For series points you class up with DMR shooters. Either rifle may be in any short action caliber, have any length of barrel, any muzzle device, and may or may not use a sound suppressor. Either rifle may fire any type of ammo except for AP (M855 variants included). Courses of Fire: Courses of fire and round count will be the same for each class, but the target presentation will vary. Example: Barricade stage: Target: Steel at 400Y 10 rounds, 10 points per hit within 70 seconds, two rounds fired from each of five positions DMR shooters will engage the 8" round target at 400Y, and RECCE shooters will engage the fullsize IPSC silhouette. Courses of fire will be published to all registered shooters before the match date. Series Scoring: Classes are scored separately from each other. This is really two series in one. Each match will result in series points being accrued. The match winner gets 100 points and automatically qualifies into the finals (which are invitation only). The other shooters earn their percentage of the top shooter's score. So if Frank shot a 200 and you shot a 180, 180/200=.9. Frank earned 100 series points, and you earned 90. A shooter may compete in both classes. If time/attendance permits, at each match, we will allow shooters to fire in both classes in one day for a reduced fee for the second gun. The final series score shall be the shooter's best three series points awards accrued across two clubs in each class. Stage Scoring: (I want your comments on this especially) Stages will be run on a combination of scoring models: Points accrual on par time: You have 60 seconds, and every hit on the correct target earns 10 points. Raw time converted into points:Stage percentage Time subtraction from points Prizes: The finals will have what we hope will be a very robust prize table. We have already had discussions with major vendors whose names you will definitely know. Match Directors: So far, I'm the only one, but there are positions open and I'd love a break. If you would like to take one of the matches on and are familiar with the type of stages that DMR/RECCE shooters enjoy, please volunteer. I will help you out in terms of designing the match with time/motion in mind. Match directors will compete in the series. Match directors will not be eligible for prizes by finish order. I do this for fun and am not taking any prizes. Please feel free to comment, discuss, or otherwise rail.
  7. Thanks for the shout out Eric! The advice you are providing here is spot on. Our dates are up for 2017 for the I/I course, advanced and DMR/RECCE. We don't do a whole lot of individual/private training but we are booking April 23rd as one. Distance will be out to 700Y. At this point there are a couple slots open. It will be five tops with two instructors.
  8. Just a FYI, We do have a few spots left in this course. /bhtc
  9. I found this kind of by accident. I'm Freddy from bhtc. Here's an AAR I wrote up from our latest class with videos, pics, and loads of data that will give you an overview of our approach to teaching long range precision rifle shooting. I know there are at least five shooters here on this forum who have taken a course with us. Some of them multiple. http://www.bhtcorps.com/?page_id=535 There are other AAR's on our site as well. There are some spots left open in that DMR course right now. We also have a PCC/PDW course open. In this business reputation is everything, and I am proud to say ours is top notch. Ask about us in the open on snipershide.com and you will see for yourself. We don't just train, we shoot. A lot. We also well known in the long range competition community with an unfair share of wins and high finishes, and we also run local and series matches as well.
  10. Hi, Just a heads up about a new course we are running that is focused on the PCC/PDW platform. With the release of the Sig MPX, the CZ Skorpion EVO and many others, the Submachinegun and it's semi-auto counterpart are experiencing a renaissance. They join 9mm AR15 platforms, MP5 type guns, and other more historical and even radical designs that are out there. There is a lot of space to explore in between where a pistol leaves off and a rifle cartridge becomes necessary. The SMG used to own this space wholesale, but it fell out of favor years ago in favor of just leaping right to a rifle. Now it is swinging back the other way. Now that these guns are booming in popularity, it's time to take a fresh look at the tactics and techniques that let these guns own that space for so long, and highlight why they are taking a portion of that space back. Those that have trained with us in Kalashnikov, DMR or long range precision rifle know that we appreciate the specifics. This won't be the same AR drills shot with a pistol caliber gun. It's a different gun, but it's also in a different space with a different set of capabilities. We will put the PDW/PCC platform to hard work with traditional and well proven SMG tactics and technique, but with focus on tailoring them to maximum effect with a semi auto. The course is a new offering for us, so it is priced well below average. It will be a great two days of training. Full info: http://www.bhtcorps.com/?page_id=518
  11. That's awesome that you got right out there and started working on it while it's all still fresh. You can do this at your local range. Fold a piece of paper randomly and staple it up at known distance. Then MIL (or MOA) it. Running the formula backwards M is MIL or MOA reading here: Distance * M / Coefficient So for a piece of paper at MOA that you read as 7 MOA tall: 100 x 7 / 95.5 = 7.3 For MILS: 100 x 2.1 / 27.778 = 7.5 This allows you to work on the accuracy of your milling without having access to actual distance. You'll see this exercise in competitions all the time. Your estimates need to be within 15% all the time, and should be within 10% almost all of the time.
  12. Here are some pics from the fitment portion, where the staff is reviewing each of the students on the fine detail of alignment, right hand and trigger position.
  13. Thanks to Iggy and OBRC for hosting us! This is the second time we've ran this and it was very successful, with loads of people remarking how much they got out of it. It was very helpful to have a custom rifle builder like Mike there to explain and demonstrate what goes into making a long range precision rifle shoot accurately. Golf - you can email me at bhtcorps AT gmail. That goes for anyone who attended who has follow up questions, wants comparative advice on purchases, caliber choices... anything at all.
  14. I totally see where there might be a question about our name. In fact we did have a former Army sniper/Airborne guy working with us many years ago that always referred to us, the instructors as "black hats." Not to mention the hat I wore all the time was in fact black. The name just sort of chose us more than we chose it. Our bios and real names are on the website, unlike a lot of training companies. Further - We are well known in the long range and DMR type sniper competition community, so it's very easy to come assess our ability to practice the craft ourselves. In terms of our ability to teach, I point out that our current and former students are also busy killing it, securing their unfair share of wins and high finishes in sniper comps across the Eastern seaboard.
  15. FYI, I am going to be running one in February. Location TBD.
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