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  1. I would return the items in the trunk immediately. The police might be interested in the "airsoft pistol with a silencer, two black ski masks, several rolls of duct tape" that were left behind. In case some one is doing a background check on me. The above is a joke. Mr Murphy, I am not endangering anyone or myself so leave me alone.
  2. https://www.shopjfi.com/industrial-supplies/targets.html Is a better link to Fazzio's site for targets
  3. You would be better off trying to follow the blockchain technology companies, that is where the value is to investors. The development, management and deployment of this service to existing companies could be the next big wave. It's still kind of hard for me to follow so I wont invest yet.
  4. The .22 conversion for my sig p226 takes 14.85 seconds to switch from a last fired 9mm to first fired 22. Sorry you just gave me a reason to time it, I cant speak for other conversions but on the p226 if you find a way to damage it, you probably shouldn't be handling firearms. There really is nothing to damage. I also have a buckmark. At the range I always bring both pistols and the conversion. By no means is does shooting the converted .22 replace practice with the 9mm. I just like the options the kits give you. Some pistols frames offer more than 1 caliber switch. Just look into what the extra magazines are going to cost.
  5. In its raw form its Taylor Ham Once used its pork roll When ordering a sandwich "pork roll, egg and cheese" never fails.
  6. I was at a meeting where they briefly mentioned a company, Magic Leap which is doing this technology (its a startup). For the real time effect this is viewed through glasses. Kind of like a floating image with a transparent background / lenses. In this video the audience did not see the whale "live", they were "in on the promotion video" where the whale was added afterwards. With the glasses you would see it but if you were looking at the ceiling guess where the whale jumped out of.
  7. I have a low count of posts, I'm more of a reader and searcher than someone to post about "pork roll". All the newbie questions with replies are what people read and if there are a few threads with the same answers then you know your heading in the right direction. But people should search before asking
  8. Video guy was more concerned about making sure things were ready for social media than to call the police. He was most likely recording with his phone. You have to wonder if by placing HIS own cones immediately after the peak of the hill make him more responsible. People were hitting their brakes when they suddenly saw his cones. The cones by the truck could have been spread out more, but you do tend notice a truck and cones in the road if your looking ahead. Most people were just drive to fast for the road conditions.
  9. I've been happy with SGammo and TargetsportsUSA. I like that the label for TargetsportsUSA only says TS-USA and the box only has a small sticker with orm-d, otherwise no indication on what is in the package.
  10. The Sig M11-A1 was a great choice. I'd consider picking up something in .22. When I go to the range I bring both a 9mm and a 22. It's easier on the wallet and adds a little variety to it. Then again I rented just about every 9mm at RTSP a few times before I picked my mk25. Just do the same with the 45 if your set on it.
  11. voted no more regulations needed it's at 63.9%
  12. 8-seconds of silence does not accidentally get inserted while editing.
  13. My MK25 has 8 front 6 rear purchased new, less than 12 mo ago.
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