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  1. Congrats to Jersey native Martin Truex Jr. for winning today!!! Enjoy $1 shipping at Cabelas ...No Mimimum. Use Code: MartinWins at checkout
  2. Palmetto Freedom Keymod upper w Anderson Lower
  3. http://www.midwayusa.com/product/159323/vortex-optics-spitfire-prism-sight-32mm-1x-drt-reticle-matte $165 shipped w $15 coupon code...today only.
  4. Strikefire is reflex, spitfire is prism. I wish I knew about the difference before I bought my Strikefire II as my astigmatism makes the red dot in my Strikefire look like a lightning bolt.
  5. http://www.midwayusa.com/product/159323/vortex-optics-spitfire-prism-sight-32mm-1x-drt-reticle-matte
  6. I like the Strike industries J-comp but not sure if it's NJ friendly as it looks a lot like an A2 type birdcage FH. Anyone know for sure? It's only around $30 and rates pretty well in tests.
  7. Just bought this upper kit from PSA yesterday. http://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-16-mid-length-5-56-nato-1-7-melonite-11-lightweight-moe-freedom-rifle-kit.html I'm going to buy an Anderson lower from Steve after I make it NJ compliant.
  8. Thanks for all the info, lots to learn about the AR platform. Today I spent an hour just learning about the difference between a flash hider, compensator and muzzle brake.
  9. Hi all, I'm building my first AR and wanted to keep it below $500 as I don't plan on putting thousands of rounds through it and won't be shooting past 200 yds. I was looking at the following two kits that you just have to add a bare lower to and would like opinions, good bad and ugly about both. Yes, I know they will need compliance work to make them NJ friendly. Also if there are better choices out there for around the same price point then let me know as well. Thanks!! http://www.midwayusa.com/product/108623/ar-stoner-carbine-kit-ar-15-556x45mm-nato-1-in-9-twist-16-barrel http://palmettostatearmory.com/ptac-16-1-7-m4-rifle-kit.html
  10. If you still need one, I have a Fluke Model 95 Scopemeter and I also live in Jackson. You are more than welcome to borrow it for as long as you need it. Just PM me.
  11. Anyone remember the billboard on Route 80 as you crossed the Delaware into PA? It read Pennsylvania- "America Starts Here" I'm starting to believe it more and more every year.
  12. Hi All, My wife and I recently applied for our FIDs and P2P permits(2 each) about a month ago and from what I was told by the clerk, shouldn't expect them before Valentine's Day... We will be taking a basic pistol course in the next month or two and are eagerly awaiting purchasing our first handguns. My wife has never fired a handgun but can't wait to start, I have range fired a few of my father's guns with him(ruger MKII, Mauser 9mm Luger reissue and 38 revolver), he's a WWII vet and still loves to shoot. My wife and I will be adopting the "try before buy" philosophy so we'll feel as comfortable shooting as well as holding them...go figure. The front runners for my wife are the Ruger SR22, Beretta 92fs inox(heavy but she loves the feel and says the gun looks sexy). For me, I love the H&K VP9, M&P shield 9mm and several others. I'm also looking at getting an entry level Ar15, maybe a DPMS Oracle?? Any thoughts, suggestions or comment are always appreciated. Anyway, hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
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