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  1. ok guys so I just finished buying all the parts to build my first AR, however I do not know how to put all the parts together. I'm looking for someone who can professionally help me put the gun together, I am obviously willing to pay. I would go to shop but I really want to learn how to put it together. I have spent a good amount of money and so I am looking for someone who has experience building. I live in North Jersey, area code 07022. I willing to travel thats not a problem for me! AR223 - 18inch barrel looking for accuracy!
  2. So I finally got the chance to finish my ultimate AR build, the last thing I need is a gas system. My question now is who makes the BEST one? Also what length should I get it having a 18inch barrel 1.8 twist. Keep in mind I'm only looking for accuracy. Quality is very important for me! this is my hand guard. http://www.seekinsprecision.com/product/handguards/sp3rv3-mod-rail-16.html
  3. Thanks, it makes a lot of sense. If I decide to go with the D/I what would be the best kit? Remember I do not have anything except for the barrel. Can you guys please let me know exactly what I need and possible links so I can check them out! Feel free to send me a PM Thanks
  4. to be honest i just feel like the gun gets way to dirty. feel free to school me on this topic . do you think it makes a big difference in accuracy ?
  5. hello guys , so i finally decided to finish building my ar. i have about $1800 in already. I am trying to built the best ar I can possibly built. the only thing i am missing is the gas piston kit and a parts kit. who do think makes the BEST gas piston kit { im not rich but, i dont really care about how much its at this point }. 20 inch barrel. looking for accuracy but i refuse to go with a DI. any link will be appreciated.
  6. anything yet ? im dying to know about it
  7. I brought my Dillon 650XL over a year ago and I have yet to use it, it is about 90% - 95% completely built. The problem is I am stuck in the final stages, I would like to pay someone to help me finish building it so I can finally start using it! I am willing to travel or if you would like to come to me that is also great, I am located in North Jersey. I will be reloading a 308. Please let me know if you are seriously interested, thank you very much!! PM me if your interested!!
  8. Hey how u doing man. Ionly order the barrel and the lower for the 308 , but i stop there for now $$$ lol. But im trying to finish the 223 before. You were totally right about the 308 prices lol.i just wanted to make sure i had the lower before November 8 lol. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
  9. Clearly YOU must be the one with the reading comprehension problem. It does not say it is ONLY compatible with those rails, which is why I asked the question. People come here to informed and share information, not deal with sarcastic pricks like you! Next time just keep it moving and don't waste anyones time.
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