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  1. Oh for some reason I thought I saw a Delaware address. Pennsville isn't very far from me.
  2. Thanks for letting us know! I never considered shooting in DE but clearly I'm missing out!
  3. I'd really like to get out there and meet you guys, we just had another baby so I've been tied up with 2 little ones under a year and a half
  4. If you read my initial comments I said I am new to AR 15s and maybe I'm lookin for too much for what my build/price intention was. I now know I can build a lower and have different uppers. If I want a 600 yard ss barrel I can buy one and set it aside for those times I want to shoot that distance. More than likely I will end up building a decent firearm that I can put a nice upper on it when I have more cash. At the same time I'm not in a race to finish this because I have plenty of firearms including one that will out shoot the range I belong to currently. I've never built a rifle before and am looking to you guys to give me the most genuine input to steer me in the right direction and to clarify if my intentions are pipe dreams or reality. Constructive input is appreciated because I'd rather learn here first than after I buy the parts... Where I am currently at in this project is building the lower. I am picking up an Anderson stripped lower tomorrow and using the trigger kit listed in the thread. Do you have any suggestions on what may help me in the current stage of my build? Also, if it costs me more than 600$ I'm ok with it it just will take me longer to fund the build. The reason I said 600$ was there are plenty of rifles out there to buy for around that price range and I figured I could stretch my $ if I built it myself and I will prevent having a box of useless parts if I bought a new one and upgraded it.
  5. That's unfortunate if that is the scernaio. The guy was motivated to try and make a change and his experiance ended up sour? I could understand exhausting your enthusiasm with the politicians and these reduliculious laws were up against but you would think that we all want the same in the end so we need to support each other to progress our initial motives for being here. No matter what I give the guy a lot of respect for following thru with his conviction to make a change for us in NJ. I'll have to check out that thread to see how it all worked out.
  6. Merry Christmas gentlemen!
  7. I posted this to get a few laughs around the table. Hopefully you will as well if you play it
  8. I guess from Philadelphia then. There was a big story on it. This one wawa was selling out of ciggs because of it. And us nj people go to delaware
  9. Gotta give the guy credit. He did what we all think about doing. One man started a movement in NJ to stand up to the most corrupt politicians in the country. Good for him!
  10. All these laws will just make everything like the illegal drug market. Unregulated, criminal ran and easily obtainable. When will they ever learn?
  11. See what happend in PA with cigarettes was everyone was coming to nj to buy cartons of ciggs. What will prevent them from doing the same with ammo?
  12. Is frank still active on the forum or is he more tied up with nj2as? I see he last posted in the summer. Do we know if he frequents here anymore?
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