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  1. Well isn't he supposed to represent the NRA for nj? I've been told he's answered questions regarding 2a issues without payment before. Obviously if you want him to take your case then expect to pay
  2. Then we need to take this incentive and passion we have and vote out these pos who infringe on our constitutional rights!
  3. Maybe we can reach out to Evan Knappen? I hear he's one of the best 2a lawyers we got
  4. How many of us would give up our firearms if it did become reality? Lots of people say they wouldn't but... Really
  5. Class went well! 175$ for NRA safety course plus the non-resident fl ccw app. The instructors were great! We shot 4 pistols and had an absolute blast. What was also nice was it was their own private shooting range! Really a great class and highly recommended. Instructor name is Guy from ladylibertyllc out of Atlantic city. We did the class and shoot in Buena.
  6. Not looking for names! I respect people's right to privacy. I'm just looking in #s and reasons qualified. Clearly there has to be similarities among those issued. For instance. Out of the 450 issued this year, how many retired Leo, how many for self defense of a known threat, how many padded the pockets of a judge and so on...
  7. Yes I did hear that. I took a NRA pistol course Sunday and the instructor said it was 450ish issued. Would love to find out what qualified them to issue the permit and what makes their lives any more important than mine or my families.
  8. Ok well that's unfortunate. And professions that can carry are what?
  9. Obviously we know it's next to impossible for us average citizens to get the ccw approval. Clearly there are some here in NJ who have been approved. Is there a database of instances where it was approved? Just curious to see why people were approved over others.
  10. Hahaha wtf! this thread took a hard left!
  11. What lb pull does it bring the trigger to?
  12. Ah figures. Well the amount of $ spent on the ammo wasted could go into good parts!
  13. While browsing for AR 15 parts I came across a "bump fire" stock. Are they legal in NJ? Can't imagine they would be but they look like a ton of fun!
  14. Well Johnny you have Def laid some knowledge on me! So... Instead of a complete lower, where can I find a stripped lower??!
  15. I figure this will get me started! Now I just gotta find a local lower to start with!
  16. http://algdefense.com/complete-lower-parts-kit-with-act-trigger.html this guy here?
  17. I completely agree with ya on the pinned stock comment, along with all of these pointless nj compliment laws. Ok so say I pick up a lower this week. Do you have a suggestion of what brand or how much I should plan on spending on the lower? Also, aluminum or composite? I'm leaning twords aluminum. I'm just a metal kind of guy and really don't trust composite to hold up. Also what makes the better triggers so expensive? Can you not adjust a stock trigger to have a better pull? I mean 250$ for a trigger setup is a lot. So. Here's what I've gathered so far. Pick up a lower and parts kit. Find a good barrel/upper and basically build around the barrel but lowers are basically interchangeable with w.e upper as long as it's made for the caliber ya Wana shoot.
  18. Damn it NJ! There is always a catch to everything!! Nothing is simple. So any stock I buy is gonna have to be pinned first? How do you know the length you want it? I assume the barrel works the same way then. So an upper needs to be compliment with nj too. The only difference between nj and cali compliment is the mag release right?
  19. http://palmettostatearmory.com/catalog/product/view/id/2417/ http://palmettostatearmory.com/catalog/product/view/id/15588/
  20. Very cool I gotta setup PayPal but I'll jump right on it! Thanks for Makin those!
  21. Lalo emailed me the targets, pm me with your email and I'll send the copy! I havnt been to USANA since last Sunday! I wish I would've saw em!!!!
  22. We don't have a gun registry so how would they know what guns you own?
  23. One of my locals have DPMS stripped lowers for almost 120$ I felt that was way too high. I guess I'll call around tomorrow and try to locate one. I also see a lot of guys milling out 80% lowers, looks like it's a lot of work and ya gotta buy the jigs. Combination of the two it's prob more than those DPMS lowers... Also found some on palmetto that have the stock and trigger assembly installed... About 175$.. It's hard to decide what route to go but you guys are helping me a lot!!
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