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  1. To respond to hunter if you don't see why this forum so great just by reading this thread then unfortunately your missing out on these great people that belong to it. Just browse the difference topics and you will see how knowledgeable and considerate the members are. Yea Lalo that works Bro. Scorpio are you poking the monkey again?! Lol
  2. How can I get some of these targets and cards to hand out
  3. Takin a trip to the range tomorrow! Wishing I printed out some of those targets!!!!
  4. Not saying this is a good idea but.. Marijuana has been illegal for years and so many people are locked up because of possession or distribution. Now Marijuana is prescribed in NJ and possibly legal in the near future. Wouldn't it work the same way with firearms? Not saying we should all illegally carry but there has to be a point where they realize that they lost and end up making it legal right? I know it's far fetched.. I don't recall so many stories of people from PA coming to nj carrying and doing time until a few years ago. Idk
  5. Yeah that's Strange why would they need that
  6. I gotta get over and check it out one day. Hopefully they have a guest pass or something. How much is membership over there
  7. Yeah Scorpio I love the show us what ya got part! Poor Lalo! He's gotta keep updating the targets! I guess they say Rome wasn't built in a day! I'm giving everyone +1 who has contributed in the final product. You guys are awesome and I'm ecstatic that I joined this forum. The community here is phenomenal! This is the main reason why I started this topic, I want to share this with all firearm owners and network with more good people like yourselves! Most definitely once we get it all worked out I believe the targets should be posted in its own thread! We can Def get a mod to make one for the cause! I would be thrilled to chip in some $ for some prizes if you guys wanted to give away prizes. Or.. We could make stickers that say I had top target in NJGF! Somethin like that. Keep it up guys!
  8. Anyone know anything about national reciprocity? LGS employee is making it out like it's gonna happen soon. I just can't imagine it will while obummer is in office.
  9. I agree. I feel the same when my neighbors see me unloading a bunch of firearms when I come home from the range or separating all my range pickup on the tailgate of my truck
  10. I Completely get what your saying about your neighbors. That's great! You know way more about your neighbors than I do. I'm just saying in a situation of high alert, days after the trade towers were destroyed, I felt it was suspicious and the response that the PD gave me made me feel like I shouldn't call if I see something suspicious. The whole topic of this thread was a suspicious package on a bus right? Well I wouldn't have called thanks to that experiance I had with my local pd. In reference to trusting your gut, At that point in time my gut told me something was wrong. I thought I was doing the right thing and I don't just call the PD over anything, but something compelled me to call at that time. The response stuck with me for about 14 years. Now I don't call.
  11. Yeah I can understand that but I mean come on. Who knows what happend to that woman if anything. He could have just been a backseat driver or holding her up. Problem is no one knows. And if she's dead somewhere because no one helped her then I believe a life is worth way more than items burglarized
  12. Hey, check out bornmann's in Glassboro. We run a medical equipment business in sj and they did a fantastic job transferring the lift from our old van to our new one. Altho, I have ran into issues with our lift because it's old, and most of the time it's just gets hung up on the scissor arms of the lift. Bornmann's RV 131 Delsea Dr S, Glassboro, NJ 08028 (856) 881-7979
  13. Oh wow sounds great! Can u shoot more than paper with rifle/pistol?
  14. Yeah its unfortunate that the range doesn't include the back ranges they had a few years ago. The shotgun pond was really fun and having a little privacy on the dirt burms were great! I know they are still going thru legal crap but I hope that the range will get back to what It was before all that happend. Does Quinton have skeet/ trap shooting? Also are there lots of different ranges in that range? I've never been there and very interested in moving on if there is better that is still close to home. To add. I've emailed USANA a few times telling them I'm not getting their emails anymore with no success. Are they still actively sending out emails? I would like to help fix the range up but never get responses
  15. Right after 911 I noticed a white woman driving her car on 295 s and an Arabic guy in the back seat. No front passenger. I decided to call my local PD. His response was. " don't you think your over reacting" I told him Really! We just had a terror attack and we're all on guard am I not supposed to think this looked suspicious? He insisted that I not worry about things like that and let me go! I was so confused and honestly still am today!
  16. Not everyone who owns a gun hunts. Not everyone who hunts can make it. I would love to make it but we just had another baby. Try telling my wife I'm goin on a hunt and you will see her fundraising a hunt for me! I am very interested in these type of events and will be sure to attend those in the future that I can make it to.
  17. Thanks for the tip! We need to be more knowledgeable about the law then our PD! Kinda scary when they ENFORCE Law!!
  18. Johnnyb that's great! Lalo I think the size will be 11 x 17! Is there a way you can write "post your shot targets on our forum" Everyone really appreciates the work you are putting in! Scorpio I think that Def describes our forum without being controversial! It's gonna be great coming across these at the range or the LGS!!!
  19. I need some of those stickers!send me a bunch and I'll make sure you see them everywhere!!
  20. Hey Johnnyb just wondering if you decide to print the larger target size how can I go about picking some up from ya?
  21. Thank you mipafox! There are lots of great people here and this post shows it! The initiative that we have put into pushing for more members is incredible! Not to mention the creativity and selflessness I observe is some of the finest on the Web! Keep it up guys!
  22. Just curious as to who else belongs to USANA range? I didn't see a thread on our range so I figured I'd start one!
  23. Ya that's a good idea! Then the person who recruited gets a +1 in posative feedback
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