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  1. 67gto count me in I'll be happy to send an envelope up plus some $ t help offset the cost you paid!
  2. I'm in Gloucester County / Cumberland County. Close to Franklinville
  3. That's great! Do we know of any basic pistol classes in southern nj offered? I found one but it's prob about 2 hours away from me
  4. Can anyone please help me figure out what I have to do to get the FL ccw non resident permit. I see lockandload Academy offers Utah ccw and fl packet but there is no stress test. Is there an entity who offers the complete fl course with the stress test in one shot? From my understanding if you take the lock and load course you still need to take the pistol course. Also would I be certified by an NRA instructor In pistol proficiency?
  5. Wow Lalo! Great job! That really looks pro! I'm excited to put some holes in em. Is there any way you can add post your targets to our forum?
  6. http://njgunforums.com/forum/index.php/topic/9350-njgf-targets-are-here/?hl=%2Bnjgf+%2Btargets+%2Bare+%2Bhere%26%2333%3B I really like the idea of these that show you why your missing the bullseye. I think we need to dress them up a little more and add to them post your shots to our forum! Maybe one of those Barcode squares that takes us directly to the site Something like that. Don't ya think that would work?
  7. Cards are great! You did a nice job with them! We need to use every Avenue possiable to bring traffic thru! I think the target is great because because you are looking at it the whole time your shooting it and if they post it to show their grouping it's a win win! Besides who doesn't want a free target. Scorpio maybe we can put our heads together before you run then off for us to see what else we need to add to it
  8. Ok we are all adults here. The word pussy or shit doesn't offend me one bit. What offends me is the complete disconnection I have with mainstream media and our president! I understand they don't want that language on their show but isn't that why there is a dump button?
  9. I was thinking something similar t bill! Was also gonna get an image of the Constitution but leaned against it if we're shooting at it! But a catchy battle cry is a great idea! "defend our rights or become defenseless"
  10. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/watch-barack-obama-isis-rant-6972954 This man has earned the right to be pissed off! He expressed himself clearly and was on point! I couldn't have said it better myself! DO YOU AGREE!
  11. But isn't that what we are doing? Aren't we a group pushing for a certain thing?
  12. Is that a flash suppressor on the barrel?
  13. Yeah that's what I was thinking Chris! We need to make up a question that carries weight and that if only 1 of us get thru at least we know we are all on the same page. What would really pin him and force him to satisfy our request? Do we want it to address a specific issue with an expected response or something more broad like " Do you support law abiding citizens to ccw and what are you going to do to change it?" " do you support our Constitution and how will you change the way nj contradicts our 2nd amendment" Just brain storming....
  14. That's awesome 67gto! Are you north or south nj? Also I don't want to give up on the target idea. Do we want to use the ones we previously had? We have a member who said hey will run off as many targets that we want! Once people come to join us they will see how great of a community we have here! This is proof!!!
  15. Funny you say that. I used to never get sick but at least 1x a year I get a super bug that wipes me out for at least a few days. I wonder if there is a correlation with the anti soap!
  16. Wow great job guys! Really pressed him on the ccw. Do we have a schedule or at least the next date he will be on? Maybe we should fine tune our questions so whoever calls and gets thru will ask the exact question we all want
  17. Thanks deerslayer that's unfortunate because I work in the Healthcare field and strictly use antibacterial soap! Guess I'm gonna have to switch it up thanks for the tip!
  18. Who has the forum owners contact information? How can we get in touch with him? Any moderators able to help us with this?
  19. Johnnyb that's great! Then we gotta make it happen! I also like the FBI target idea as well. Altho the circle that helps you hone your shot is pretty cool too! Anyhow it's great how everyone is really brainstorming this thing into reality
  20. Anyone good at graphic design? The older njgf targets are great but we gotta update them somehow. Once we come up with some with Barcode links and such I'll take a trip to staples and run off a 1000 or more
  21. Scorpio that's an awesome idea! We can have a thread were people post their targets from a specific distance. Say 20 yard or w.e. Only prob is how can we confirm it's all from the same distance? Someone could go close to point blank while others are shooting from a distance. At the very least we could do like top shooter of the month thread. Also we could do a youth shooter thread as well. Something on those lines. Guys I really think we are on to something here!
  22. Great ideas! I agree we Def need to get the "ok" from the forum owner.
  23. Wow this group means business! Pretty sad state when the cops don't acknowledge our Constitutional rights they swore to uphold
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