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  1. I have the sig p226 in 9mm and it's never given me a problem once. It's very accurate, has a natural feel when gripped and single action is light as a feather. I do have the upgraded trigger which I suggest getting. Another thing nice about it is there are numerous conversions for it and they don't require permits
  2. Sorry your right some ranges do charge for targets. At USANA you BYO I'm not used to the other ranges rules how about the free hunters ranges? Could always drop em there too
  3. Thank you t bill I knew I saw them on here before but couldn't find Em!
  4. I have no problem running off a bunch of targets with our info on them and leaving them at the range when I go I just have to find them
  5. Why do my threads keep getting locked out! Enough with these childish responses that ruin good topics NO WONDER WHY WE CANT GET SHIT DONE HERE IN NJ
  6. Thank you for sharing your experiance and knowledge! So many options out there to choose from, I appreciate everyone's help with this
  7. I'm trying to boost membership because there are a lot of good causes here that don't get the support that we need to make a difference. Firearm owners in NJ should stay networked and well informed so we could possibly change the tide that is currently trying to force us to be defenseless. For instance only a matter of time they are gonna try to push the ridiculous 10 round mag limit again. Also I have met some really good people on here and learned a lot from them. Would like to pass it on!
  8. Geeze it's too large to upload pain in the ass 115 lead bullet Start 3.9 max 4.3 MOAL 1.100
  9. Here is a page from the lee manual that came with the press It's very close to your suggestion if I use lead bullet table I have never reloaded a single bullet. I just want to make sure I do it correct and safely.
  10. Ok cool I picked up some tmj and titegroup my lee manual doesn't have a recipe for 115 tmj titegroup what is your recipe that you use?
  11. My response is.... they make all sorts of firearms out there go get the one you like. Or do what I do and buy every one you like. It's simple. Now to get back on topic we need more people to join our forum. What Avenue can we go to be most productive?
  12. I agree with you the reason I want the state to backoff is so I can protect myself and my family from ALL threats in and outside of my home. Not to mention that it's in our Constitution as our right to do so! I would also like the public to be comfortable with law abiding mentally stable individuals carrying a legal firearm. Do you have a pic of the t shirt? Was there an increase in members after they were sold/issued?
  13. In order for our government to take us seriously we need to increase our numbers right? As I said before I am willing to donate $ or my time to help. Very good point with contacting our vendors and see if they are willing to put out some type of informational handout. Also your right if we all get 1 friend to join it doubles our member count. If we can't increase our numbers here then say goodbye to ever making a difference in NJ. I'll have to find the target someone made on here and link it I'm fine with leaving a small stack at each range table when I go. Does anyone know who runs our forum? We could try to set up a go fund me account and see if it goes anywhere
  14. http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424127887324123004579056953662940732 Look how many permits were issued in this article And http://usliberals.about.com/od/Election2012Factors/a/Gun-Owners-As-Percentage-Of-Each-States-Population.htm 12% own guns here stated here in this article who knows how accurate it is but 8.4 million people live in NJ 12 %is about 1 million people The potential to network with a lot more than 6500 of us here in NJ is there, we just gotta get them to come visit njgf somehow
  15. I think we need a way to recruit more members to this forum. I have been a firearms owner in NJ for about 5 years but only when I recently spoke to louu at the gun range did I find out about this forum. there has to be a way to get the word out about us and our community. How many members do we currently have in correlation to gun owners in NJ? Could we have something given to each new gun owner in NJ upon purchase? Can we distribute something that informs new and current owners to direct them to our forum? Not a flier people throw them away but something tangible that people will use? I like the idea of Njgf targets but the only way to obtain them would be to download them here. I would gladly donate to help fund production of those to give away free at each range. Are there any ranges who give discounts to members of njgf? I know it's cheesy but who else remembers those yellow "I buy old houses" signs about 15 yrs ago? Who knows if they still buy old houses but I still remember the signs . Maybe a njgf sign? Hell I'll put a njgf sign on my lawn. Let's put our heads together to drum up more active members and then we might have a chance to change the anti gun climate in our state. Maybe it's already in the works and I just don't know about it. But I'm sure we could somehow get more members
  16. I have a septic tank so I steer away from harsh chemicals I had a clogged drain and poured a box of baking soda in then half bottle of vinegar and then held the plunger over the open drain hole to make a tight seal and it worked!
  17. Oops didn't see the other thread about this
  18. Anyone else see there was a shooting in San bernardino California I believe it was considered a gun free Zone when are these brainless liberals gonna realize gun control is not the fix to these problems? Here in NJ we are sitting ducks!
  19. Wow thanks for all the responses! Lots of great info here and it gets me really psyched to start making some rounds!
  20. I picked up a lee classic turret press with 2 dies to start with 9mm and 45 acp. I'm looking for suggestion on what bullet to buy and powder for each caliber. I'm gonna buy some small and large pistol primers but Is there a powder that will work for both loads? Is there a specific bullet that would work best with each round? I Def want to stay away from hard lead cast for now. Any help is appreciated from experienced reloaders being I have yet to load 1 single round Bullet/powder/primer thanks!
  21. In the past I had lots of luck in Beaver dam you can rent small boats there too Google Beaver dam dividing Creek I also had luck in back bays of sea isle
  22. Yes they are federal I went to the millville dicks you only get charged 3.5% tax don't here too the guy said he had a wall full of the 45 and it seemed like they had plenty of the. 22 they also had Remington bucket of bullets for I think around 80$ 9mm was goin for 12$ and some change. In reference to shotgun my 870 20 inch barrel has fixed choke altho I do have a 20g semi with adjustable choke I could use as well. The mays landing dicks is a decent store also I'd try either millville or mays landing deptford never has stock
  23. Oh I wanted to ask ya I have an 870 with a few barrels 2 20 in 1 rifled and one long one prob 26 in or so was gonna buy the mag extension but was unsure what one to buy I've seen 7 8 and 10 the 8 will fit the 20 in perfectly or should I go with the 10 and use the long barrel? Also the 3 gun is pistol shotgun and ar15 correct? I have an AK clone nj compliment one but I think it's only accurate until about 300 yards if I'm lucky was gonna start stacking funds for an AR if the AK won't do it for me
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