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  1. Shit that NRA add is disgusting! I definitely feel like I wasted $ on my membership after reading that. Altho the duffel bag looks nice haha I didn't get it yet to Confirm the quality altho if the NRA payed for our first lawyer for USANA I can Def appreciate that. Any support we can get to help out is great! 26k on those statues and flags? Was the labor for install volunteers? How expensive can statues and flags be?
  2. Thanks for the response I have a pic of it unfortunately you can't see the eyes or nose and I havnt figured out how to post a pic yet on here
  3. So I was walking down the street pulling my son in a wagon and I saw an albino squirrel. I think he was dead but I didn't want to pick him up due to the fact he didn't look hurt or bloody and I Def wasn't gonna put that in the wagon w my son is the pelt worth anything? Should I go back and get it?
  4. Anyone know if there are hogs to hunt here in South nj? Someone told me in Hammonton but every time I mention that to anyone else they act as if they never heard of it! I'd love to get a pig make some sausage prosciutto..... Bacon! Please if you have hog hunting experience in South nj let me know would greatly appreciate it
  5. I'm not really sure how much they have helped USANA I know the range was much bigger a few years ago but the new neighbors moved in and screwed it all up. The owner who seems like a great guy has been trying to maintain our range and handle it the best he can. I don't know how much the NRA has helped if any.
  6. I was just curious because no matter what we do as residents it seems as if we make no headway in being able to practice our right legally. We got about 16k signatures on that petition to our governor is there an update on that? Also I know this is a long shot but doesn't our Constitution supercede state law?
  7. Anyone know how the NRA is helping us change the laws in NJ? Wouldn't they be the Avenue to help us?
  8. I have a handheld and a base cb I can't seem to get anyone on it was thinking about putting up an external antenna but unsure what type of antenna to go with also want to make sure im not the guy in the neighborhood with the huge ugly antenna in my yard any suggestions? I live very close to a TV station would that have a negative effect on my signal?
  9. Yeah I thought it was a cool idea because not many people are going to buy a cb radio and all components to go along with it. But if enough of us buy this in NJ we can basically have an off grid network if somehow we lost satellite connection I have also read people are converting their old dish TV satellite dishes into antennas
  10. http://www.gizmag.com/gotenna-radio-network/33039/ Check it out this may replace the need for cb or ham radio. It basically turns your phone into a radio transmitter that communicates with others that have one
  11. I have a model 60 out of the box it was very accurate could hit golf balls at 100 yards consistently. The internal machine finish needs work tho I got a few sheets of sand paper and sanded out the machine marks on the bolt and inside the receiver then used mothers mag polish to get a mirror finish on the bolt. I also rubbed some polish in the receiver and worked the bolt back and forth for about 10 min. After cleaning it out and greasing it's prob the smoothest 22lr I've ever shot. The tube fed style is nice because you can shoot from prone with no obstructions there is also a trigger spring kit you can grab it's about 30$ but will bring your trigger pull to about 4 lb overall I'm very satisfied with the marlin 60 and I believe I got it for about 145$ also marlin uses a micro Grove rifling which makes your shot more accurate
  12. After doing some research I was wrong they only want a copy of your I'd if your getting ammo, primers, powder or firearms
  13. Unfortunately if you google them there are just too many bad reviews to trust that it would be a wise decision to order from them.
  14. Actually, I'm happy I didn't place the order. After reading reviews of this company I feel like its a scam. There are tons of reviews saying the product was never shipped and they don't answer their phone. The only good reviews seemed as if someone who was affiliated with the company wrote them to offset the bad reviews. Why do they need all my personal information and a copy of my firearms id just to create an account with them. Has anyone had any successful dealings with them? I am only buying a press there is no need to retrieve all my personal information for a press. Am i wrong?
  15. crap just checked the link and looks like i missed the boat for the 45 acp
  16. Ok thanks for the responses! I figure that the load master can do more than the turret press and when not using all functions of the load master it will work the same as the turret press. Kinda seems like a no brainier. Load master seems like the way to go. Gonna buy one this weekend! Thanks guys
  17. So basically the only real difference between the two is that one will autoload the casing into the press and one doesn't?
  18. I came across this video and wanted to share it!
  19. After seeing this post I'm torn between the lee classic turret and this. I am looking to get into reloading and havnt picked up a press yet. Which out of these 2 would be a better buy?
  20. Hey there so what was the outcome of this? It's 2015 and it's still impossible to get a carry permit in NJ anyone have an update?
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