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  1. Very true. I have 4 already!! The S&W 686 is looking like it really is a contender!!!! I might go see if I can shoot it at the local range.
  2. I have a heavy 1911 and I also have the VP9. I have no issues switching from one gun to the other. The VP does come with a large, medium and small grip assortment. You might wanna try and see which works best. Also you said you shoot like crap. What does that mean? 1.5" grouping to 5", missing the target, pulling or anticipation? Or did I miss that in the thread? I will say that the trigger is pretty stiff initially but has gotten smoother after a few hundred rounds. That DEF could add to the shooting like crap./
  3. I was thinking a wheel gun. UBER reliable and no FTE, FTL or any other BS that comes with a semi.
  4. I got two permits last go around and I got my new HK VP9. But if you had to buy one hand gun what would you buy and why? I have a 1911 which I love. Just curious what you guys like and what else is out there. Thanks! Have fun and stay safe!
  5. It is up in Newton. I am not exactly sure of the address as it isnt on the website.
  6. My first. A Windham. This thing is great! I got a savage deal on it from Buds and it performs flawless! For a first AR, I can not be happier. I really need to sight in the red dot. Once you get to the range and get close, it is kinda hard not to keep pulling the trigger!!
  7. I like RTSP for Handgun but for rifle and shotgun it seems restricted. Not the people and facilities, just the range at which you can shoot. I have " Close enough for government work" sighted my AR in but need an outdoor range with some distance to really sight it in. Plus my red dot became loose so if I am starting over again it might as well be outside. anyone been to Stir and SHoot?
  8. I looked at Cherry Ridge. The first Sunday of the month is tough sometimes for me to go and get the course needed to join.
  9. Zombie apocalypse would need this, but then again, the first thing to do would be to stock pile ammo. Full auto is tough to be accurate with . In the Navy, I can tell you I have shot the M60 countless times full auto. Nothing is more fun and less accurate!!! That said, my last Saturday underway was a full auto orgy. We spent a lot of time breaking ammo strings and installing tracers. Awesome!
  10. Sparta is OK. The town is kinda clicky.. Fall weather is awesome! Wait till the winter. It is kinda cool to watch the rain turn into snow going up 15.
  11. Stopping the VP series? No way!!! I recently bought the VP9 and I searched every where. WAY too popular to stop now. I actually traded a HG in for part of said VP9. The dealer said no sweat on trade etc.. but I had to actually pay for the entire HG while waiting on a permit. They move too fast. I have around 500 rounds through mine. Maybe 450... It is unreal. From 3-10 yards it shoots itself. super easy to get tight grouping. Recoil is nil. Action is smooth and the grips are king. It came with the small/medium/large hand grips with the medium installed. I have a large hand and found this grip perfect. You will be amazed at how light it is. Mine came with 2 mags and I bought 2 more. I might get one more. Order them online. Yeah, they are not cheap, but beats calling around or driving around locally. I got them from : http://www.crosscreekguns.com/HKmags.html Easy and very fast shipping. SO fast that I had no idea what was in the envelope. I field stripped it after 200-250 rounds, to see how it looked. Really did NOT need a cleaning but I cleaned it anyway. Have fun!!! OH, BTW, if you have NOT gotten your NICS check yet, you can not get that done on Sunday. Food for thought.
  12. I have a Para Expert 1911 .45 HK VP 9 Windham Weaponry AR15 And a JC Higgins 12GA.
  13. Good information here. I am glad that NICS is picking up the pace. The last HG I purchased was sometime in October this year. I didn't remember seeing the 30 day thing on my HG purchase last year. I asked about it and they pretty much told me the same thing as you guys. The cool thing now, (positive out of a negative) is that NICS is not a 15 minute thing. I think total time for last purchase was less than 30 minutes. Which also helps out the local business, cause I poked around for 30 minutes and bought a bunch of stuff I could have done without. I guess coming late to the show has helped for me with speed. Always been a shooter, just really starting to get into it.
  14. Evening! Been shooting for while, but brand new to the forum! Just looking for a place to talk shop. I guess my home range is RTSP. I am looking for a outdoor range that is close. Glad to be aboard!!!
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