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  1. Bayonet sold separately. Price lowered for mint matching rifle with sling
  2. WTS FN-49 Venezuelan 7mm Mauser 7x57mm High Number Second Contract with Cartouches in Top Condition. All matching. Also includes correct leather sling. Price = $1,600 picked up at my FFL in Central NJ or plus cost of shipping to your FFL.
  3. How about it is a 2nd Amendment violation the right to keep or own and bear or carry shall not be infringed. That is how the decision should be written with a clarification that the militia part was a statement and has nothing to do with the right. From the questions being asked by the 6 GOP appointed Justices we may get something that broad and game changing.
  4. Morons that voted for someone with zero experience to replace the one person that was able to stop Murphy, and has consistently stopped Murphy. Only hope now is SCOTUS decision on NY Case is so broad and monumental that it basically makes all laws that restrict the ownership of firearms unconstitutional as the Constitution states shall not be infringed,
  5. Be careful what you wish for. For the sake of 2A in NJ we need to hope Sweeney really did find votes. You think whoever takes over Senate President will table Murphy's gun control agenda? Only other hope is SCOTUS NY ruling is so broad that it strikes down almost all firearms laws because shall not be infringed means just that.
  6. The answer to topic is yes in July after SCOTUS rules on NY case. SCOTUS is what 2016 election was all about.
  7. FDR couldn't pack the court. Biden certainly will not be able to. 2 Dem Senators Manchin and Simena are on record that they will not vote to end the filibuster. They would lose power if they did. That means Dems have at most 48 votes. With filibuster in place Dems need 60 votes for Cloture to pass any laws that would increase the number of SCOTUS Justices. Will not happen. Just like more restrictive federal gun laws or making Puerto Rico a state won't happen. In 2 years GOP will have control of the House.
  8. MeWe has grown. Our Milsurp Waffles group trades more Milsurp Firearms, Edge Weapons, and Ammo than any forum or Facebook group. Averaging 10 transfers a week with as many as 25. Also have a couple other Milsurp Groups such as The Milsurp Firearms Forum which is a larger group on Facebook but MeWe is over 2,000 members, our guns and parts group has over 5,000 members. There is another Facebook Group Old Guns and Old Farts with 8,000 members in it's MeWe Group. Also lots of reloading groups. One of the better groups is the Scammers group with over 1,000 members and nearly 150 scammers identified across all platforms.
  9. Put up sign. Call tow company that will tow. Had a guy doing it on my lot. He was hiding from warrant and repo man. Was warned once by myself. Tow company came the next time. He was pissed told him I warned him and handed him care of tow company. He never got his car back since tow and storage fees were over $500 and kept get higher everyday. Cops got him on warrant and I Never saw the guy again.
  10. Any update on this since it seems the bankruptcy is still on going, but range is open. Any contractors get paid? I doubt it. @Carajany news? Old thread was closed for no particular reason so figured I would start a new one since it is kind of important to know about the people elevated to leadership positions.
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