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  1. Hey guys, was Wondering if I could carry a Pistol in a synagogue with permission from the president / Rabbi. Not sure how I go ahead with this.
  2. Thx steve, WIll give you a call when i find one.
  3. They have to send the Gun anyway to my FFL but for some reason they dont like to ship to NJ ... If one comes up i will call them and see why......
  4. WIll move this to the other thread sorry. Avi Thx brada. I see them but alot of times they wont Ship to NJ.
  5. Been looking for one for a while but they are really hard to get. ANyone who has one doesn't want to sell it. IMI Barak.
  6. Thank you guys, I was thinking basically the same thing. But its NJ so thats why i asked lol
  7. Hey guys, If i wanted to Jungle Mag 2 AK mags with tape and a spacer , does NJ think its a 30 round Mag or 2 15's ? God bless our State. Just a question.....
  8. New rifle company coming out from Israel. They have a nice amount of there guns in service . Hope they do well here. If I get the 14.5 barrel and put a 1.5 muzzle break and pin the stock, would it be legal here you think?
  9. The edge of the sight is super white and no Camo. Its no difference then having a all black sights. maybe form the picture it looks hard to see but shooting it on target seems spot on.
  10. The dots are not painted. Just the outside
  11. yeh, its there and perfect. They stay on the gun so no worries on my end.
  12. http://www.smhordnancelabs.com/about.html Extremely reasonable prices. And Amazon to deal with.
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