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  1. I picked up two Mission First 10/30s and they don't insert on a closed bolt either. And USPS has managed again to blow delivery of my Hex Mags.
  2. I was really happen with the Lancers with the metal fed lips but Murphy...
  3. What's the prevailing opinion on these? I just ordered some. Been curious for a while now.
  4. For me the main benefit would be any states not covered by CC or UT/FL.
  5. What's the benefit to the NH permit since the PA AG closed that hole? I need to check my renewal date...
  6. I was thinking recently when reading the latest issue of NRA A1F about campus carry, what about empty holster protest? I can see how it's probably a waste of time and also potentially inviting the man into your life but it's also making a statement and disturbing comfort levels, both of which I see as good.
  7. From the old SNL spoof bank commercial: how do we do it? Volume I'd be interested to know if they are limited in such a way that they can be loaded with the bolt closed or not.
  8. Not trying to start up the rumor mill here. A friend of mine picked up a lower recently and the FFL said there were better than even odds that an EO would come down on 1/20 shutting down NICS. In a sane world this would never survive court challenge but last I checked we were no longer living in a sane world. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else has heard such talk.
  9. Until they truly get serious, I am done with the NRA as well. Any money I donate will go to FPC. Lawsuits, not suits...
  10. Agreed, but the cynic in me thinks that they are only bidening their time until the results of the GA senate elections or, worst case, the inauguration, at which time they will tell people with SBRs to #sand.
  11. Breaking from TTAG: The ATF has just posted a notice that they have withdrawn their request for public comment on “Objective Factors for Classifying Weapons with ‘Stabilizing Braces‘” in the Federal Register. Here is the full announcement from the ATF:
  12. Nice. That's well done. A buddy just sent me Last Christmas done my Leo Moraccoli, who never disappoints.
  13. They sound pretty good. Speaking of War Pigs... I just saw this. It's cool but sadly only 54 seconds long. ETA: My favorite version of this song is still Cake's.
  14. Anyone have the pleasure of re-digging out this morning thanks to late night plowing? Snow blower couldn't cut through the mounds they left. Had to get the metal garden shovel to break and it down and then drive back and forth over it a bunch of times.
  15. Any mice go flying out the chute??? How was the fire 'interesting'??
  16. Southern Mercer... got about 6" but had a couple layers of snow sandwiched between sleet/frozen rain so it took a while to chop through.
  17. Regarding "... sibling .. by blood or law": would this include your wife's brother?
  18. Thanks. It was over the summer but I recall checking the plug gap when I changed it. Easy enough to check again. Also, I put some fuel system cleaner it in but I usually go light because the tank is so much smaller than a car but maybe that's not the right thing to do. I'll pick some up and run it through just in case. Appreciate the info.
  19. @Displaced Texan, that might be the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. Even after changing the oil, plug, gas and cleaning the carb/bowl my snow blower was acting strange (pulsing when throttling up and then dying). So I asked my way-more-mechanically-inclined neighbor to take a look. I started it up for him and it ran perfectly. Don't know what the deal is but at this point I am not included to question it. I have new gas and bourbon so I am ready!
  20. A friend of mine just pointed me to an earlier video from Ken Block. Also amazing, particularly the donuts at the donut shop.
  21. Wow... this is some amazing driving. Astonishing might be a better adjective. Enjoy!
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