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  1. Luckily for me I can walk there. Good beer, good people.
  2. So does mine. My GSG522 likes them just fine too. Both guns hate Winchester Super X.
  3. If you’re mechanicaly inclined I’d change the trans fluid first and see if it improves. As far a shop, I’ve heard very good things about Fisher transmission in Pine Brook. Not exactly local to you, but if you’re looking at a place in Newark this is no further. https://www.fisherautotrans.com/
  4. Thanks. Just sent them a message as of course my model isn't listed .
  5. Thanks. Going to have to do some googling and try Generacs' website. Maybe they make their own kit. I want to make sure I do this with quality parts if I do it. Got burned buying what were advertised as actual Briggs & Stratton parts (on fleabay) to rebuild the carb on my push blower and they turned out to be cheap junk that went in the garbage. My leaf blower not working when I need it is an inconvienence, my genny not working when I need it for my family is bad. If anyone can link a site that they've actually used the parts from and are proven to work then tia .
  6. Well, if anyone else has a few 15rd g19 mags to get rid of lmk.
  7. Since my house has natural gas I'm tossing around the idea the conversion for my generator as now it's just gasoline and I have to fiil cans and keep them on standby. Is the conversion a pretty straight forward thing, and does converting mean it witll then only run on natural gas, or can it be set up to do both? I have a pretty new and basic Generac.
  8. My concern is having gas for the generator. Ice storms bring down power lines.
  9. Thanks. Wayne only has 1:00 tickets. Can't take a day off from work to see a movie. Funny, E Hanover says limited seats left for 7:00 them shows none available when I went to the seating chart to buy. Oh well, maybe it will be shown again or come out on video.
  10. Is anyone here planning on going to see They Shall Not Grow Old? I’d like to see it, but went to find tickets and the site froze google twice on my phone and did nothing on my laptop. If anyone knows where it’s playing in north jersey (I’m in Denville) and could link a working site for tickets I’d appreciate it. Thanks.
  11. Been very happy in Denville for almost 20 years now.
  12. One of the worst movies I've ever seen. Almost walked out. Maybe I just didn't "get it".
  13. Yes, I agree that's why I linked the site so people can do their own research. It's just too far to run down for a weekend to look around so I'm trying to learn as much as I can now. We'd try Pa. but we want the warmer climate.
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