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  1. It's just one box but I'm in Denville, not too far from gfh if you're interested.
  2. Selling one full box of Winchester 45acp. $30, located in Denville.
  3. I see this thread is a few months old but... I have a 14.5" with a Troy claymore.
  4. I was in cedar knolls, didn’t notice a thing there.
  5. Same. And I remember as a little kid going to Sears in Livingston mall and the rifles were out on display racks for anyone to pick up and fondle. They were just secured to the display with a cable lock.
  6. I did my application two weeks ago. The new online process is great. Within 10 minutes of hitting "submit" I get a call from my first reference saying he was done. Got a confirmation email moments later. An hour later the same with my second reference. My friend in Red Bank said it was a 6 month wait for his to come through, and he's a retired chief of police, yet a civilian friend in Whippany had his in 13 days. Hoping for fast turnaround here in Denville as my new holosun scs sits on my workbench and my new new gen5 g19 mos sits at the lgs waiting to go to it's new home.
  7. As someone who has a NJ ccp, you can only carry what you're qualified with. My experience when doing my twice annual qual has been unchanged in 10 years. You're supposed to shoot with and qualify with each gun in your possession that you intend to carry. After you pass qual, the range instructor, who must be a certified NJ firearms instructor, writes in the make/model/serial # and caliber of that gun on the qual form. You cannot qual with one, then go home and start rotating the 10 others you have onto your hip. There are only two slots on the form. I'll admit I've never asked if the two slots means a two gun limit or if they'll qual you with as many as you want and write them in somewhere.
  8. Well op, you’ve already filed and refitted so my question is a little late, but, I was going to ask if the screws were torqued correctly to spec. As in was an actual torque wrench used. My holosun scs instructions say torque to 15 inch pounds.
  9. Is the second bottle of Makers Mark still available?
  10. Different incident but same topic, were any of the high end 1911s stolen from rtsp awhile back ever recovered?
  11. Luckily for me I can walk there. Good beer, good people.
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