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  1. Inspections if any would be on the electrical and plumbing fixtures. There is no such thing as cabinet inspections. If you are replacing at existing locations and not changing rough ins and you are handy you can do without. The fact they didn't tell you they were removing old fixtures means that's on you. If you don't pull permits do yourself a favor and don't order a dumpster to be delivered. Dumpster with old cabinets in it would be calling card for town to ask questions. Either yourself and a buddy do it on weekend and get it into a truck and off-site ASAP. Or ask cabient supplier for a quote to gut and remove. They may or may not do plumbing and electrical disconnect "in house". If you are not handy and or moving fixture locations, permits and inspections are in place to protect the homeowner from dangerous or shoddy workmanship.
  2. Is there one central link/page with all info. Time, location, bus runs etc. I want to go and can spread this to friends who aren't here.
  3. This is from August. Priced the same? BCG and Charging handle included?
  4. http://bridgetonsportsman.com/ Anybody a member or hear anything good, bad or indifferent? Been going to East Bangor, this is a bit closer. But costs more.
  5. I know it's a long shot but anyobdy have 100-200 rounds they could sell? Picked up an AK 74 and haven't had a chance to order online yet. I only have steel core. Planning on going to RTSP tonight and nobody in the area has it.
  6. Ya I found that one. Looks good. I've found mixed info about Tenoroc being open. Their Facebook page says it's closed.The state run page lists it as open. Its a little closer than Indian river.
  7. Headed down to Florida soon for a couple weeks. Wanted to hit the range while there with the family. Anyone have any info on their public outdoor park ranges? Teneroc or Indian river?
  8. I ordered the cat crap paste and a cheapo multicolor lens set off amazon to test out. https://www.amazon.com/Unlimited-Shooting-Eyewear-Anti-Fog-Options/dp/B01MAWK1OF
  9. OK, So by using an anti-fog spray or wax there is no added value to starting with a lens that has a film on it in addition. I should just keep the ones I have and get the cat crap or spray? I ask because I have no amber glasses and since I have to buy a pair if there is any added value I would spend a couple extra bucks on the glasses plus by the spray/wax.
  10. Went shooting Sunday morning and had two problems. Fogging of lens and difficulty making out targets at 100 yards. I found these http://www.safetyglassesusa.com/3m-metaliks-sport-safety-glasses-with-amber-anti-fog-lens/ I wanted to know if there is something better on the market you would recommend or even better yet would be a 3 pack with clear and smoke that all have antifog for varying light conditions.
  11. Hes not an NJGF guy (that I know of) but Jim Flynn in Glen Gardner had Aero x15 in stock for $85 each a couple of months ago I got 5 sequential serial numbers and he dropped it to $80 each. I called to make sure he had them before I just drove there. I would reccomend the same for him or anyone else really before just driving someplace.He is not your typical gun dealer..... And yes only one Nics fee with no limit on purchases even if you mix and match. That goes for all dealers.
  12. Better off buying what you eat and building up a buffer with that first. More realistic and you are going to use it all eventaully. once you get your buffer 6-12 months or whatever your goal is then you can start putting this stuff away. Dont skip to the next level when level 1 is not maxed out. With that said LDS sites in Bridgeport or Piscataway or just follow sales at your normal places. Bulk buy places rarely have the best per unit pricing.
  13. Was at our local police station today on an unrelated materand inquired about getting more P2P's. I was asked how long ago I hadmy prints done. My anolog version was done in 93 and I did the digitial version in February this year. They said I need to go online and pay an additional fee (like $20). I would have thought once a digitial copy is on file it would be good to go? Is there such a thing as a shelf life for fingerprints?
  14. Unfortuantely i did not photgraph or save them. Going to break the rifle down and do a full clean and inspection. Buddy gave me the ammo I have to replace. Was going to buy bulk of Tulammo. Wanted to find out if this gun is just known for issues with steel case before I buy a couple thousand rounds.