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  1. Is there one central link/page with all info. Time, location, bus runs etc. I want to go and can spread this to friends who aren't here.
  2. This is from August. Priced the same? BCG and Charging handle included?
  3. http://bridgetonsportsman.com/ Anybody a member or hear anything good, bad or indifferent? Been going to East Bangor, this is a bit closer. But costs more.
  4. I know it's a long shot but anyobdy have 100-200 rounds they could sell? Picked up an AK 74 and haven't had a chance to order online yet. I only have steel core. Planning on going to RTSP tonight and nobody in the area has it.
  5. Ya I found that one. Looks good. I've found mixed info about Tenoroc being open. Their Facebook page says it's closed.The state run page lists it as open. Its a little closer than Indian river.
  6. Headed down to Florida soon for a couple weeks. Wanted to hit the range while there with the family. Anyone have any info on their public outdoor park ranges? Teneroc or Indian river?
  7. I ordered the cat crap paste and a cheapo multicolor lens set off amazon to test out. https://www.amazon.com/Unlimited-Shooting-Eyewear-Anti-Fog-Options/dp/B01MAWK1OF
  8. OK, So by using an anti-fog spray or wax there is no added value to starting with a lens that has a film on it in addition. I should just keep the ones I have and get the cat crap or spray? I ask because I have no amber glasses and since I have to buy a pair if there is any added value I would spend a couple extra bucks on the glasses plus by the spray/wax.
  9. Went shooting Sunday morning and had two problems. Fogging of lens and difficulty making out targets at 100 yards. I found these http://www.safetyglassesusa.com/3m-metaliks-sport-safety-glasses-with-amber-anti-fog-lens/ I wanted to know if there is something better on the market you would recommend or even better yet would be a 3 pack with clear and smoke that all have antifog for varying light conditions.
  10. Thanks for the rifle Nick.Nice to meet you. Still looking for rifles in 40, 45. 7.62x39 and 5.45x39.
  11. You are correct. I have a c39v2 as my only AK. After shooting one of the ARs it feels like a boat anchor. You are also correct about my timeline. Although my first purchase was 23 years ago, the majority has been in the past 6 months. If this thread goes any farther south I was planning on starting another looking for "clips" for my "assault rifles" to take the focus off of it, or posting in 1a about how hot and smart Hillary is...
  12. With all that said..... Looking back I could have definetly been clearer but didnt really think too far into it. I have no nefarious plans so the thought of getting into details never crossed my mind. Sorry. Just want to buy guns while I can....
  13. I know I dont have thousands of posts here. And I am not the type who is going to get overly involved to make friends. I have bought both ammo and long guns from a few members. So I want to save 20-30% or more buying used plus no sales tax and no nics fee. So what? If I have to spend my time writing posts and PMs and emails and on top of that spend a couple hours driving around meeting people to buy, yes it has to be worth it on the money savings. If its not worth it, I would just call my dealer and have him get in whatever I want and go down and buy it no hassle and pay the sales tax and nics fee. I am looking for variety. I am not looking for anything make or model specific. Maybe someone has an old saiga thats already been converted. Maybe they have something that came new from Atlantic. Maybe they got a cheap milled reciver AK that weighs 30 lbs. Maybe they got a complete upper in 5.45x39 that will work with one of my stripped AR lowers. The rest is the same.Not looking for anything specific just stuff that goes with my exisitng handgun calibers. I have a lot of different guns and a lot of different ammo (some I dont even own guns for yet) I love going out shooting with friends and having something different whenever possible. I dont care what it is as long as it is not a junker, worksand is a fair price for buyer and seller. I have my FID and matching DL and will fill out the private sales form. I have paid to the site to be able to post here. At this point two people have added unneccessary red flags in a thread where they have made no offer of sales. This negatively impacts my ability to buy which is not cool. Someone doesnt like what I post send a pm to a mod or to me. Ksdshrk will see my docs when we meet to buy his rifle. Anyone who sells me something will see my docs. I plan on making multiple purchases over the next few months. (maybe even sell a couple) It will be here, through my freinds who buy and sell or through a dealer to fill in the blanks. You want to sell me something send me a message or post here. You dont, then please dont shit in my cheerios.
  14. Yes without context I can see that. All good.Cheers.