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  1. Clearly an assault snowball weapon. Ban it.
  2. After having just finished Killing Reagan by Bill O'Reilly, I started this one: FIGHTING PATTON George S. Patton Jr. Through the Eyes of His Enemies By Harry Yeide
  3. Tom C

    Dry fire question

    I'm a 63 year old beginner and just recently got an H&K VP9 which I've fired several times now. I've never owned or shot a handgun prior. Each time I've fired the gun, my groupings have all been very good, generally within the diameter of a clenched fist. But my hits are mostly several inches or more outside the center at 7 and 8 o'clock. My targets have been set at 5, 6, and 7 yards. The RSO watched me and advised that I'm not exhaling at the right time and I'm jerking the trigger. He also thinks I'm anticipating the bang and reacting to it as I'm pulling the trigger. I've been practicing my technique by dry firing the gun at home as often as possible. Am I doing any damage to the weapon? Any other tips and advice? Thanks in advance Tom
  4. I agree. I was living in West Milford at the time, and the only way you could tell that there were cars in the driveway was by the antennas poking through the snow. The plows pushed so much snow in front of the driveway that I had to hire someone with a back hoe to dig me out. And that massive storm was followed by more snowstorms every few days for a couple of weeks. The Winter of '96 broke my spirit.
  5. Here in Rockaway I shoveled more than 12" each time @ noon and 8pm, and have more to do before football this afternoon. Morris County was only supposed to get 10". We got whacked pretty hard.
  6. I hope eastern Pennsyltucky gets it all. Maybe it'll keep some of their inbred drivers from traveling to NJ and hogging all the left lanes.
  7. It has the makings of a French Toast storm. Everyone will be running out to the stores for bread, milk, and eggs.
  8. Well, I guess it's official. My Mustang goes into hibernation until the Spring. I was hoping we'd dodge snow and salt a little while longer.
  9. Gun newbie chiming in..... After hearing about horror stories in NJ, I became legal in just 11 days here in Rockaway Township. The police and admin clerk could not have been more informative and pleasant. I think it helps if you live in a Repub town.
  10. Today I unexpectedly found myself in Mt. Pocono Pa, so I ducked into the Walmart to check out ammo. I picked up 5 boxes of 9mm 100 round Federal for $24 per box, and 4 boxes of .223 Federal @ $40 per 100 round box. In fact, I cleaned them out of Federal in both calibers. I found the same ammo in both sizes at several out-of-state shops for less money, but when I factored shipping, Walmart was the better deal.
  11. I'm brand new to the hobby and just purchased my first guns, an H&K VP9 and a Ruger .223 Mini-14. I've been using a variety of 9mm ammo for the VP9. I've yet to fire the Ruger. What is the consensus on Tulammo? I'm seeing some very affordable bulk deals on-line for both calibers. One person told me to stay away from Russian ammo for quality reasons. I'm clueless. Opinions? Thanks in advance. Tom
  12. Rockaway Township....they couldn't have been more accommodating despite the sheer volume of applications they've been receiving. I understand that such is not the case in much of NJ, especially in Linden as shown in your location. I grew up in Colonia, had many relatives who had lived in Linden (some still do). Linden and Elizabeth were always one very corrupt Dem machine and probably still are. Fortunately, Rockaway is a Repub town.
  13. Thanks for the welcome. There were a few things that got me here. It's something I've always hoped to do, but never got around to it. Being recently retired affords me the time to pursue new things. I also belong to a couple of car clubs, and many of my new friends are gun owners as well, so that was yet another incentive. And at the risk of being too political, I was getting sick and tired of the left wing assault on the Second Amendment. I suppose it's my way of thumbing my nose at a president who shows no respect for our Constitution. I'm proud that I have been added as new statistic of recent first-time gun owners.
  14. Thank you for the comments. My service consisted of fighting godless communism from behind the safety of a desk at McGuire AFB over 40 years ago. It wasn't so popular wearing a uniform back then. Those vets who saw combat, especially the men and women serving today under a president who just doesn't get it, are the ones deserving of our respect. But the sentiments are appreciated never the less.
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