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  1. To that end, I did call the polymer80 company and they confirmed that for the fully finished frames they are Federally licensed manufacturer.
  2. Thanks guys, to close the loop: I spoke with my gunsmith - I quote him: "if it is finished and has SN on it, and goes through FFL" it's legal
  3. Just wanted to confirm that serialized glock compatible frame ( Finished poly80, lone wolf, etc..) is legal in PRNJ, yes/no? I was sure it is until someone from RSTP said they aren’t... thanks in advance
  4. it is possible to change the reference/update the info. Call local PD and ask to update reference, they will ask for the correct information to be sent via email. then detective will be able to modify the application. I have done this and all together took 24h to fix it.
  5. Does anyone has a picture stock glock vs polymer80 or any other custom frame? I’m a CZ fan and I do have g19 but I cant use it due to ergonomics, it hits base bone of my thumb, and makes it uncomfortable to shoot. I still like to try custom, less bulky frame With different angle.
  6. Hi folks, does anyone here knows if/when old bridge will allow non-members to participate in their matches? I live in north jersey, and only go there once or twice a month for competitions during the season, so it's hard to justify the membership. thanks
  7. Folks, another update. So I did get TK hive grip and the compensator. 1. The hive grip indeed improved the guns feeling. So yes it does worth the money. 2. A game changer pro compensator - I cannot tell if that make any difference but that doesn't mean it useless. I shoot the rimfire 2G match this Saturday at Old Bridge. Gun ran almost flawless, here are few points for improvement that I'll have to address: Safety - is too small, I accidentally flipped it twice during first stage, means either I need to replace it with larger one, I believe TK has one "the cornerstone", or just train myself to ride it. Mag Release - I replaced the stock with TK one and apparently it's too long. Also hit it twice during the stage, so I guess I will need to shorten it 1-2mm. Ammo - ran CCI SV - no hiccups No FTE or FTF's. Overall, very happy with it so far. Total price was around $585 including upgrades and ffl fees. My next update will be after bullseye competition, will see if it can keep up with buckmark.
  8. Here is my update for anyone who is interested: I've finally got a Sw22 and was able to take it to the range as well as replace trigger and mag release with tandemkross. I love the gun, the more I shoot it the more I like it. I put 2MOA red dot on it with polymer rail which after 200 rounds and 2 disassemblies still keeps zero. So far I had 3 FTF on the first 10 rounds, but ever since then no hiccups. I feed it CCI HV to break in and then SV. Next, I plan to try hive grips from TK and Game changer pro comp.
  9. Threaded - because for $15-50 why not. It looks cool, it might help with target re-acquisition, and maybe if I will ever move out of this state..
  10. Still in the air.. One day is sw22 and next its mk4.. but I'm more inclined for sw22. I like to customize my toys and only deterring factor from ruger is serialized upper. Ideally I would love to have a platform which I can easily modify depending on use. the dream gun would have same frame, bull barrel, and light upper. Another thing is I like 22/45 angle frame better but it doesn't come with threaded barrel, I don't like lite models.
  11. Agree on the looks - that how the whole story started, but it's just different wrap around rosewood grips not the grip angle.
  12. Thanks guys. I narrowed it down to two models Ruger Target and SW22, both with threaded barrels so I can put compensator on it. now it boils down to $180 difference SW22 being cheaper. now that's about 3500 rounds of ammo . The question is, if Ruger worth the premium.
  13. Need help deciding here: I'm torn between Ruger mark IV and SW22. Want to buy a universal gun for Bullseye and Steel Challenge, so it has to be bull barrel or similar. I like stainless steel Ruger and million aftermarket parts available but I don't like grip angle (22/45 fits better but it's plastic) and the fact that barrel is the firearm. So every time I would think of a new barrel it will have to be a new set permits.... On the contrary SW22 has less aftermarket support and somewhat strange grip - the angle is fine though. Plus its cheaper. Your opinions? pls? thanks in advance. P.S. Buck Mark is out - don't even bring it up :). I own Buck Mark, i like the way it shoots but the takedown process can be painful. last time I wanted to clean it i stripped the hex screw and had to go to a gunsmith . Also, little aftermarket options and harder to find parts.
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