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  1. Lol jack. I know I get hammered like I have some sort of agenda for coming up with a fake anonymous story about my reject reason (yet while admitting my history with a psychiatrist). It's not exactly a glamorous story. I'm just a boring individual that mistakenly moved to an anti 2nd amendment town.
  2. I made a call. Twice. Still waiting on a return call from his office.
  3. Ahh good to know... I do have one VM from the "investigator" saying they need to schedule a meet to go over a "10 question form" which constitutes paperwork in addition to state requirements. Good to know that I can use it. I wish I recorded our subsequent conversations. Probably didn't add any real value as they admitted their reason for denial in writing as I mentioned.
  4. If it helps you guys it is NOT Englishtown... I'm not protecting them. I'm protecting myself. Not from backlash but from the slight possibility that my message to the State Police Firearms unit today or my call in to Evan Nappen somehow can spur a resolution outside of an appeal (say if they didn't actually file the decision with the state and are just waiting to see if I'm going to make it an issue). I don't want any further reason YET for this local PD to have any macho recourse that could otherwise been resolved. The moment I know that it is going to appeal or has been resolved, I have all intention of releasing the info as well as following up with state legislators to hopefully stop this from happening again. The best part is that I don't need him to admit anything on tape (illegal in NJ if I am not mistaken... are we not a dual consent state?)... I have it in writing. You're 100% right about shedding light on the situation... just want people to respect my right to POSSIBLY look for resolution prior to going full tilt with the appeal. Maybe a followup call from the state will somehow change the outcome.
  5. That is not sufficient to them... they want to conduct an "in home interview"...
  6. Oh I'm sure that was the intent. I would honesty have been ok with that as long as he wasn't invited in.
  7. Nah I disclosed it BOTH times and will continue to always do so. I refuse to give them a reason lol.
  8. They claim they do it to everyone and I'm the only one to ever refuse. I understand it's a polarizing issue. Many people see no problem allowing them to come into your home. My only suggestion of caution is that you never know something is a problem until after it is already a problem. Always easier to avoid an issue from the start than to try to clean up a mess. Cost or not I don't regret my refusal to comply.
  9. Bob I believe you're probably correct. Life will go on I'm sure. Just one of those things that seem unfair but aren't likely to change.
  10. I'm ok with that. Just saying obviously the ammo issue is a major component.
  11. Correct hence why it's a "purchasers" ID card. Doesn't help that Dicks requires it though to purchase ammo as do most online vendors. Guns without ammo are essentially valueless.
  12. Yep I made another call to the detective this morning. I'm guessing hell tell me it's now out of his hands. And yeah I have a black and white letter (very surprising I figured they'd at least word it carefully). Only issue is that I still am going to end up getting counsel. I really don't know what to expect out of the appeals process and I'm concerned they could try and bring up other qualifications that I'm not prepared to argue. Only someone that's been through it before would know what will/could happen.
  13. Already in the works... I only got the denial yesterday evening but made a call and found someone on another board that I reached out to.
  14. Or my lease agreement or my utility bills or a statement in blood from my landlord... all great questions... they took a copy of my license when I submitted the app. Hence what makes this asinine. Apparently it is easier to forge a NJ DL than it is to just temporarily occupy a home you don't live in. I suggested the same... they told me it HAD to be an actual witness verification of my address.
  15. That's who I called... wondering how much that will end up costing me for this train wreck.
  16. Just in the event there is a tiny chance the state detective can call them again and get them to waiver, I don't want to risk any butthurt police chiefs... once I know it is going to appeal or has been reversed, I'd have no problem putting it out there... frankly nothing to gain at this point
  17. Hello all, I registered with the site JUST in light of my recent FID card ADDRESS CHANGE denial. I live in an undisclosed town in Monmouth County... I was recently contacted after submitting all required docs on an address change (including what I believe is a BS requirement of additional background checks and references just because I decided to move to a different town) to conduct an "in person 10 question form" which was a way of sidestepping the investigators request to come into my home. Well I declined allowing them into my home and told the inspector I would be happy to come to the local PD and provide any additional documentation/proof of address they needed. I was then told the chief suggested I would be declined because they would have no way to "physically verify" that I lived where I said I did. I called someone in the state police with the fire arms division who was very helpful. He even called my municipality and tried to put them in line. He was under the impression that the approval would be granted after his convo. Well low and behold today I get a letter from the PD saying I am declined due to "your refusal to permit Inv. XXXX to conduct an in home interview with you and physically verify your residency in XXX". My record is clean... I have visited a psychiatrist before but did disclose that on the state form. It was for IBS symptoms from stress that I sought medication for. My doctor signed off on my initial permit and I haven't had any visits since my initial permit in 2012. I'm assuming that while I am annoyed by the fact I actually have to appeal this, it should be a pretty easy win in my favor (I had to chose which constitutional right I was forced to give up, the 2nd or 4th ammedment) it is obviously going to cost me to hire an attorney. Do I have any recourse for such a blatant abuse of power and deviation from state policies in regards to the firearms permit process? I'm really hoping that I can get them to cover my attorney costs since it seems to be such a clear violation of my rights. I am reasonably sure that I cannot sue a police department in most situations but wanted to hear what others thought.
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