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  1. I have a Cabela's hard case I picked up a few weeks ago just for this purpose, since the plastic case it came with is very cheap and flimsy. And I just grabbed two combination master locks for the gun case. I'll just use the other lock on our luggage. Neither of us are going down with keys so I figured combo padlocks will be easier, with no keys to keep track of. I'm probably just being paranoid because I've never flown with a firearm before, but I definitely want to keep this as simple as possible. Spirit looks like they just cut and paste their guidelines from the TSA's, but I will print out a copy to bring along with my other paperwork, that seems like a good idea. Thank you everyone for the input so far! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about it, but it's nice to see nobody has had any bad experiences.
  2. Okay, thank you for the heads up. I read through the guides but I definitely missed that, I will pick up some new locks.
  3. Hey guys, I've been doing a little homework on this subject but I wanted to post up and ask anyone with experience on the matter. So in about two weeks, the girlfriend and I are flying down to Florida for a week. We're staying with her father, who was gracious enough to give us run of the house while we're down there. He's a gun nut, and wants to go shooting with me while we're down, which I'd be happy to do so. I've been thinking about bringing my 1911 since we're already doing checked luggage, I have a hard case, and a few TSA locks. We're flying out of Atlantic City, and into Orlando, and vice versa on the return. Airline is Spirit (I know, I know...) I was planning on a trigger lock for the gun, locking the case, locking the luggage, and I have some gps/Bluetooth tags for the luggage and gun case. I was also going to make copies of my ownership paperwork for the gun and put them in the hard case with it, just so there's no questions. I just wanted to ask anyone on here if they've ever had any issues, or if there's anything else I should be doing. I'm just going to buy ammo while I'm down there, I figure it's one less thing I have to worry about. But I've read all sorts of horror stories, so I was a bit curious what kind of experience other folks have had.
  4. I bought a warden myself after previous conversations with Exposure. I've yet to use it, it's been a while since I've had the AR out to the range. But BCM had them in stock, and they had no problem shipping it to NJ. I have an older surefire MB556K brake that doesn't have the indexing notch, but it still locks down ridiculously tight on there, so I have no doubt it will function just fine. Personally I feel like they may sort of fall into a grey area with the laws here, but I kinda take it at face value. It's not a flash hider, it's not a suppressor, it's completely proprietary to one particular brand, and there are no threads involved in it's use. The entire point of it is essentially just a courtesy to the people around you, so I can't really see it being an issue. But we all know how this state is.
  5. I got my pmags for $15ish a piece after using a coupon code. My local place wants $30 a piece for blocked pmags. I fail to see how that's overpriced, but to each their own. Edit: Not trying to come off as snotty. Just stating that I got four 15 rounders shipped to my door for what two would have cost me if I bought local. I'm satisfied with them and will order again.
  6. Charliecoopers.com I ordered four 15/20 pmags from them, but they also carry Lancer, Troy, and USGI steel mags amongst a few others. They came really fast, their stock is really good, their prices were better than most places around here, and their customer service was excellent. No complaints.
  7. These are my sentiments too. Functionally, the brake is absolutely fantastic. But, I've been a few lanes down from one before, and having my first experience shooting it at an indoor range, I can fully appreciate how bad it would have been to be in the lane next to me. If there's something I can use to not be a PITA to everyone around me, I'm down for it. We're all there for the same reason, and rather than have my current brake cut off and risk some damage to my brand new gun, I feel like this is a decent alternative. Outdoors, all bets are off and I'm using my gun the way it was made to be used. But indoors at a 25 yard range, I don't mind trying to tone it down a bit for neighbors.
  8. Yeah, the pic in my first post I just snagged from google because it showed a SF Warden attached. This one is my SPR I bought monday. EDIT: Better sized pic
  9. Thank you for that! No one has ever given you a hard time about it? My gut was telling me it fits the laws just fine, but I'm glad to know at least one person has one and uses it. I guess it's going onto the short list now!
  10. Hey folks. I did a search on this, and it didn't seem like much came of it, so I wanted to ask. Does anyone have, or have experience with the Surefire Warden blast diffuser? I picked up my new AR monday, an LWRC SPR and it came with a Surefire MB556K muzzle brake. Had it's first range trip last night. Really nice brake, and it definitely seemed to mitigate some recoil, but holy cow is it blasty. Luckily we had the entire range to ourselves for the time we were there, so I didn't have to worry about annoying anyone other than the girlfriend, but I can definitely see how it would get old fast. The only reason I ask, is because of how stupidly vague our laws are written. Surefire doesn't market the warden as a flash hider, nor is it a suppressor. It just puts the blast forward, instead of out the sides. My current brake is obviously pinned and welded, but I'd really hate to stir up some trouble for myself just because I tried to be courteous to anyone else on the range with me. I know it attaches the same way their suppressors do, but since there are no actual threads on the barrel, I don't know where this falls under current laws. I borrowed some pics from google for an example. Just wanted to see if anyone had experience involving these things. The reviews I've seen of them have at least convinced me something like this wouldn't be a bad thing to have for busy range days.
  11. I picked up a Sig Emperor Scorpion (kinda cheesy name lol) 1911 for $950, love it to death. I was comparing with Kimbers, Springfields, and Colts, and I liked the sig the best though I did almost go with a Springfield TRP Operator. That thing was deliciously fine, but the scorpion won me over in the end. Came with tritium sights, match barrel, Hogue G10 magwell grips, bronze nitron coating, and it's all stainless steel underneath that coating. I definitely feel like I got my money's worth. It's only got about 250ish rounds through it so far, and my only hiccup was a bad casing on some bulk ammo. Otherwise, it's been flawless.
  12. Thanks again folks! My card and permits just came in yesterday, 43 days from submitting the paperwork. A little longer than i had hoped, but at least it wasn't months like I've seen it take some people. Going shopping for a safe today, and possibly making my first purchase as well! It's exciting, I'm not sure where to start or where to go. I know P&K is local and Shooters is pretty close, but I've never checked out either. I frequent shore shot, and I've been out to Cheyenne Mountain out in bordentown quite a bit, I've always been impressed with their selection. But if anyone has a favorite place to check out that doesn't mind a first time buyer picking their brains for a bit, I'm open to suggestions.
  13. Thanks for the warm welcome! I get printed on the 11th, then I'm dropping everything off for the long wait. My girlfriend is also doing all this with me, but she's a little nervous having never done anything like it before so I plan on taking her to the range when it's not too busy to let her get a feel for things. You guys think I should start with a .22 like I had planned, or go with something bigger like 9mm? Just a simple rental at first to shake the cobwebs off and let us get some time in?
  14. What's up everyone, I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to sign up here since I've just started going through the motions to get my license. I've been shooting many times but never had my own gear, so I always relied on friends or rentals for range time, but I figured it's time to finally put on my big boy pants and get my paperwork done. I've lurked around on here a few times and decided it was worth it to sign up, it's nice knowing there's such an active community despite this being a rather strict state. I'm looking forward to finally having my own stuff for once.
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