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  1. Howell seems to be getting them in more then others
  2. Gssc 100 percent, will never go to shore shot again after the price gouging after sandy hook
  3. Not northern but howell gun works usually has a very good selection of parts
  4. Pretty sick, just got off the phone with him 5200 plus the gun. Beautiful craftsmanship
  5. Yea turnbull did one of my 1911s there unbelievable. There who I would want to do the color case harden
  6. It was built for a competition shooter so I don’t know how many rounds were run threw it, but what I was thinking was springs, barrel if needed an re blued.
  7. Yep I bought two boxes of the semi wad cutters. Gunna shoot that them then send it into baer for an overhaul, spent an hour last night cleaning the shit out of it, it was Filthy
  8. @USRifle30Cal Les said it was built in 03, setup for 185 grain semi wad cutters, it should have a 13 pound spring install, They said for me to shoot reg ball Ammo I would just need to replace spring to a 18lb. I can finally picked the gun up tomorrow. I ordered two boxes of ammo so I’m gunna try it an see what it’s got. @Pizza Bob I’ve always Wanted a case hardened revolver, so I figure why not build something that’s pretty cool that I can shoot, I know I’m gunna dump money into it but it won’t gain or lose valve, an it will be something that’s built to what i like. I have a couple pythons that I won’t shoot, an just picked up two mint 29-3’s one of which was worked. I will reach out to them an see if it’s something they would want to take on. Thanks
  9. Yea les got back to me saying I can shoot reg ball Ammo if I swap out to a 18lb spring, still gunna send it back to them, it was built in 03, an no one knows anything about it. So I figure I’ll let them go over it an replace anything Once other question since u seem to know a lot, you know anything thing about building a smolt? Think I wanna build one From what I seen most we’re using a smith 19 frame
  10. First I’ll want loaded, just wanna try the gun out, then if I decide to keep I’ll load, Got a screaming deal on a les baer 1911, they had it listed as 45 acp, but after looking Into it, its setup to shoot semi wads only right now
  11. I’m looking local for some 45 acp semi wad cutters. Let me know if u have anything Monmouth county
  12. Won’t let me Upload an I can’t delete my attachments. Pm me your email an I’ll send em or someone can post em
  13. Wow you guys are great I left it open cause no ffl around me has them hence “ let me know what u have” an I’ll make a Decision on if I like it or not, if I wanted to buy it an not see it in person I would have went on all the sites an looked at the 500 for sale an bought one. As far as what I’m gunna do with it, I’m gunna put the 400 dollar culina grips on It that i just bought an probably stare at it in the safe thanks for the jerk off inputs
  14. Looking to purchase a S&w either 29 or 27 Let me know what u got. Thanks chris
  15. Anything that catches my eye an clean
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