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  1. I understand about the Culina's...


    But I also have a thing for CCH S&W's, so if you decide to pass would you let me know where it is? I guess I should really ask what model it is - I have a 24-5, a 22-4 and 60-10 CCH revolvers. Thanks for any consideration



    1. shufly


      One of my buddies has this for sale 


  2. I was in there today, for nothing. Going in it was insanely packed but they were answering the phones. Not sure why your have trouble reaching them
  3. Na really like the Culina’s, bought them with out having a gun to put them on. Found a nice case hardened one but no sure I wanna add another caliber
  4. Sc arms in spotswood ask for Derek
  5. Hey guys looking for a smith & Wesson k/l round framed revolver, nothing in particular just have a really nice set of Culina’s that need something to go on. Let me know what you have thanks
  6. Close found what I was looking for
  7. Sc arms had one, they had a gold garrison 1911 an also a gold other ak
  8. Looking for two “red dots” that fit an rmr foot print, sro, rmr, holosun, let me know what you have thanks chris
  9. Looking for a Glock gem 5 19 frame. Let me know what you have. Thanks chris
  10. Anyone looking to get rid of a shooting stand that accepts 2 by 4’s or know anyplace that sells them locally to monmouth county. Looking to get one by sat night for shooting at cjrpc Sunday morning
  11. Any Interest in trading plus cash on my end for the vp9 upper? Mine is brand new with onlyb20 rounds threw it. I would also be interested in the barrel pmm an mags
  12. Looking to pick up a ruger precision in 22lr for my daughter. Let me know what u have. Located in monmouth county. Thanks
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