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  1. Won’t let me Upload an I can’t delete my attachments. Pm me your email an I’ll send em or someone can post em
  2. Wow you guys are great I left it open cause no ffl around me has them hence “ let me know what u have” an I’ll make a Decision on if I like it or not, if I wanted to buy it an not see it in person I would have went on all the sites an looked at the 500 for sale an bought one. As far as what I’m gunna do with it, I’m gunna put the 400 dollar culina grips on It that i just bought an probably stare at it in the safe thanks for the jerk off inputs
  3. Looking to purchase a S&w either 29 or 27 Let me know what u got. Thanks chris
  4. Anything that catches my eye an clean
  5. I think they would look good on either
  6. They are square I’d go 1000
  7. Lmao this is the 2nd time I’ve done this. Culina grips are amazing. I was never a revolver guy until I seen there grips How do I post pics?
  8. Sorry wasn’t clear. Looking for an n frame revolver to put them on.
  9. Just picked up a set of grips from culina for an n frame smith & wesson, Let me know what revolver you have, not picky on finish Located in monmouth county. Thanks Chris
  10. Sc Arms ( Savage Cerakote) is less then a week wait, right in spotswood nj
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