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  1. Use http://chpws.com plates. Best in the business, they also make ones with built in irons, I’m running there plates on multiple guns
  2. Besides sc arms, closest prob [email protected] tier one
  3. Anyone buy a canik that’s not using the #2 optic plate an wanna sell it. Bought one from canik it’s been over a month an they have no idea when they will have them
  4. How much are you looking to get for it
  5. shufly

    Walther PDP

    Sc arms in spotswood had one last time I was in there
  6. Sc arms has a brand new metal one instock
  7. Dereck at sc arms (spotswood) tom howell guns works (howell)
  8. I just got two more sets in the mail last week as well N round quilted maple, one side raw one side dyed (Jekyll & Hyde) An a set of k/l round mint dyed curly maple. Now gotta find two more revolvers lol
  9. Howell seems to be getting them in more then others
  10. Gssc 100 percent, will never go to shore shot again after the price gouging after sandy hook
  11. Not northern but howell gun works usually has a very good selection of parts
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