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  1. Anything that catches my eye an clean
  2. I think they would look good on either
  3. They are square I’d go 1000
  4. Lmao this is the 2nd time I’ve done this. Culina grips are amazing. I was never a revolver guy until I seen there grips How do I post pics?
  5. Sorry wasn’t clear. Looking for an n frame revolver to put them on.
  6. Just picked up a set of grips from culina for an n frame smith & wesson, Let me know what revolver you have, not picky on finish Located in monmouth county. Thanks Chris
  7. Sc Arms ( Savage Cerakote) is less then a week wait, right in spotswood nj
  8. There was one just posted on armslist 4” 2001
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