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  1. Looking for a used beat up set of Remington 1100 furniture that I can cut to youth size. 20 guage. Thanks Chris
  2. Yea will do, I have a bt99 An couple citori over/under in 12 gauge that I use , picked up a mossberg pump in 20 guage for my wife to use, took her out last week, after showing her how to finally align herself she was hitting on average 15 out of 25, maybe I’ll upgrade her too, she was loving clays
  3. Hey thanks, Yea I’m a member at cjrpc she’s used to shooting holding rifles an carbines, she’s been in gymnastics for 7 years 25 hours a week, she’s a beast lol, I will def look into the old bridge as it is a Lil closer. So I guess my hunt now turns to a 20 gauge youth semi, from after what I’m reading online an what u guys are saying
  4. Thanks for the offer, I’ve never heard of any of those town so u can’t be close Lol. I’m in hazlet. Yea I’m gunna google some now an see what my ffl can get
  5. Yes after reading up that seems the way to go, my daughter just turned 9 an she’s 4’2ish, what gun do u suggest, I’ve only shot over/unders for clays, got my wife a used pump 20 gauge but it’s lop is to long for my daughter to try
  6. Daughter wants to give clays a shot Youth 20 gauge semi auto let me know thanks
  7. If 1st falls through, interested in Python

  8. Thanks Blake, looking for something cheap though, as everything will be replaced, the frame sent out for stipple an the slide sent out for milling...was looking to spend 350 ish
  9. Looking to pick up a Glock 19 gen3/4 Something used, abused...got the itch to build another Frames or slides would be fine also Thanks Chris
  10. Besides the ones listed in this post that are close to us are legend firearms in Monroe, ira has great price’s an a great selection legacy firearms in shark river (closest to you) Ron Griggs is a great guy with a lot of collector pieces an everything u wanna know about trap skeet an 5 stand garden state in Lakewood, haven’t been there since new owners Range there also shore shot in lakewood Range also I’m not a fan of them at all An savage cerakote in old bridge (soon to be in a bigger store in south river) who had the best prices, in house cerakote, gunsmithing, milling compliance work ranges in this are are limited The two indoor on Lakewood, old bride cjrpc an uhgc which are private
  11. http://www.legacyfirearms.com/Shop-list-290.html the link to his trap guns. Shows that he’s got 3 bt 99’s there
  12. http://www.legacyfirearms.com/ yea I believe it’s Wall
  13. Ron Griggs @ legacy firearms had some An if he sold em, he would be able to track one down
  14. Crickett Precision rifle. My daughter loves it,
  15. Same my buddy got a steal on his 107 An never shot the 82