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  1. 15 hours ago, louu said:

    Hopefully they will actually be open on the posted hours unlike the old shop. Wife is still pissed they sold the gun she said she was coming to get. Drove almost 2 hours to get there, we're closed with no or sign or anything, called and left a message, never got a return call, she kept calling, then finds out it was sold to someone else. 

    I’m sorry ur wife did not get the gun, u were supposed to get back to me that night whether or not u were Interested in it, not 3 days later, An I’m positive that we are not 2 hours from old bridge pistol club more like 7mins, 


  2. No milsurps at this time, we had a very positive turnout today, An looking forward to the new location.   the old shop was geared more to cerakoting, the new shop however is much larger, featuring a retail area, cerakote room, large gunsmithing room, will offer all gunsmithing, compliance work, slide milling,cerakote in house now,  the retail show room will be stocked with guns, parts, Ammo, cleaning supplies, bags, etc at very Competitive prices   

    Normal buisness hours will resume tues 

    hours are

    tue wens thurs 10-8

    fri 10-6

    sat 10-5

    cerakote will resume in two weeks 

    any other questions just ask alway, thanks for the support !!!!!!!

    thanks Chris 



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