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  1. Besides the ones listed in this post that are close to us are legend firearms in Monroe, ira has great price’s an a great selection legacy firearms in shark river (closest to you) Ron Griggs is a great guy with a lot of collector pieces an everything u wanna know about trap skeet an 5 stand garden state in Lakewood, haven’t been there since new owners Range there also shore shot in lakewood Range also I’m not a fan of them at all An savage cerakote in old bridge (soon to be in a bigger store in south river) who had the best prices, in house cerakote, gunsmithing, milling compliance work ranges in this are are limited The two indoor on Lakewood, old bride cjrpc an uhgc which are private
  2. Crickett Precision rifle. My daughter loves it,
  3. Ahh ok now I know who the capt is lol
  4. Where did u here that there phasing them out an looking to replace legend firearms?
  5. Because a rso shot the lights with it
  6. What they need to to is all sit down figure the rules an post them on both door heading into the upper an lower ranges They should also have a convo with the rso’s that if they see people shooting down stairs a. Know what they are doing that they can shoot closer then 15 yards they also need to get rid of the folding tables an build some builtins for ur gear An clothes need some type of vending machines for beverages an last they need to make something that attaches to the shooting platform so when trying to site in a rifle it will actually hold the rifle
  7. It’s seems like there everyone has a different answer. Ira is the one that told me about the calibers. Yea someone shot the target an it ricocheted off the steel in from of the clamp to hold the cardboard right into the light fixture
  8. Back stop is rated for 50 Bmg, u can shoot anything up to but not including 338, as far as the lanes being close, someone shot a light down an the other side someone shot a track I was also told thy down stairs they are going to start to “clear” members to shoot pistols at a closer range, they are afraid of people shooting close An not hitting the backstop first
  9. shufly

    My next wheel gun

    50 for transfer? U gotta find a new ffl guy!!!!!!!! I pay half that at best, for both
  10. shufly

    My next wheel gun

    Penn u don’t pay taxes just 25 to ship to ffl
  11. shufly

    My next wheel gun

    Dunkleburgers In Stroudsburg pa, right over the gap, they just started carrying nighthawk, they got 4 in his week. I pick up a 1911 yesterday, they have those 3 left
  12. shufly

    My next wheel gun

    Held one today. Amazing trigger!!!!!! Absolute beaut
  13. shufly

    Ceracote 870?

    Yep!!!!!!! Op was asking about cerakoting a 870 An being that this is a 870 variant, i posted his work!!!!!!!!!!! Am i not allowed to post something that’s for sale? Or is it that savage cerakote did the work An u suggested mm whom he used to work for??? Next time u see or talk to Pete or joe tell them Chris said what’s up! I hope all is well
  14. shufly

    Ceracote 870?

    Savage Cerakote in old bridge, did 2 guns for me an redid a gun that was cerakoted by someone else around here, turnaround time was 3 Days!!!
  15. shufly

    Ceracote 870?

    Savage Cerakote in old bridge, did 2 guns for me an redid a gun that was cerakoted by someone else around here, turnaround time was 3 Days!!!
  16. I bought mine from howell gun works, since mine I've seen a couple roll out of there, all pinned An compliant already
  17. Howell gun works has the biggest stock of ar parts that I've seen in a local store, an they do stock every single little part, they have bins with every spring, pin, detent in it....
  18. shufly

    Sig P320 X-Five

    I would get it shipped to howell gun works... that's where I got mine from an they did the work
  19. Golf battery are u still interested in selling the archangel stock?
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