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  1. yea thats possible if the gun is not registered. If its legally his he is screwed. it will come up when they run the serial number.
  2. Calling all you handy men and window installers. At my townhouse one of the windows will not stay open anymore and i was told i need to replace the spiral balances. I took them out and measured the metal tube. It measures 28.5 inches. No ones sells that size online its either 28" or 29" what do i do??
  3. @1563621 28" worked like a charm! Thank You
  4. I cant find any markings on the windows..im sure they are some cheap builders grade window. Townhouse communities do not use the best materiel's.
  5. i did...no luck also need to replace the pivot shoes. they are breaking apart.
  6. That is what i was thinking. Will the half inch short make a difference if i left it in its current position?
  7. lol actually your not far off... i cut a broom stick
  8. @1563621 Any easy way or trick of getting pivot shoe out without cutting the vinyl?? No idea..i cook for a living lol
  9. yeah man i told you a couple years ago....i think you were looking for some wine boxes or something. Bring your lady and try it out!
  10. Anytime!
  11. If your ever in Warren stop by my restaurant. My brother cooks a killer steak! www.salygsrestaurant.com Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Someone say Tomahawk? This would be my favorite
  13. Whats going on with SCAR Rifles...a couple years ago i picked one up NIB for Just under $2600. I was on GB and see they are now bidding and selling around the $4000 mark and some higher.
  14. im in for a Sunday...I have a new 686-4 i need to shoot
  15. im with @Ray Ray...
  16. Sweet in single...Heavy as hell in double. Its to be expected i guess. I don't know squat about wheel guns lol
  17. Hi
  18. You will loose this one. This one is staying the way it is.......I think
  19. Well here she is. Thank you all who gave me your input on suggestions for my 1st wheel gun. A an extra thanks @Pizza Bob who helped me understand the differences in S&W model numbers. This ones a 4" 686-4 in like new condition...Seller had it sitting in his safe since the early 90's. Thanks again for all your help NJGF peeps
  20. it was....but worth it. getting the factory rail off was a bitch i had to hit it with a torch to loosen up the screws
  21. totally agree that rail makes it much more practical. The lever gun is a Marlin 1895 SBL in 45-70. Bought it because my kids were watching Jurrasic World and Chris Pratt used it to slay some dinos...Kids thought it was a pretty cool gun. Its fun to shoot. I like it
  22. Yes it is