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  1. Today I've heard that the maintenance at the range has been completed and OHSA has apparently not found any problems with the current setup. However it's now an issue with the city government as to whether it will open for public use. It is really unfortunate as I haven't been able to practice as much as I would like and found myself shooting an IDPA match when I hadn't fired my pistol in a month. For anyone that is looking for a range there is Bullet Hole, I haven't been there but it is pretty close. I have gone to Gun For Hire in Woodland Park and RTSP in Randolph. They are both excellent facilities but you may have to wait for a port on the weekend, I've had waits 20 minutes to an hour and a half. Members do get priority on shooting lanes but I haven't pulled the trigger, har har, and joined either of them yet. I'd rather shoot at a place that does not rent firearms. I see folks doing some borderline stupid shit at these places, and unfortunately both GFH and RTSP have had suicides at their ranges this year.
  2. No, that is the frame in the condition that I received it, idiot scratch included. I did strip the finish from the slide as it was in really bad condition, lots of rust spots on one side. It may be hard to see in the picture but it's a dark greenish color, it may have been original I don't know. I'm thinking of just getting the whole thing refinished but not quite sure what to do yet. It may be really difficult to match the slide to the frame but i'm not against a two tone gun either. Anyone have any suggestions?
  3. So here it is in it's current state. I took it out and fired it today and it seems to be working, extraction and ejection is good. I was only able to fire single shots today as when I was reassembling it I noticed that the lock tab had broken off the mag release lock. Once that part comes in i'll test out how it feeds but so far I am happy with it. I need to decide to what to do with the finish.
  4. I finally got them last week. Seems the biggest hurdle there is actually getting the Chief to sign them, everything else comes back in reasonable time and then it just sits. Also, I got mine before my buddy got his, even though he put his in a few weeks before me. When I compare with other people's horror stories here I shouldn't be complaining!
  5. Three weeks now the bayonne is sitting on my permits. The say that everything came back ok they are just waiting to be signed by the chief. Im sure hes so fucking busy. This state is such a fuck.
  6. I only have a few pics right now and they aren't that good, but I put them below. I'll have some more pics over the weekend. As for the finish, it's got rust spots on it so something needs to be done with it. It also has some spots where the finish is gouged away and the steel is exposed. Looks like someone dropped it or beat the hell out of it with a tool/vise. The barrel is a high standard and was filled with rust. Managed to brush the rust out and it looks passable, no pitting. You can see the smashed plunger tube on the 2nd pic.
  7. Hello Folks, I just got in my possession a beatup US Army 1911A1. It needs some TLC and I am looking for parts. Problem is I'm not really a 1911 guy. When looking around I see mention of series 70, series 80, pre-series 70. I have no idea what parts to get! Is anyone familiar with these guns that could point me in the right direction? The plunger tube, spring and pins are all busted and definitely need replacing. The ejector seems like it is missing. The firing pin doesn't look like it is long enough to actually strike a primer. I didn't break it down any further but I suspect there may be some other springs I want to replace. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  8. The range is still closed to the public. Current gossip is that some regular shooters/instructors got tested and have elevated levels of lead. Not sure how serious the health problem is, but apparently enough to close the range to the public. There are some whispers that it may be closed down completely or closed to the public permanently to limit liability their liability. Then their are other rumors that they are just closed while upgrading the ventilation system, so who knows whats true.
  9. The Bayonne PBA range seems to be closed to the public for the last week and a half. Anyone have the inside scoop on whats going on there? I heard a rumor it may be related to ventilation/lead dust.
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