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  1. Reduced to $2300 and I'll throw in the matching Wilson Combat leather holster.
  2. I have a like-new 16" Hardened Arms complete upper in 300 AAC BLK for sale. It features the Crucible Heat Shield and SMC muzzle brake along with a Wilson Combat NP3 bolt carrier assembly (BCA) and Daniel Defense aluminum charging handle along with a brand new Atibal XP8 1-8x scope with illuminated TDR BDC reticle. I prefer to sell as a package, but may consider parting it out. I am the original owner of everything, which was purchased earlier this year brand new. The rig has exactly 210 rounds through it. Upper Receiver specs: Hardened Arms 16" upper with Crucible Heat Shield M4 feed ramp flat top receiver Black anodized mil-spec finish 4150CMV Mil-B Steel Nitrogen Stress Relieved Barrel 5-groove, 1/8" twist button rifled barrel Low-profile pistol-length gas block SMC matching muzzle brake 5/8x24 threaded barrel Quad rail free floating hand guard Crucible heat shield Fits any Mil-spec lower (fit my DDm4v7 perfectly) Also includes Mag-Pull hand grip/stop Retails for $429.99 Wilson Combat NP3 BCA specs: Entirely NP3 coated Mil-Spec + parts Machined ejector and extractor per Mil-Spec Full auto M16 profile carrier 158 bolt 4140 extractor Works with 223/5.56, .300 Blk, .204 Ruger, or 7.62X40 WT Magnetic particle inspected and this assembly is high pressure batch tested Retails for $250.00 Atibal XP8 1-8x24mm Riflescope with Rapid View Lever, Illuminated TDR BDC Reticle, Second Focal Plane (see link for specs) Retails for $339.99 Will sell all of the above along with the scope mount ($1050 value) for a flat $600 cash or Paypal including shipping. May consider parting it out as follows: - Partial Upper (without BCA and scope) $280 shipped in NJ or picked up - Wilson Combat BCA $150 shipped in NJ or picked up - Scope and Mount $225 shipped in NJ or picked up Note: None of these items are FFL-required. The barrel is threaded and the muzzle brake is NOT pinned and welded, so you can use it on your AR if you shoot in a free-state like PA as I did, or you have the brake pinned before you attach it to your NJ AR, or you happen to have an AR without another evil feature (like a pistol grip). All state, federal, laws will be followed. It is the buyers responsibility to comply with regulations. Please contact me by IM with any questions and thanks for reading.
  3. Hey, thanks for your interest, but I'm thinning out my collection and just interested in cash at this time.
  4. Bumperoni! Priced reduced to $2,500. I'll also throw in these fancy Cocobolo grips from WIlson. Laser/light not included. Thanks!
  5. In all of those cases were, there were other, serious AF charges precipitating the arrest (drug crime, stolen car, aggravated assault, carrying on plane). The assault weapon charges were added on. I doubt there's any case where some average Joe was charged with a AWB crime just minding his own business at the range. I've yet to see anyone anywhere checking that your stock is pinned, your mags are blocked and that your MD is pinned. I certainly wouldn't violate the law - too much risk. I will point out that the MA1 is a NJ-compliant rifle with a flash hider (which is allowed because the rifle doesn't have a pistol grip). I have interest in the OP's question for a similar reason - I need a new muzzle device and wanted to try out a few before pinning and welding one on permanently. The only way I can think to do that is (1) go out of state or (2) remove an evil feature. I can't permanently affix the magazine, so I'm thinking if I use a non-pistol grip stock, the unpinned device would be OK. Was thinking about this Hera CQR stock (assuming the grip is not considered a pistol grip).
  6. Interesting. With that stock can you have an unpinned Muzzle device in NJ? i.e. swap one evil feature for another?
  7. Anyone know if Winters does compliance work? I left a few messages, but no reply. I have an AR that needs a muzzle brake pinned and welded. Last time I had a FFL do it, it came lose so I want to try a real smith this time.
  8. The original modern polycarbonate top hand guard is on the top right. The mil-spec ventilated hand guard is on the top left. The rifle currently has an aluminum M14.ca SHG-M picatinny rail on it so that the scout scope can be mounted.
  9. I was seriously thinking about selling this one. It's such a tank - like the weight of 3 ARs, but once I got it out, I couldn't go through with it. Will try to get to the range with it again this week.
  10. Thanks for you offer, but I'm looking for a cash-only deal at this time.
  11. Hi - I received IM's from people expressing interest. I'm going to go down the line in the order received and if I don't hear from people (or they decline), I'll let you know. Thanks!
  12. Was there last week and the range fields were mostly dry. Just a little muddy at the entrances. It’s trap season now so I’m not likely to go back for a while. Glad conditions have improved.
  13. And what if an already gun owner just happens to get laid off? Following your logic, they should red-flag every person recently laid-off and confiscate their guns? Is that you Governor Murphy?
  14. It's tough when you have no history. Took me a while to get going there. Selling a commodity gun like a Glock or newer Browning seems easier than rarer or more unusual guns. Took me months to sell my Sako and I ended up practically giving it away. Is it auction or a fixed price? Hopefully you set a reserve to protect yourself. I'd also recommend allowing buyers to make an offer so you can gauge the market for your gun. If it's super collectable, you might want to try one of the auction houses that specialize in that sort of thing.
  15. Clearing out the ammo locker. I have about $240 worth of .243 Win ammo that I'll part with for a flat $100 for a face-to-face cash deal. Most are in the 95-100g range with some lighter. Willing to ship if you pick up the tab. Here's what is included: All NJ laws must be followed. Please contact me with any questions. Thanks! - Dave
  16. Interesting that you can order them for NJ without the binary trigger. Any NJ FFLs willing to accept one? Here's the FAQ on these. Interesting that factory ammo can maintain the degree of accuracy reported if they yaw and tumble just 15 feet past the muzzle. http://www.reformationfirearms.com/FAQ.html
  17. That's pretty cool. So...the next question will be - can it be suppressed without a tax stamp? I believe the Maxim 50 muzzleloader is suppressed and reportedly legal in all 50 states without a stamp because, technically, it's not a firearm.
  18. Generally, if it's priced right anything will sell. I've had my best luck with GunBroker auctions and found that older, out-of-production stuff does much better than current production. For example, I just sold a 25 year old S&W 22 for more than twice what I bought it for new and on the other hand, sold a like-new Sako rifle for half what I paid for it last year.
  19. Swizz - does the spring-loaded release move freely and completely out of the locking notch on the buffer tube or is it restricted? I have one where the stock isn't pinned, but the release is so that it cannot be moved.
  20. Assuming this was sold as a NJ-compliant model (from the factory and not done by a gunsmith/ffl) can you tell us who the manufacturer is? Someone probably has been down that road and could help. I only have one rifle that was sold with a NJ-compliant SKU from the factory from S&W and it was pinned in the fully extended position between the stock and the adjustment "rail" on the buffer tube. One easy-to-remove pin, on just one side (which I never touched, I swear). Aftermarket pinning could be anywhere. I have one that has the release latch pinned. There should be a special place in hell for anyone who epoxies a stock in place.
  21. I see your point, but the libs know a mag capacity restriction does nothing to save lives. They might actually prefer this gets national/SCOTUS attention coming into the 2020 election. And who knows what SCOTUS would do with wobbly kneed Roberts on the bench. It could be win-win for the Dems. If the CA ban is upheld, the libs could push for a nationwide ban. If the ban is tossed, they have another red-meat issue for their rabid base.
  22. That is sick. Nice job! I don't think it’s legal for those of us stuck in NJ to even look at something like that. (Deleting browser history...)
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