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  1. If you use any 12.5" upper with a VFG and any pistol lower you should be fine. Several people have gotten 12.5" uppers from B. King's which are inexpensive but solid, I'm sure there are more premium options as well. If you want a shorter barrel you'll need to be a little more careful about your choice of receiver extension. Beyond this the build is the same as any other AR-15.
  2. I'm honestly not sure. If you want to do that it's probably a better idea to use an A5 receiver extension which is a bit longer than a standard carbine extension. I believe that would allow you to use a 10.5" barrel without a pin and weld, but I'm not positive. With a normal tube you should be able to use a 10.5" if you pin it. Someone posted a chart a while back that summarizes it well.
  3. Also, don't use a folding brace adapter, otherwise you'll have to fold it when you measure. Basically, measure it from the smallest configuration.
  4. End of the buffer tube. That's a recent change from the ATF.
  5. There has been a constant stream of misinformation and misunderstandings since the Shockwave etc first started getting sold in NJ. If you choose to build, make sure you understand the NFA and what makes something not a rifle or pistol. Just like you should understand the NJ AWB if you build a normal rifle.
  6. There is no law saying that you are not allowed to. NJSP is concerned about people accidentally breaking the law and told FFLs to only sell them as a complete firearm. Many here have built their own.
  7. Though if someone already bought a lower and the FFL didn't record it as "other" I'm not sure that's their problem. The FFL screwed up, marking it incorrectly doesn't make it a rifle or pistol. If they transferred a rifle as a pistol it wouldn't turn you into a criminal for buying without a permit.
  8. I seem to remember something with KAK being told 13.5" was the max. The SBA3/4 only use the first 5 positions because of this I think. But then again adding a folder (on a pistol, not non-NFA) would extend it past that number too, I think.
  9. I'd be a little hesitant using an extended/VLTOR A5 tube. Isn't there a LOP limit for braces to be considered legal? Otherwise this is a great resource.
  10. I'd pump the brakes, some people on other forums dug into this post and can't find it, so they think it's either fake or he's deleted it. Supposedly he's also been saying this for years, yet here we are with braces still legal. Also, just because Obama was a failure doesn't mean he wasn't trying. Attempt to ban green tips, villainization of legal gun owners after high profile events, etc. Politicians all suck.
  11. This whole thing is an exercise in how this isn't true. The law bans a very specific class of firearms--if it doesn't fall into that, it's legal. People love ribbing Californian gun owners but at least they are always trying to work around their laws with things like the bullet button. Anyone here suggests anything that doesn't have a stamp of approval from both NJSP and Evan Nappen and it's definitely not legal, like some sort of Stockholm syndrome. Also, I have to imagine you're exaggerating, but if the average experience at Range 14 is LEOs checking if your guns are legal, remind me to never shoot there.
  12. Yes, why wait for the politicians to strip our rights when we can do it ourselves? If you want one, buy one or build one. If a cop is inspecting your firearms in NJ you're already in bad shape, regardless of what kind you have.
  13. Who are the wrong people? Why would "the wrong people" specifically want this firearm that probably everyone on this forum acknowledges is marginally different than our existing rifles? The reason it was hidden is because while Det. Sgt. Bloom might be on our side, it's still within the context of a nanny state.
  14. I've heard that length mostly affects accuracy due to harmonics (once barrel length exceeds some minimum length). A long barrel with poor harmonics might perform worse than a shorter barrel with better harmonics. I've seen arguments and data for both points of view. For 5.56 I don't think there is a huge difference between an 11.5" and 20", though.
  15. Oh, I totally see one in the distant future. But who wants to wait...
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