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  1. New-ish Sig P320C owner looking to put more time into training with range time and/or classes. I've taken the NRA First Steps Pistol class a few years ago using a rental, went shooting with friends a few times using their pistols since then. Finally was able to get my P320 a few months before COVID started and put maybe ~500 rounds through it before the world locked down. Located in Gloucester county- I've been to Bob's Little Sport Shop in Glassboro. Just looking to see what else is out there/what others recommend. Hoping to get more experience now that I have my own pistol
  2. So I'm in a similar position as the OP: looking to have a handgun at a residence secondary to the address which is on my DL/FPID. Will I need to carry any paperwork proving my secondary residence?
  3. Hi everyone, I've been reading these forums for a while and finally decided to make an account. I'm originally from northern NJ but moved to Camden County for graduate school. I've had my FPID for about a year now and will be applying for permits to hopefully purchase my first handgun within the next few months!
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