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  1. I don't understand why can we get these short AR's from any company? What is the difference if it is matching their liberal/crazy standards? NJ is large market of AR lovers, tons of people with good or high income. I would personally get couple of them but I prefer to pay for what I like. Thanks for Dark Storm and Troy for braking this blue wall but we need more!
  2. Yep, as I said before it was 1-2 month depends on time of year, while holidays it was longer.
  3. Just got call to pickup my permits, took 12 days total. Franklyn Township
  4. Stopped by police to get this code for the application and lady there said - it might be short wait. 2 weeks! I can't believe it, use to be 1.5-2 month or so. Will tell you true time when I will get my permits, just submit online application.
  5. I got it from the free state company internet page, no it is not pinned/welded. I just need someone in NJ who can do it quick and correct. Please suggest some place.
  6. Hi, I got AR upper with the muzzle brake pre-installed, could anyone suggest me place I could got to pin it to be NJ legal after? Thanks!
  7. In order for them to keep me as a customer they shouldn’t jump ahead of train to implement these stupid out of state lows, other stores still didn’t yet for example.
  8. Just noticed that Sportsmans Guide is adding tax for things like ammo and parts, f.ck them no more Sportsmens Guide for me...
  9. Their choice is to sell or not to sell, what is our choice? Americans? That is funny, we are residents of socialist brain dead state, no choice is available here. America and americans are over there, somewhere in free states ...
  10. Does this shi. means we will not be able to order ammo online? Who would report to NJ police out from Oklahoma or Texas based online stores?
  11. I believe if stock is pinned and not foldable it is OK? Not sure. https://zahal.org/product/fab-defense-kpos-scout-conversion-kit-for-glock-17-19/
  12. So, it is mid August and no hope is left? Done deal and nothing could help?
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