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  1. Jeez, is Cheaperthandirt is still shitty company right? How is PSA is different?
  2. I am buying used from sportsmansguide, trucktorsupply also use to have them cheap.
  3. Well you need to practice if you are serious gun owner, that means no meter how deep is your stock of cheap ammo currently is, you might get to the point of 0 in stock. Yes if we are just yapping on forums instead of going to the range it is fine to stay with just 1k of ammo under your bad.
  4. Not really, many places with tons of AK related ammo. Not 223.
  5. Yes what you remember is all gone or become 3 times more expensive, I saw Keltec Sub 2000 up to $1000 already on gunbroker, funny... I really don't like to buy from PSA as well
  6. I don't know if anyone notice yet but there is no 9mm nor .223/556 nor 45acp etc anywhere in any online stores in US. Zero, zinch etc is available. I don't think it is just a panic and covid, it could be something different. Besides no Glocks and other guns in any dealer or store is sounds scary. $900 for glock 19 on gunbroker is reality? Is factories stop working? I don't remember it happen like last 10 years in this proportions, yes it was couple of shortages but not like this. And yes reloading components are also either out or expensive already. What is going on?
  7. I mean time I went PA and shot there because PA ranges are open, f.ck this stupid state with yet closed ranges. Oh ye, they asked me to wear mask there, what a big deal...
  8. I heard even car insurance companies are giving refunds if you don't drive while corona time. Yes it is normal but I am fine if they reopen Memorial week end at least. Longer is nuts...
  9. Owners of clubs should go and talk to the government and pressure on them, this is their job, mine club boss sent two emails since march saying - outdoor range is still closed, what did they do to reopen? Why golfs clubs are open and not ranges? Because they are doing something!
  10. I am member of expensive shooting private club (no name, sorry) and they rushed closing all same day back in March to make this government happy. Sure we are paid hefty membership fees already and will not get any refunds and they don't care if ranges are closed basically, I understand. But could they take their ass and at least ask for May 25 week-end to reopen?
  11. I never saw anything with such names on receiver and I use to serve Soviet Army long ago with AKM and many other AK style rifles. Vepr or Saiga is non-millitary firearms, banned for import but not for sale or owning in US. Personally I wouldn't build AK but just buy Wasr 10 and be happy, modify it as you like and legal in NJ.
  12. I wouldn't suggest any as good because it is NJ, price is high and not many gun stores stores is around. I saw them last year in good selection at RTSP and some selection at HeritageGuild stores. But again, price is horrible in my opinion in both. Reloaderz seem better store but price... Drive around, look, try, that is what I do.
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