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  1. I don't know if anyone cares but Whole foods does have sign with crossed pistol, saw it on rt1 store near princeton. Oh well, never like it anyway.
  2. I am getting use to my IWB appendix position, originally it was tough. Also smaller smith shield plus with red dot is perfect for this. glock 19 with red dot and tlr light and spare mag I cary in fanny bag. It is too big for summer time IWB, winter it will go under jacket/arm pit holster. For long driving I got 4 oclock holsters, it is better in car.
  3. Don't forget that for others you also need printout of nj police
  4. So walk to the range with another printouts? Did any range even care about this injunction? I am sure they will ban braces soon...
  5. Got this from my ffl, they are moving towards prohibiting ammo sale in NJ
  6. Judge extended TRO, it was just 14 initially
  7. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fstorage.courtlistener.com%2Frecap%2Fgov.uscourts.njd.506033%2Fgov.uscourts.njd.506033.51.0.pdf%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR3nTnb9VldE3xgqJlkihu1VcM8TqiA14JdtGDXjD4VHjtM_1Kb-ZZDyco4&h=AT2ewspltqEyHSijSKqPyOIIS0712XfHm0Ao56BtWkOVbFbTVRWTwlNfWPQSXc09Mcss75rc2ejQNLoTqKXvE31gEUfeYTZHaUGWk5pqNnTeArSzVPTPHR2mHm3F2at4jtVU7EawlA&__tn__=-UK-y-R&c[0]=AT363y-f1E9XsaoxxA_QR1w8_eQkJcy-MxTOf6C_3PGng-Tn3w2-f58exEUgAewcBU8WrtT_HGBvVwVqkKqRYMEmRSdwiCDjyoMOU8a1D7jBslpJ5UdZOCXGI4pzyDBkoeQj-zIUHL4xXU4_sVcW7dlOSDec3tvkvJBioyHgUXLgNmKDPKiAQWoeFXBvRy4
  8. Murphy is also temporary, as well as Biden etc. We all know it is temporary but it s most likely permanent and no sign of worry otherwise for now. Also no point on holding for getting permits because of this unless you are anti gunner or liberal. Remaining what is allowed after TRO is enough as for me and matching pretty much all my friends current restrictions from the free states. That is my point.
  9. Again - we all know who is our governor and what is he trying to do. No surprise is here to me, I am glad it is stopped also surprised some clowns are still not happy about. We don't need any law besides 2nd amendment, read it again.
  10. Anything could be, Biden could cancel semi-auto, putin could launch nukes, meteorite could fall from the sky, life could end in one day or less. But I am carry since November and that is happening now and I could feel my pistol every day and anytime I am outside of my house. You think it is a joke, move to the free state where it is pretty much same as restrictive considering places you could go with it.
  11. What? NJ CCW is with minimal difference to any other state, I am comparing with my friends in FL and GA and SC etc. There is federally prohibited places in each state like post office or court no difference to NJ. What they did for us to get this permit to carry is a joke but not actually carry. BTW federal judge cancel pretty much any other NJ/governour made restrictions about two weeks ago. Insurance for now is Lawshield which I am suggesting anyway.
  12. I think in NJ we need to get official letter from police similar to one we got for "others allowed" couple of years ago. That letter should say, fu... your money and your others and you are no longer should own them, as well as buy them or sell them. Or which is very small chance You could still own others and shot at the range but without brace. Or ... Otherwise we are guessing and thinking everyone his own story.
  13. Correct but effected parties is pistols with the brace, it is not other firearms because it is not pistol. BTW any reference in any new ATF document saying "other firearm" you might know?
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