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  1. Hi, I will trade lightly used FN PS90 plus 2750 rounds of FN ammo to it on new FN SCAR 16S, rifle should be NJ compliant ready. Trade will include 2x10 mags for FNPS90. PM me if you have one. Possibly will trade on new Cz Bren 2 carbine with less ammo.
  2. It is OK if you shooting brass, with steel ammo this barrel might not survive as much as CHF/CL barrels. Otherwise it is good AR and I got one first day I saw it.
  3. For sure not, I just hope it is known device in NJ and people are already owning it. Saying on forum - it is legal is not quite the same as some paper I have from police on mine other Troy for example. I just need some proof before I will spend $350 on this plastic box
  4. I don't want to be first in another words, if someone is already with Roni please share some photo.
  5. Would be good to see someones Roni on hands photo from NJ I know it is plastic and accessory etc, I just don't like to be arrested because of this plastic....
  6. Is anyone shooting at the range with this in NJ already? Are they really OK?
  7. Target site seem down as well? Also I am regretting about Sportsmans guide as well.
  8. Good to watch https://youtu.be/Wp2eF-b80JI
  9. So, before covid we are waiting 20min max to buy a gun, based in this ^ it should go up max 5 times. Still not 5 days as now. Also increase of buying guns is in any states around, why is NJ is only place in US which is taking so long? It is unexplainable, besides they are working slower while covid. I found similar issues with the other government offices in NJ, they just having excuse for working way slower in NJ somehow.
  10. Not really, as I said in original post it takes in the most states around the same time to get Nics back as before covid. I have friends with guns in Massachusetts, Virginia, N Carolina, Pensilvania, Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, and even in California!!! Neither is complaining on NICS is slow as 5 days now in NJ. Yes all without guns and ammo in stores but nobody is complaining on Nics.
  11. Question was - why is that delaying so much here in NJ while same covid and lines of people in any state around?
  12. Dream first this way - we could stay with what we have in NJ, no changes to the worse please! No new ATF rules, no liberals trying new restrictions etc.
  13. Forget about Nov price, look now! It is craziest time I ever saw in ammo and guns, get what you can and prepare for couple of years of disaster!
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