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  1. Hi, Besides what we know about Troy, Dark Storm, LWRC anything else is allowed for sale in NJ yet? I heard about CZ Scorpion but not sure, also it is time for AK/other firearm. Any news on non-AR style which is allowed?
  2. Thanks, I got two of them, this split makes me nuts
  3. I heard from someone that I could buy some brace inserts to improve it, could you please suggest one? it should be leagal for NJ. I hate this stupi. thing Thanks!
  4. It is funny that someone could line up Sig in between LWRC, LMT and HK They are (Sig) is knowingly great pistols makers only... And yes I do own many Sig rifles before and neither of them was good, sold all.
  5. I got both Troy 10.5" and LWRC/piston 12.6" and for sure Troy is not the same league to LWRC but OK. While I hate this stupid brace on both - I am very happy that I could finally could get shorter rifle than 16", which is horribly huge in compare to both. Piston system is superb on LWRC but no adjustment option on this model We could talk a lot about piston AR but neither of them with short piston is cheap, HK is over $3K and LMT will cost more money then LWRC. I don't care much about LWRC rail (it is done great for the piston maintenance btw) but I do care about barrel quality and overall rifle quality, LWRC is very good in this respect. And yes I own BCM, Daniel and another 16" LWRC DI rifles, I could compare and LWRC is always on top hands down. Just my opinion I wish we could build these short firearms, but still, you most likely will never build piston one so LWRC is great option.
  6. Thanks, I am from mid-south Jersey, never heard about this store, looks interesting.
  7. Yes, but 10.5 is significantly shorter carbine, I will eventually get both just not sure about Troy quality much. Mine regular 16 inch AR's are LWRC, BCM, Daniel and they are better than Troy. Who is selling DSI?
  8. Hi, Besides price which is obviously high, how do you like your other firearm so far? I got 10.5 inch version two month ago and it is with over 1000 shots already. I notice very small upper scratch/ding near to the chamber, close to the gas tube end. Nothing else serious, it is accurate carbine and in general I am fine with it. I hope we could get better selection than just Troy. I am thinking about getting 12.5 inch version but something is holding me out of it, not sure what is this yet....
  9. I submitted second application in 2019 for 3 permits and will let you know if any difference in time. First took 10 days total. I am at Franklyn township. Question: Do you know if they are still requesting job verification from my employer as before this system got implemented? I hope it is not the case anymore. Thanks!
  10. Oh, that would be stupid to do in NJ I know, it is like ticket to the jail here...
  11. I guess you are suggesting to keep both as it is because of unknown situation? Market of these parts is huge and it is easy to make mistake.
  12. Thanks, can I replace vertical grip with another model little shorter? Also if brace is broken can I use another brand?
  13. Is anyone replaced trigger on these short other firearms? It is quiet stiff on Troy, I wish I could install something better. Is it legal to replace?
  14. I got, 10.5 version today with pinned flash hider, much better option than 12.5 as for me. It is available in stores.
  15. How is that the same to you cocaine which is killing our people and guns allowed to us by the second amendment? Why we are even thinking that guns and ammo could be illegal? Illegal is what this governor is doing to us here in this state constantly violating our constitution. Yes this person is irresponsible to enter with guns to the hestapo-blue state like NJ is, but common 28 years in prison for this? Good cop would escort him out of state border with first time warning. Think for whom you vote next time people of NJ!
  16. I don't understand why can we get these short AR's from any company? What is the difference if it is matching their liberal/crazy standards? NJ is large market of AR lovers, tons of people with good or high income. I would personally get couple of them but I prefer to pay for what I like. Thanks for Dark Storm and Troy for braking this blue wall but we need more!
  17. Yep, as I said before it was 1-2 month depends on time of year, while holidays it was longer.
  18. Just got call to pickup my permits, took 12 days total. Franklyn Township
  19. Stopped by police to get this code for the application and lady there said - it might be short wait. 2 weeks! I can't believe it, use to be 1.5-2 month or so. Will tell you true time when I will get my permits, just submit online application.
  20. I got it from the free state company internet page, no it is not pinned/welded. I just need someone in NJ who can do it quick and correct. Please suggest some place.
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